What to do for tooth pain during pregnancy?

I had my wisdom tooth out during pregnancy the risks are very low. Pain killers for a few days is more beneficial rather than throughout the whole pregnancy just double check with your dentist x


I had a tooth out while pregnant… painful as I didn’t want to take lots of pain killers after the tooth had been taken out but I rid through that pain with hot water bottles and sleeping more upright than flat. Not ideal however worth it in the long run to stop the frequent pain from the tooth itself. Have it out… you’ll feel much better and if you need to take pain killers for a short period it’s better than needing them throughout your pregnancy due to the tooth pain your experiencing xx

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Just have it out and get it over with. Constant medication and painkillers aren’t good to use during pregnancy


Ask dentist to extirpate the tooth first- this will remove nerve and reduce infection. Hopefully will last until you have had baby.
Although if it flares up again best to extract- best to act now

I had a tooth that was bothering me. Dentist wanted to do a root canal. Hygienist said I may subconsciously be clinching my teeth. She said your teeth should never touch unless you’re eating. I tried being careful not to clinch, and in a couple of days, my tooth stopped hurting. You may be stressing at night, and clinching- but not during the day because you’re busy with other things. Hope that’s all it is. Good luck!

Yes get it out as I did no problems

Go have it out,putting up with toothache is far worse.x

Dental work can be done while pregnant without any issues! Go get your teeth taken care of so your baby can reap the benefits.


I had 2 teeth pulled at 8 weeks pregnant and babys fine ,toothache will stress you more x

I had one out pregnant and it wasnt too bad they keep an eye on you for about a hour after it’s out x

Try what they use for babies when teething

For heavens sake get ur tooth sorted ur pregnant not dieing out

Get the tooth out if the dentist feels it is that bad it is just poisoning your body. It obviously has an abscess on it.
For an abscess
Open up (incise) and drain the abscess. The dentist will make a small cut into the abscess, allowing the pus to drain out, and then wash the area with salt water (saline). …
Perform a root canal. This can help eliminate the infection and save your tooth. …
Pull the affected tooth. …
Prescribe antibiotics.

Go to the dentist. They will talk to you about what is advised and not advised throughout pregnancy. Please don’t leave it as an infection could get into your blood stream etc. X

Go to dentist I have root canal while pregnant. Your ob will tell you to go to the dentist

I had a tooth out whilst I was pregnant. I was in agony for about 5 weeks. I was anxious like you but the dentist assured me that it was the right thing to do x

Sometimes pulling a tooth is not going to end the suffering! Talk to your OB about extra calsium also. I had tooth ache my entire pregnancy and I gad no bad teeth. I wanted to get them all pulled out :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Have it pulled. Don’t suffer like that. That can’t be good for the baby either.

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I had the absolute worst pain caused by a filling that fell out and then abcesssed. I was in pain everyday for months and nothing ever helped. I ultimately had to get it pulled due to how bad the infection was. My neck and jaw swelled up and the dentist and doctor said it can be dangerous for me and the baby if you don’t treat it. The infection can spread to the baby. I had 2 rounds of antibiotics and the infection was back with in a month. If it were me I’d just either get a root canal if you can afford it or just get it pulled.

Tea tree mouthwash and clove oil work wonders but if dentist thinks it needs pulled, get it pulled. The infection is worse for baby.

Look up essentials oils as well I never liked using antibiotics or Tylenol while pregnant

Babe get it pulled! In the next 8 months, it just going get so much worse :tired_face:

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Clove oil or Clove seasoning and put it all over the painful area

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Try rubbing some clove oil on it until you get the ok to get it pulled or root canal

I had 9 teeth pulled when I was 7 months pregnant. OB told it was fine, even with the pain meds for a week afterward. She gave me a dental note for my dentist with her approval. Didn’t have a problem and my son is a perfectly happy and health 1 1/2 yr old. Tale care of you momma. Trust the docs to know if its safe or not👍

Periodontal issues are common during pregnancy. The dentist has protocols for this situation. Obviously talk to both your OB and dentist.

Oh my goodness go have it taken care of everything will be ok. Remember when mom is stressing so is the little one .

You don’t want to have an open infection in your mouth. That’s not healthy for you or the baby.

Definitely follow your dentists advice as it will continue til you’ve had the treatment, speak to your dentist about your concerns I’m sure they will appreciate how you’re feeling and reassure you