What to do for a kid who sweats?

Any Moms deal with excessive sweating with their little ones? My son is almost two and when he sleeps he sweats really bad like soaking his clothes and hair bad even in cool temperature. I’m going to follow up with his pediatrician to make sure everything checks out but has anyone delt with this and is there anything particular I should make sure the doctor checks for?

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My daughter has always sweat so easy. She stopped sweating at night probably around 3. I now have a 9 month old thats the same exact way. Doctor told me some babies just sweat more :woman_shrugging:t2:

Dress him in lighter clothes. But sometimes some just sweat heavily when they sleep

This happens with my son since birth he’s 3 now. I let him sleep with no clothes on now. It helps a little.

My sons almost two and he doesn’t sleep with clothes on and STILL sweats!

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My husband does this :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:

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Mine is 8months and has always been sweaty

My kids father always slept that way. I remember the first time we moved in together and i woke up to see him drenched in sweat while he was sleeping i got so scared. This was almost every night .

My girls …and me. No clothes a fan and an A.C does the trick, with a thin comforter and polyester sheets

Dealing with this with my almost 2 year old as im.typing lol. My entire arm is drenched in his sweat where hes laying. He doesnt sweat super bad while awake and running around, but once asleep he sweats like hes in a sauna no matter how cool it is wherever hes asleep at. It’s very common for young ones to sweat bad during sleep, our pediatrician told us it’s the body still perfecting regulating temperature.

My son the same way I put him to bed in just under wear I thought it was normal because his dad is the same way :woman_shrugging:t2:

My youngest has always been a nighttime sweater even in winter, Doctors said it’s common in children to do so.

Some kids just run hot while sleeping. Its normal. When I was younger all I used was a sheet to cover up with. I stopped once I got older cause I get cold easily now. Some kids grow out of it and some don’t.

Cotton is cooler. Is breathes. Polyester holds in heat.

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I have a fan aimed at my 18 month olds bed. Never sweats when I do that.