What to do for nipple pain breastfeeing?

Dont stop!! It gets better! The pain goes away. For now run your breastmilk on your nipples.

Yes absolutely continue to nurse on both sides, despite the pain, or you risk engorgement which could lead to mastitis. Unfortunately the first week and a half to two weeks it’s going to be tender. Your nipples aren’t used to a little vacuum on them! Keep coconut oil on them, totally safe for you and baby, no need to wash it off. (Helps prevent oral thrush too btw). Keeping them moisturized is a HUGE thing. You can get soothing pads (basically little gel nursing pads) to use when your not nursing to ease the pain. You just have to push through it and it’ll get better I promise! The pain will stop though, you can do this mama!

Check out “The Flipple Technique” on YouTube and if you don’t instantly feel a difference, you might want to consider that it’s a lip or tongue tie. I follow a lactation consultant on here (search for “The Milk Meg”) and she would say that sometimes even though the latch looks good, it can be wrong for other reasons. Could be lip or tongue ties, etc. Good luck!

I feel your pain! It lasts about 2 weeks. I used nipple cream right after my daughter got done nursing (nipple chapstick) and it stopped them from scabbing and cracking

Nipple cream or paste reapply after every feeding and as often as you can!

Apply your own breastmilk on it and let dry, constantly.

Yes pump if you can’t nurse