What to do for congestion in babies?

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My 6 weeks old sounds horribly congested. We were told that it’s due to his reflux. He’s had his formula changed and is on zantec twice a day. Poor baby doesn’t sleep well. When he’s asleep it sounds likes he’s chocking so he usually sleeps in my arms so that I can keep a close watch on him. Is there anything I can do to help the congestion?


Humidifier! Put some baby vics on bottom of feet!

Cold mist humidifier, baby vicks, and pat him on his back with a cupped hand to loosen phlegm. Suction nose to help clear nasal passages…

Cool mist humidifier. Feed him in an upward angle and do not let him lay down for atleast 30min after feedings.

Humidifier and baby chest rub. Try little remedies saline spray too. My little 1 is on baby zantac for acid reflux and she wouldn’t sleep good until she was 2 months. I used probiotic drops too

When my son was congested I slept on the couch on an angle holding him so he was propped up. It was the only way he’d sleep without gagging.

Keep head elevated when sleeping (I rolled a towel and put under head of mattress), humidifier, baby Vick’s on feet, bath b4 bed time with baby Vick’s bath soak n water, cup hand and pat back sternly (but not to hard) to break up mucus n chest, run extra hot shower and sit n floor of bathroom with baby so the heat from the steam opens him up. Prayers I went through the same thing with my daughter. She slept on my chest for the first 4 months she was home cause I could feel her breathing while on me. Thankfully she’s 2 now and has grown out of it

Prop up the head of his crib or bassinet so he’s not laying flat and don’t lay him down right after he eats.

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So my little girl was born a preemie and constantly sounded congested and around 6 weeks it hadn’t went away we were referred to a pulmonary doctor where we found out she was not only allergic to milk but her throat hadn’t formed all the way she had a condition called tracheiamalcia, bronchialmalcia and asthma. We were put on elecare and multiple inhalers along with several procedures. She’s 3 now and has finally grew out of it.

Humidifier and ask the pediatrician if you can use saline drops yet.

My little one had to be propped up to sleep. She ended up sleeping in her swing to be able to sleep at all. She’s 14 now and still loves to swing

My daughter is 6weeks and was congested for a couple of weeks. The pediatrician said to keep suctioning her nose and put a couple of saline drops in her nose before hand and a humidifier. I just went in the bathroom with the shower on hot and let it get steamy and sat in there for 5min twice a day.

Have him sleep at a 45° angle, also have him sit at a 45° after he eats for about an hour. That’s what our dr had us do for my oldest when he had gerd.

put a bed pillow under the mattress at the head if the crib so they r not flat sometimes that worked many years ago (my babies r all pass 50)

Find another doctor for a new opinion

For 10 minutes, let the baby breath in the vapor, careful not to get it too close, but facing on it, for 8 to10 minutes, it will help get all the congestion out through the nose, u can do it few times a day, before bed its best.

My son did the same thing since he was born. He’s one now when we stopped the formula it cleared up so did his reflux.

Your pediatrician should answer your questions :two_hearts:

Humidifier and saline drops. Also suction out his nose(bulb syringe or the frida baby nose sucker) you can also run a hot shower and just bring him in the room for 10-15min the steam can help with congestion.