What to do about a child who doesn't like school?

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Seeking advice on my four years old, not liking school.

Hello everyone,
I need advice my son is four years old, and he just started pre-k, but he won’t stay in school I left him one day, and he starts crying and running away from class and telling the teacher he wants to go he did not want to stay in school.
I don’t know what to do. Does anyone have any idea what should I do?


And highlight anything that he ends up liking after he stays to remind him/ her

A lot of kids do this. Most of them settle down after they realize it’s not going to kill them. However some aren’t mentally ready for pre-k so that’s also something to consider. Get on his level and explain that school is a good thing. And he’s getting to be a big boy.


Continue to take him. Children need structure and consistency. He will adjust in a few weeks.

You just say I love you and know they will have a good day and get used to it

Its normal
Give him time

It took a fulk school week for my 4 year old to get used to it. It takes time. But keep in contact with his teacher because sometimes they just arent ready for that much structure. My 4 year old had a month long probation period when he started school.

I did this to my mom. I would actually throw up with anxiety about being away from her. I’m sure he will adjust in a few weeks. Good luck, momma.

You can stay with him in class that will make him comfortable seeing you stick around…

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Keep taking him. It takes them a bit to adjust.

my son 4th one did exact same thing , the teacher forced me to leave , it took about 3 w3eks n he adjusted

He will get used of school right now it’s a strange place for him and he’s never left your side til now he will adjust it will take time

My 3 year old cried the first few days. But after she started to get to know the teacher better amd the kids, she was ok with it. And she took her stuffed animal with her… Jist give him time. And remind him you will be back to get him.

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Normal behavior. Do NOT hang around. Kiss him, hug him, tell him you will be back to pick him up. Teachers are used to this and honestly crying normally doesn’t last longer than a few minutes and they are off playing and having fun. :blue_heart:


If he has a favorite toy or stuffed animal, anything that comforts him try taking it in with him. My daughter doesn’t like it either but I let her take in a baby doll and her teachers tell me that it works for her and she doesn’t cry as much

some kids just aren’t ready to be away from mom so soon and that’s okay

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Take him anyways. They dont stay upset long and since hes 4 wont he be going into kindergarten next year? Preschool will help him get used to a routine and what school is like so the transition to kindergarten wont be so hard. Do it now because he has to go to kindergarten next year!

Take him and make the drop off and go process as quick as possible. He will cry, but will learn you will be back. Do it now, bc my aunt took my cousin out and would go pick him up after an hour or so bc he was pitching a fit, then the same in K and 1st grade. He basically never went to school. He ended up quitting and now as an adult he illiterate.

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It took my 1 son 3 weeks before he stopped crying 80% of the day… I hated leaving him so much, but he’s loved school ever since and just started grade 3! :slightly_smiling_face:

Just takes time for some kids to get comfortable!
My older 2 loved it from day one!

Be consistent, loving, but firm. Take him to school, drop him off with teacher and GO. Do not hesitate, do not keep going back in. Just go. Do this everyday. Please, for his sake & the teacher’s.

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You leave him there and tell him youll be back to pick him up and take him for ice cream cone. They all have to adjust. They all cry

Maybe get someone else to take him might work