What to do if you pull your groin muscle while pregnant?

Has anyone else pulled a groin muscle during pregnancy? I was nudging my dog out of the way with me knee then heard a very loud pop and excruciating pain in my groin after that. How long did it take to heal? I’m being induced next Monday :weary:


Did you have a leaking fluids? Because I’ve herd of people saying their water breaking sounded like a loud pop… I’ve never experienced it personally though so idk.

I went into labor with my daughter a day after having that happen to me- she was 13 days early ! It hurt is bad

Not a groin, but I pulled a lot of muscles. If your that close to the finish line, your muscles and ligaments are soooo loose, stretchy and getting prepped to birth that it’s very easy to pull anything. Just have your dr check it out, but I’m sure your ok. You could have just cracked a joint or something that was accompanied a muscle pull.

Yes it took a couple days. I felt like I kept pulling it towards the end.

Im 15 weeks n my pelvic bone has been popping for like a month :persevere: 25 more weeks of this

I threw my back out and had back issues for a bit but now I’m just having pelvic pain from everything getting lose.

You need to go the labor and delivery asap


I had this and my placenta had come away from my lining. Thankfully I went into labour 5wks 6 days early and she was fine. An hour longer and she wouldn’t have been. It didn’t feel right to me so I went to be checked out. I’d rather be safe than sorry. Xx good luck hope ur ok hun x