What to add to baby registry?

due in december and just started my registry… what else should i add that you loved?? thank you!

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A stroller/carseat combo, helped so much when having the new baby on the go amd not having to take them out to put them back in something else

Baby carrier, sleep sacs, waterproof mattress pads x2 and 2 sets of sheets. Layer so if there is an ac ident at night you don’t have to fully make the crib again!

I loved my Bumbo chairs! You can put them on the counter while you wash dishes/cook, at the table while you’re eating (all with supervision of course) etc. I had twins and found myself using them all the time to be able to get stuff done. Boppy pillows also came in handy for me to feed both at the same time if I was alone but work well for BF moms too. Swings are very short lived but they were lifesavers for me as newborns. Travel swings are cheaper and smaller and do the same thing. Good luck!!

Forehead thermometer. Waking a sick kid sucks

Doesn’t matter. No one is going to look at it. Use it as a shopping list. Stay at Home Moms :fire:

Baby swing, pack n play, diaper bag, extra crib sheets, waterproof crib cover, changing table, diaper caddy, car seat, stroller, lots of onesies, receiving blankets, baby rocker, closet organizing rings to separate onesie sizes, boppy pillow

I can tell you what you absolutely don’t need. 1) mittens. My baby was born in January and we never used them once. 2) baby bottle sanitizer. Just takes up counter space and throwing them in the dishwasher is the same thing. 3) snowsuits. Never used it once. Not safe to put them in a car seat wearing a snowsuit anyways.
What I did love was a baby wipe warmer, sound machine, and a dock a tot.

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Baby wipe warmer with light :bulb:

Baby carrier (slings and wraps are amazing but super frustrating if you don’t know how to use them and not the easiest to pick up on when you’re trying to babywear a screaming newborn lol) for sure. Mine saved my sanity.
White noise machines are a beautiful thing. We have a nightlight/noise machine that my 2 year old likes to sit with just to calm down sometimes. Lol
Milk storage bags if you plan to breastfeed/pump. They get used quickly if you pump regularly and the cost adds up quick.