What things do I need to bring to the beach for a toddler?

What things do i need to bring for my 1 year old son to the beach? When we go. What are some must haves? Or things you wont go without? Cheapest place to get them?


Sunscreen, hat, umbrella or something for shade

Bucket, shovel, swimsuit, sun block, water, snacks, towel. Dollar store is a good place.

buckets shovels beach ball bubbles sunscreen hat small fun sand toys

SUNSCREEN!! Water, wipes, umbrella, snax, plastic bucket and shovel. All at the Dollar store or Wally World.

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Plenty of sunscreen and a hat and I’d get a swim suit that has a swim shirt too but honestly, I took my oldest to the beach at 1 year old and it was absolutely miserable.

rashguard. we got my son a long sleeved one for our trip. target sells them for $10 and swim diapers

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Baby powder. Put it on sandy feet, use a towel, and the sand comes off super easy.


Get a life vest, sunblock, hat, a swimmers shirt,water shoes so his feet dont get burnt…we go to the gulf shores yearly and all these r a must.

Any thing that offers shade. A good sunscreen. Extra wipes or towels to clean stuff up. Food and lots to drink. A place to have a nap, mine always got cranky n needed rest if spent awhile at the beach

Sunblock… towels… beach toys… something with shade. Floaties…drinks. snacks…

You need a FRULU! https://shopfrulu.com/

Those beach tents are cute… sunscreen toy trucks shovel I throu those yogurt tubes in the freezer drinks hat flotation device

Cloth diaper for swimming 3 outfits 4 towles cold drinks and snacks wipes sunblock baby hat buckit shuvel

Don’t buy products and toys from dollar tree. All of it has high lead. Don’t believe me? Buy a lead test kit and swab them yourself. Sun screen, drink that isn’t milk, snacks, ball, kite, but not really necessary because baby will like just exploring and digging with their hands in the dry and wet sand and splashing in the water. I would bring a stroller or towel so baby can nap.

BABY POWDER!! Gets sand off body!!

Bug spray. Believe or not there is sand bugs.

Sunscreen, towel, swim pampers, maybe sand toys, swim shoes, maybe a sun visor

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Snacks, drinks, toys, shade, blanket.

Definitely a tent like this

Sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen swimmers which are basically pull ups specifically for swimming in swim suit with swim shirt hat and your normal things like snacks plenty of fluids and food that’s simple

A play pen and blankets