What to do for dry skin?

So I’ve never had this with any of my kids so I’m clueless, my son has super dry skin and his face looks like it’s peeling like snake &’ I think he has that cradle cap because his head is scaling and his he’s losing hair… Can I get some suggestions from mothers who have dealt with this on what to do and what to not do to prevent any of it from getting worse?? please :confounded:


Coconut oil worked so well on my daughter when she had cradle cap


Bag balm works for everything…


i would take to his doctor it could be eczema which what would help is thick lotions like eucerin or aquafor…or psoriasis which requires medical care…


I didnt use anything when my son had cradle cap. I just washed his hair really well and brushed it with a baby brush.

Soft bristled comb, add baby oil to bath water

It definitely sounds like cradle crap. Use baby oil and a baby brush and try to get it off. That’s the only way I got my sons to go away

I finally got my babies head clear. Baby oil in his bath and I used nipple cream on his head overnight with a cap and scrubbed it with his brush the next day and picked it out with a lice comb :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:
It worked and his pediatrician thought it was a great idea lol

My 2 month old has super dry skin and he gets flare ups Atleast once a week, so it’s probably eczema. I’ve started giving him oatmeal (I put dry oatmeal in panty hose and throw it in his bath) and breastmilk baths for him. It helps his skin a lot. Then I put baby lotion on him. It’s been helping.

For cradle cap, baby oil and baby brush. Brush in circles.

Eveeno oatmeal baby wash and lotion. Or eucerin eczema lotion works great for my super sensitive peely guy lol


Aveeno for eczema! As for cradle cap I used coconut oil and used a soft tooth brush. Good luck!

Aveeno Eczema Relief for babies. Its like 21 bucks… But it works.

Nurses use a nail brush when they give babies a bath in the hospital, under running water.

Try giving him a lot of liquids. Not the ones with sugar. Plain water would be better. Have you taken him to an allergy doctor?

My son has always had super dry sensitive skin so we slather him in Aquaphor every night before bed and every morning before school.
As for the cradle cap we used a semi-soft wash rag in the bath along with his soap to work on it during each bath. It comes off in warm water you just have to work it a little. Don’t aim for it to be gone in a day, it’s gonna take a little time

Just get baby oil and put on your babies head let it soak in for 20 mins longer if you like then wash well in the bath :slightly_smiling_face: also Johnson’s baby cream and shampoo was horrible and dried out my babies skin I changed and have never looked back I’ll post a pic of the cream we use now…

Yellow baby soap and a baby soft toothbrush!! My son had cradle cap and I used soap and a little water to make like a white Paste, scrubbed it with a tooth brush and it all peeled off!!

Sounds like he has eczema. None sented everything helps. My son will be 9 months tomorrow & he has eczema. I try to lotion him with every butt change like his pediatrician said. I also use dove baby wash. As for cradle cap baby oil in the hair. Let it sit for a bit then brush loose wash like normal. Repeat it with every bath until gone.

Baby oil in his bath, rub into hair and out cradle cap. Be sure the oil gets on him good in the tub. Hell be slippery, grab him with a towel. Eucerin lotion and cream is amazing for dry skin. The cream for the really bad spots and times, the lotions daily

Both my boys had cradle cap the best product I’ve used is Cradle Cap Bee Gone I got it for I think 7 dollars on Amazon. It’s all natural and organic. Coconut oil after bath helped my boys too. Both boys still get dry skin I love the Hello Bello products. Also if you nurse a milk bath could really help

Rub a little Head and Shoulders shampoo on his head. Softly work it in with your nails. Let sit 3 minutes. Simply rinse. May have to repeat a few days.

Honestly we used baby oil massaged into the scalp for all 3 of mine with cradle cap it disappeared and they had beautiful hair.

Use pure products. Anything with fragrance will irritate the skin. I have psoriasis and my youngest has eczema. Aveeno baby products work well

Wash the hair really well and use a soft bristled baby brush and go in circles all over the scalp with the soap still in the hair, then rinse. Breastmilk is also really good for cradle cap