What to do for hair growth?

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Hi mommas , I was wondering if I could get some advice or tips on how to help my hair grow back . It’s not post partum hair loss as my daughter is almost 2 now and I already went through that and grew back just fine . But now I’m noticing my hair falling out/ thinning out in the front mainly like my hairline is pulling back , I’m so sad about this , I’m only 28 and have always had a lot of hair, thick long hair but now I can see my scalp. Any advice or tips of what type of vitamins to take or treatments ? Thank you .

There are plenty of over the counter options that make “hair, skin, nails” vitamins, check it out :slight_smile:

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THESE! Walmart ! My long locks grew back so fast after I chopped it! You take like three a day or something like that! Thicker, longer hair in just a short time!


Omg I’m soo in love with the mane n tail shampoo! I got it at the pet section in Walmart, my hair has never looked this thick

Vitamin B-12 and biotin did so well! Also Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Have you had blood work done? My hair fell out after my babies and it was bc my thyroid was out of wack. Might want to look into that.

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Go get your thyroid checked and see if you have an imbalance first. I have Hashimotos which is under active thyroid do to an autoimmune response, mine is cause by postpartum thyroiditis. Second use rice water one to two times a week, biotin or any hair skin nails multivitamin will work. Personally I use the BioSilk line because it leaves my hair amazing and I can 3 days without having to wash it before it looks oily.

Get Labs drawn to check for vitamin deficiency or thyroid issues.

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I found a good hairstylist and have shorter hair, so I can keep what I have. I upgraded my shampoo/conditioner. Do not sleep on wet hair. Stopped bleaching my hair and found a more natural alternative. Eat healthy. Proteins and fresh fruits/veggies. I bought a fun baseball cap for bad hair days too.

Go see your doctor to rule out deficiencies. If nothing is wrong, put castor oil on your hair for a few hours or overnight with a shower cap on before you wash it.

Prenatal vitamins are best to take.

I only buy shampoo from Sally’s, not Walmart. I prefer the ion brand but the actual shampoo and conditioner I would choose would be based on what type of hair you have!

Go to your doctor so many things can make your hair fall out. You can also use nioxin products and a hair skin and nails vitamin daily

I’m also going to say hair skin and nails vitamins. They are the bomb