What to do for gallstones while pregnant?

Has any other mama’s experienced gallstones while pregnant? I’m extremely nervous to have surgery while prego but with all the pain I’m in and how sick I’m getting I may need to have my gallbladder removed.


I did but they didn’t realize it was my gallbladder until after I had my daughter

Yep. Didnt know I had gallstones until after I delivered though. I thought, and was told, the pain was from indigestion. Worst pain ever!!

I had to have my gallbladder removed i was 3 months pregnant

I had mine removed when my daughter was a month old


Currently 37 weeks pregnant and have gallstones… I had an attack Wednesday and ended up in hospital but they won’t do anything until I have the baby unless it’s an absolute emergency… it’s the worst pain in the world :persevere::persevere: i really wish they’d take mine out

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I did at 6 months pregnant they had me the hospital for a month because my ensums were high. But they waited to I had the baby then remove it. I had 20 plus gallstones the sizes of golf balls.

My mom had it will pregnant with me. She got it out when I was a few months old.


I have them. Im 14 weeks and they said they wont do anything until after i give birth

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I did , unfortunately they made me wait till after my son was born and gave me pain killers while I was pregnant. I was induced at 39 weeks and about a month later had my gall bladder removed but overall it was a hard pregnancy and my tubes were burned,cut,and tied the day after my youngest was born.

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I know of someone who needed their appendix removed while pregnant and she did fine…I know it’s not a gallbladder but still had to have surgery while pregnant

I had gallstones before my pregnancy, at 24 weeks I started having pains and they diagnosed me with gallstones (because I had them before and during pregnancy) a week later I went in and they diagnosed me with HELLP syndrome and had to perform an emergency c-section. Switch to non greasy non fatty foods, if it doesn’t help the pain than have your OB check for protein in your urine and check your liver panel. I don’t want to scare you but the symptoms of HELLP and gallstones are very similar. Also they told me they wouldn’t do surgery while I was pregnant they was going to wait until after I delivered.

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If you’re early into the pregnancy the procedure may be performed depending on the surgeon. However, after so many weeks surgeons are unwilling to do so unless it is an emergency. I fit under the category of needing to wait until I gave birth. I had to watch what I ate. (I was given a list of foods to avoid, but not lettuce. A nurse later told me to avoid lettuce because it’s hard to digest.) I was also told to sleep at an incline. And if the pain became too severe or too frequent to go into the ER and they would perform an emergency surgery, but they really didn’t want that to happen. I had 2 months to go and I made it. I’ve had it out since 2015.

I did but i was to far along for them to do the surgery.

Had my son 3 weeks ago and had my GB removed yesterday. They don’t do surgery unless there is a danger to you and the baby. Usually if there isn’t a blockage they will wait. I had the pain for 5 years but they wouldn’t remove it until they found the stones.

I had them pregnant and didn’t get mine taken out until she was 9 months. That pain is worse than child birth :persevere:

I had mine removed when I was 13 weeks. My attacks kept getting closer together and lasting longer. I couldnt breathe, felt like my chest was going to explode and no amount of meds would help. When they started happening in the daytime. and not just at night i had surgery immediately. Then had a stone escape the gallbladder that caused blockage and had to have a 2nd surgery to place a stent the day after my gallbladder removal. My baby is turning 2 in July! Were both happy and healthy!

My boss actually had her gallbladder removed while she was pregnant and had no issues !!!

If you have to have it remove while pregnant you and baby will be fine. Most doctors won’t do a surgery unless absolutely necessary. They need to air your stomach up like a balloon to pull gall bladder out. Unless they decide to knock you out then just slice it out. Not trying to scare you in any way. I had mine out 3 days after I gave birth. They don’t like doing surgeries that mama needs to be under for. They will more than likely make you wait under after birth. For safety and health. Push more exercise. Or natural ways to reduce gall stones

I had them so bad for my 3rd i never had them before i really thought we we’re both not going to make it. I waa in the hospital all the time from having them they told me to wait till after baby to see if they go away on their own? They didnt i had a baby after him i still have them just not as bad attacks before. I still want them out as when they do act up im scared the pain will go like before lol.

They took mine out three weeks after my first

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I wish my gallbladder was taken out…ive had 10+ issues in less than 8 years…

Worst pain ever had mine taken out a couple months after I had my son I ended up in the hospital for 2 weeks due to complications for not taking it out sooner… But while I was pregnant and I would get the pain I would drink a cup of milk warm or cool your choice and put a heating pad on my stomach it helps a lot. Nothing to hot of course.

I had my gallbladder removed at 24 weeks and had my son at 32 weeks… I was in labor every week after the surgery