What to do for nipple pain breastfeeing?

Hi breastfeeding mama’s. Question. My nipple is hurting so bad. Cracked & even getting a scab over it. I’ve only been breastfeeding for 3 days. Every nurse I had during my stay (quite a few) watched my daughters latch & said shes doing perfect. They suggested a nipple shield and that actually was more painful. I’m very determined to continue breastfeeding. Should I continue to nurse on that side even as painful as it is? Should i pump or will that not help either?


Have you tried different positions?

I was told that it shouldn’t hurt when you feed. My nipple was cracked and bleeding my first week of breastfeeding. It got better after they gave me a cream to put on my nipples after every feeding and it helped a lot and I haven’t had any issues

I breast fed my daughter and she would only latch on my right breast. It cracked and bled. I tried the other breast and she refused to latch on so I started pumping.

That cream doea wonders my daughter was born early and I had to pump before she even nursed her mouth was to small they feed her with a syring and I breast fed without pumping my son amd pumping hurt so much worse to me

Put cabbage leaf on your breast

Use a breastfeeding cream on them!! Switch to a different boob for each feeding. Maybe lay off that one for a bit until its better. Definitely need nipple cream. Go on amazon and get ‘earth mama’ nipple cream

The first week is always rough. I used nipple butter which is amazing. Give it time eventually it won’t hurt at all.

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Lanolin!! And ice packs!

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Buy the nipple cream at walmart

Lanolin, coconut oil, and a solution mixed with Neosporin/monistat cream will heal it up. Switch between the three. Pump on that side and feed on the other until it’s healed. The milk will need to come out to avoid engorgement. I wouldn’t recommend nipple shields if you can avoid them. Even if she’s latching ok, it’s still possible to get soreness and even scabbing in the first few days until your body gets used to it. Look up videos for proper latching techniques if you need help as well. That sometimes helps more than a lactation specialist.

I’ve breastfed two kids and I’m planning on breastfeeding this one. Breastfeeding fucking hurts. You just have to wait it out until they get used to the suction, there’s no way around that. Get nipple cream. It’ll help with them being dry.

The first week is the hardest then you’re home free :heart:
EB 3 babies and the first week was hell with all 3. It gets better

Try different positions and squirt breastmilk into your hand and then rub your nipples with it.

I had the same problem. Put your cream on and at first the shield hurt a little more it gets better. Keep pumping. You are doing great dont give up.

Rule out nipple thrush which is very common with breastfeeding

Thats normal. This cream definitely helps it doesn’t sting or anything and it doesn’t harm the baby. The pain and cracking should go away with in week or so hang in there.


You have to keep nursing. Use lanolin and just keep going. It hurts like hell bit that is how your nipples toughen up.

I’d say stick with it. Mine did that with all three of my boys and after the first week it got better. Pumps have a different suction that baby mouths and when I began pumping it hurt again for a few days. The creams really do help and they have ice packs for it but hard nipples hurt at that stage lol. Unfortunately it’s often just a hump to get through. Keep the cream on and even squeeze some milk out to moisturize your nipples. Hang it there mama

Lots of nipple cream and stubbornness. It will hurt and be terrible the first few weeks but just push through it and it will get better. If it’s too painful to nurse on that side then try pumping it instead until it’s more healed.

Try different creams the first 2 weeks will be painful but it will get better once you get the hang of it

Have an ENT evaluation for tongue tie immediately the relief is immediate

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Lanolin cream and you can also use a nipple shield. You can apply some lanolin cream to shield so it sticks on your breast. However, only use the shield temporarily until you heal. If there continues to be a problem then look for a local lactation consultant/breastfeeding educator and have them assess your baby for any lip ties.

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After every feeding get the nipple cream and put it on your nipples, it won’t hurt the baby at all and it’ll help my got really really bloody at one point and that saved me

Get vitamin E tablets break open and rub on nipple area… Willnot harm baby and somewhat soothing to you

Nipple cream and maybe call your local lactation consultant

This one works fine, at least for me

Its always really hard at first but the do toughen up after a bit. I BF all 4 babies and 1st cpl weeks are hellish but push threw it gets better.

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Lasino. It’s a natural ointment that you can put on and it will help. It’s completely natural so it won’t hurt your little one

I used a nipple shield with my first because I couldn’t handle the pain, but then I COULDNT nurse without it because it hurt too much. It was extremely inconvenient, and turns out my baby wasn’t latching as well as I thought she was. With my second, his latch was SO much better, and I regretted that I had just resolved to using a nipple shield instead of working on her latch. Use your breast Milk to heal the cracked skin, and give that side a break. Use a cool cover when you’re done to help with the pain

I was right where you are over the weekend, I just had my babe last Thursday! It gets so much better once your milk comes in. Keep going, I know it’s horrible right now but it gets better. I got the lansinoh (sp?) 3 in 1 breast therapy gels and they helped A TON. I would alternate between hot and cold, to help my engorgement and to help soothe my nipples. Also nipple cream. Once your milk comes in you can rub that into your nipples/areola as well. You’re doing great mom you got this :hugs::hugs:

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The first two weeks are hell, when you’re done nursing, rub some milk on them and let them air dry.

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Use lanolin. Also, rub excess breast milk that leaks out into your nipple.

You’ve gotta rough up hose nipples…put the cream or some of your milk on it right after nursing, I did the nipple guard for about a week and powered through the pain just to give myself a second barrier until my (daughter got lazy on her latch at 3 months old) daughter started to fix her latch again…it’s painful, I’m so sorry, just part of the breastfeeding experience but once your nipples are “broken in” life will be easier…my mother in law told me to rub (hard) my nipples with a wash cloth about a month before my first was born to avoid the first time roughness…totally worked


Definitely breastmilk on your nipples every time and let it air dry! There are some gel pads you can get that help too. You can keep them in the fridge so they’re cold!

Continue to nurse, it does get better. The first week and a half is the worst. They do sell a nipple cream - lanolin and it helps! I used my on milk on my nipples after, and the cream.

Totally Normal. Apply lanolin after you nurse everytime. I had so many people tell me it was not supposed to be uncomfortable to nurse but until you get used to it it is.

Check the babies bottom lip during latch make sure its curled out and not sucked in

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This happened to me with my first lactation specialist is only one who caught it

Continue nursing thru the pain. Pumping hurt me more, personally. But pumping this soon will mess with supply as well. Try lanolin, it saved my nursing journey for sure. Good luck momma, the first few weeks are the hardest. :heart:

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Dr. Jack Newman cream. It’s a RX, but it was the only thing that worked for me.

Cream heat Advil check latch

Contact your local La Leche League leader

Ask for a LC and check for upper lip curling.

Use vaseline about 20 mins before breastfeeding then after baby finishes a feed put breastmilk over it give it a few weeks it’s cuz it’s all new once u get over the pin it will all be worth it

I powered through it with a lot of nipple cream. It eventually went away and was easier.


I stopped nursing on my cracked breast until it healed but kept pumping on it it doesn’t hurt as much to pump as when the baby feeds on it

I hate to say, but its normal. Do what the others are saying and just grit your teeth. It stops hurting in a couple weeks. Then blocked ducts are the most painful thing you’ll have to deal with. But hopefully that’ll be rare and easier to fix.


Get the gel u can put on when u breast feed isn’t harmful for bub argh I have a tube in my kitchen I’ll get up and have a look soon and tell u the name worked wonders for me in my first few weeks then my nipples were fine never needed it again but yeah I assume every mother with there first child nipples would crack for the first weeks cause there not used to being sucked on so much lol well that’s what I think and obviously if they don’t improve could be lachting problem but that would be uncomfortable for u while feeding to so yeh I’ll send u a picture of the cream soon

Lansinoh lanolin is a lifesaver.


I had the same thing happen… Only by the end of all my efforts, I was left with only a part of my nipple intact😩 so I felt like I had to stop completely.

Earth mama nipple butter helped me a lot and use your breast milk to heal as well.
Unfortunately it hurts sometimes while your body is adjusting to nursing. It does end!!!
Also try putting a heat bag in the freezer it can help relieve some pain.

Ask them to check for a tongue tie or lip tie!

If its bleeding dont let baby nurse that side. Their bellys cant digest the blood and they will throw it back up, blood n all. Which can be terrifying.

Express a bit of milk and let it air dry to the nipple it helps a ton!

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Do it
Continue nursing and pumping
It hurts like B****
I cried and yelled out in pain
Soak in a hot bath
Use covered ice packs
Use Mandela nipple cream after every feed or pump session
But if you don’t use it you lose it and you don’t want that to happen

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I’m on day 5 with my second! It’s normal. Mine are super sore and raw right now as well. I didn’t remember it stinging like this, but I remember the pain going away. All of my nurses and lactation people have said her latch is perfect. So I know it’s not her. It’s just sore because they aren’t use to being milked like that​:joy::joy: I’ve been using this cream the hospital gave me, but I remember the lanolin working amazing with my first.

Don’t use a nipple shield. Power through mama. I had HORRIBLE cracked and bleeding nipples. The gel pads are a life saver but whatever you do don’t get started on a nipple shield

Make sure you are rotating holds! Get in the habit of changing it up! That will help a little. I had a baby almost 2 weeks ago, and im pretty sore, too. This is my 3rd baby I’ve breastfed. The first month is the hardest! Push through! I promise it gets better! You could also ask your pediatrician to check for tongie and tio ties! Ask the hospital to see a lactation consultant as well!

Try coconut oil! It’s natural and it worked great for mine!! Just keep pushing it does get better. I couldn’t use the nipple shield, so I pushed. There are soothing pad you can put on your nipples as well but you have to wash your breast after before you can breastfeed. Black tea tea bags are supposed to help as well! Good luck!

Unfortunately, it’s going to be this way until they (nipples) toughen up. Stick to it! Don’t give up! It gets easier and that doesn’t last long. Lenolin cream was amazing for me! I think you’re amazing for doing this and being so stong and persistent!

That happened to me on my right side…I switched up how I held her during the feed because my nipple points more outwards. I fed her with the football hold. I promise the first time was a game changer. I cringed when I went to latch her thinking I was going to have the same pain I’d been having but nothing.

Put breast milk on it then let it air dry. Power through momma, it won’t hurt forever and they won’t crack and bleed forever. Good luck. :slightly_smiling_face:


Put your breastmilk on it and let it dry.

Nurse and/or pump. Use creams to help with pain but it will get better. It’s painful for the first week or so but once you get used to it, it gets easier to deal with lol

See a doctor. You might have an infection starting. If it hurts like that you probably do and they can give you cream that’s safe for baby. It happens to me EVERY TIME, and I’ve had 9 kids. You’d think my nipples would be leather by now, but nope. I get a thrush infection at the beginning, every single time.

Lanolin cream! I was also cracked and bleeding and that cream was a life saver

You just have to push through! Try rubbing expressed milk on it, coconut oil or lanolin cream. You can even ask for a prescription ointment to help with the pain. If she’s latching well then it’ll get better soon.

Get some nipple cream you can Google a bunch of different brands

Try some different nipple creams. Rub breast milk on it too. It’s painful as hell at first but trust me- it will pass!!!

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I used the Bamboobies nipple cream and it was great. It’s all natural and baby can still nurse when it’s on you.

Thank you guys for so many responses! So far I’ve been trying lanolin cream, started using coconut oil yesterday. I’ll try alternating today and see if that helps.

Football hold has been my go to. I didn’t think to change it until today & tried the cross cradle hold but that was even worse pain. I’ll try a couple different ones on her next feed.

She has an appt this Monday, I’ll have then check for a tongue tie.

I’m just trying really hard to keep it together. Breastfeeding didn’t work with my first and it hit me really hard.

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The first few days are rough but double check when you go to her first doctors appt that she doesn’t have a tongue and/or lip tie. My daughter latched correctly the whole time we were in the hospital but my nipples still cracked and bled because she was sucking wrong due to a tongue tie keeping her from eating properly. The nurses, doctors, and lactation consultants didn’t catch it while we were in because she latched good. Hopefully it’s just because it’s still in the beginning stages but I would check just in case! Hang in there mama!:heart:

Use nipple cream right after but keep feeding. The soreness and cracking usually doesn’t last more than a week. Ur body isn’t use to having something constantly sucking and pulling on them. One of mine cracked and bled and tbh sometimes i would cry when he ate. But it got much better

Stick with it… it hurt for me for a couple weeks and then your nipples toughen up a bit too. It does get easier!!!

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Also try getting a breast feeding kit… it had gell pads u can put in the freezer and then put them on you… feels amazing

Have you considered pumping and feeding it out of a bottle?

Continue to nurse her I have nursed to babies the first one 21 months second is 13 months and still nursing. The first 2 weeks will hurt a d cause scabbing like that but if you can make it though the pain it will ease up and eventually not hurt at but month 2

Contact a lactating consultant there are medicines to ease that pain

Lots of comments so didn’t read them all, so if this has been mentioned, sorry for repeating:

get Lansinoh cream… ask at the drugstore. (I’m in Toronto, Canada, don’t know where you are.) it’s an all natural lanolin derived from sheep to rub on your nipples… cleared me up in no time.

And Go to the doc immediately also and make sure there’s no infection in the cracks.

Wear nursing pads in your bra to absorb the moisture. Walk around the house in just your nursing bra on top with the flaps down to dry your nipples after a feed.

This is all for your breast health, and for baby’s health.

Definitely Lanolin and breastmilk on it. I’ve had the same issues, latch was fine but my nipples were bleeding and my daughters spit up was pink :weary: sometimes I would skip the side that was anwiese for one feeding but I never pumped. I eventually just got through it. Medea makes hydro patched that cool. Those are amazing! Keep them in the fridge if you like, I had them on all day for about 1-2 weeks

There is a cream for sore, cracked nipples over the counter or at least it was when I was a nursing mom.

Use nipple cream as a lube before you pump too, don’t worry that needle feeling attacking your nipples in the shower goes away after a while too… lol

Apply some of ur milk onto your nipple and let air dry…the stuff is better than any cream or oil…magic! X

Cream & nipple shield. Pump until healed

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Pump on that boob for a bit until it heals but make sure that you’re releasing all the milk so you don’t lose your supply. I had the same issue. I eventually just could produce enough milk and had to stop breastfeeding, but coconut oil on the nipples and pumping on the boob until it’s healed will help.

Keep nursing… make sure you are switching sides every feeding… use a safe nipple cream to light put on your nipples after each feeding…
The first couple weeks suck but keep fight through it I have been Exclusively breast feeding my little nugget for almost 5 months now he is my second baby… he has never had anything but breastmilk I don’t use bottles either. You can do it .

Lansinoh nipple cream or aquaphor :raised_hands:

Put the nipple cream on a couple nursing pads and put them in the freezer :ok_hand:t2:

Olive oil in between feeding and Mirena makes a cream for this problem

see an IBCLC and have bub checked for ties

Dont stop nursing! Your nipples will toughen up and be fine in a week or so. Lanolin really.helps cracked nipples. Just give them a wipe before you feed the baby.

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Oh and start on the side that is least sore first so the baby isnt nursing as vigorously when you switch to the sore side.

Try some cream especially for it and make sure you keep nipples clean and dry between feeds. I went through it with both my babies and I sympathise because I remember how painful it was even though it was well over 25 years ago! Keep going though love, they will toughen up in a week or so and then feeding will be a doddle, I carried on for a year with both of them despite that initial hiccup and mastitis x

It gets better, takes a few weeks, rub your milk on it!

Get checked for lip/tongue ties! Find a preferred provider like a pediatric dentist… pediatricians nurses and even some lactation consultants have no clue what they’re looking for.

In the meantime, I highly recommend mothers love nipple cream! Can get it at Target. Keep nursing or at least pump to keep supply up.

Use breastmilk and rub it in to your nipple. Its like magic.

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Rub breast milk on them after each feeding. Better than any cream or ointment.

It will get better, your nips need to toughen up. If you can make it to 3 weeks you are golden. Keep doing what your doing mama! You got this!!

Lansinoh nipple cream works great and is safe

Lansinoh ointment is a life saver! Do not stop nursing! It just takes time for your nipples tontoughen up and get used to all the action. My girl is almost 9 months old and I currently have a bleeding crack in my left nipple. Also, leave a drop or 2 of milk on it and rub it in. It will help it heal faster.