What to bring when traveling with kids?

We are taking a 14 hour road trip with our 18 month old we will be traveling to the beach for a family reunion! We will be gone a total of 4/5 days
What are some MUST haves?
MUST packs?

I haven’t traveled with my LO yet! So I’m looking for all list!


Overpack !!! Pack everything


Pack & Play, lots of diapers & changes of clothes, extra toys…lots of snacks as well.

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When do u leave? Everything you use in the next 2 weeks take a photo of it. Then you’ll have your own to pack list in your photo gallery cuz you’ll figure out what your child needs! Aswell as a portable dvd player! Pump trolls non stop :joy:

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LOTS of clothes
Extra binkies/bottles
Play pin for sleeping
Comfort object
Plenty of snacks
Stuff for them to do in the car and wherever your staying
Baby hygiene products

Tylenol (for if your driving through mountains the atmosphere change messes with there ears)

Man grab a car dvd player…


Depends on how close you are to a store (diapers, snacks) and if you have access to a washer/dryer. Having said that…Ziploc bags for dirty clothes, hand/face wipes, an extra phone charger/power bank, a camera with a large memory card, an empty phone book from dollar tree or notebook (pass it around to get your relatives names, addresses, emails, phone #s), small bills for vending machines, tipping, tolls, etc., And one of those cheapie drawstring “backpacks” for carrying souvenirs, camera, sunscreen, etc., Sunglasses (for baby, too!) A hat for everyone (preferably with a chin strap in case it is windy), a collapsing cup (so you don’t spend $5 every time you want water), and your choice of OTC pain medication. A copy of all your prescriptions. Take a photo of all prescription bottles to keep in your phone. A car window shade for baby’s window. Chapstick.


Extra clothes, take some long sleeve tops & pants and some outfits for nice weather, lots of diapers, wipes, snacks, little swimmers etc. make sure to take extra bottles & formula if you are not breast feeding, sippy cups are a must, toys (things to keep you l/o entertained)

Baby bath tub/laundry basket so babe doesn’t have to sit bare butt on hotel shower :mask::mask::mask:

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Travel at night!! We travel from 7 to 4 in morning. Stayed in hotel. Let one person take kid to pool and let other person sleep.


Take rest breaks so little o e can run around and stretch their legs

Def a baiting suit, sunscreen, umbrella, puddle jumper, sand toys, beach towels, all medicines, beach hat

for road trip- toys!! any videos uploaded that entertains the baby- snacks- diapers- wipes- blankets- neck pillow-

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ALCOHOL :joy::joy::joy::joy: if your not driving !!! Jk people don’t go crazy lol or xanex either or lol

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We drive about 14 hours evey so many months to visit my family. My son will be 1 in two weeks and we will be traveling then as well. We always make sure we have his tablet and a car charger, 2 sippy cups, his blanket, easy snacks, and his favorite toys. We also pack extra diapers and everything in a bag that we can easily get too.

Lots of snacks toys extra clothes and pit stops me and so just made a big move driving 26 hours from idaho back to oklahoma with a 2 year old we stopped as much as we could to stretch out and let him see all the new places and every state line we passed we would get excited clap and say yay were in such and such state and he clap along and get excited had to try our best to make it fun it was long as heck and when we finally got were we were going took 3 days so we could rest he didnt want to get in the car for days

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Some sort of tablet or DVD player, so you can pop in a movie for them

Line the diaper with a maxi pad so they don’t leak. Been there. Drive at night so they’re sleeping anyways. Plan stops so you have a chance to change them, my son at least peed a lot even with the maxi pad it was necessary. We would give him some milk in a bottle/soppy too after he was changed so his belly was full so he’d sleep good. Stop and have a good dinner after an hour or two into driving so he’ll go to sleep with a full belly

Night travel with snacks portable DVD player for cartoons , n a few change of clothes

If you haven’t traveled a long distance yet, make sure you have stuff to clean your child in case your little one gets car sick. My oldest used to when we took long trips so we always had towels( especially to put down on the car seat in case your kiddo gets it messy) , wipes, extra clothes, a bag to put the dirty stuff in. That sort of stuff.