What to do for sore breasts?

Advice on sore breasts in pregnancy.

Hello, Mamas! I have a question.
I’m 17 week’s pregnant and my boobs are already getting huge & they hurt, and it gets uncomfortable at times too.
I looked in my mama’s book, and it said to massage them which I do but seems like it doesn’t help any, or if it does only for a short time, I can’t just walk around massaging my boobs all the time haha that would look funny and people would defiantly look at me weird. This is my 2nd pregnancy, and I don’t remember my boobs getting this big and hurting this early with my last pregnancy. Y’all got any home remedies or tips; you all could give me to relieve this uncomfortable feeling. Thank you very much
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I would reach out to your OB. You can get mastitis while pregnant, especially if you have had a babe before :yellow_heart:

Talk to your OB/GYN, and see if they have any natural remedies to help soothe them. Also, never hurts to start wearing a nursing bra, even if you don’t plan on nursing. They are very comfortable, and wireless so that may help the pressure too


Make sure you’re wearing a right sized bra. I had to buy larger bras when I got to this point in my pregnancy, and it helped with the soreness. Also, you might try a bra without underwires.

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Massage while in the bath with breasts under the water
I’ve had mastitis twice and using a hairbrush (the bristles) to deep massage the area was the best advice


Warm water , massage them squeeze

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Warm bath with breasts underwater… Then massage.

Mine started hurting real bad from day 1. Have to wear loose sports bras or none at all. Nothing helps

Every symptom seems to start earlier with each pregnancy.

Ice packs( or frozen veggies lol) I’m 26 weeks today with my second and I’ve had to ice a few sore places

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I had the same thing with second pregnancy but not first. I dealt with the soreness, but the nipple pain was unbearable. My nipples would get hard from a chill, especially after an outside run in December, omg. It was like someone lit a match and set those suckers on fire and there was no way to put it out fast enough. Warm shower worked best for that. Some women suggested hair dryer. Maybe a heating pad would help with the general soreness? Good luck. I don’t miss that pain.

Massage in warm shower. Make sure you have a comfortable bra on. Good luck

Im 25 weeks and still have sore boobs. I find the only that helps is taking bra off as soon as I get home or if I’m gonna be home all day, not putting one on.

My boobs are up to 42 DD right now and wearing a tight bra helps me

Ice cold cabbage ĺeaves.

If heat helps, then try the pocket handwarmers, two sizes available at Wal-Mart sporting
goods dept, for when you can’t run warm water on them. They can last up to 10 to 16hours.

I know that you’re not supposed to wear underwire bras if you breastfeed because it can cause mastitis (clogged or infected milk ducts). I wonder if switching to bras without underwires might help? Maybe something like a sports bra or even a sleep bra when you’re at home? Good luck to you!