What to do if your child is malicious?

Does anyone have a malicious child? My daughter is 7. She does things to get her brother into trouble and puts him in unsafe situations and shows no remorse. She’s not all malicious, she does have some empathy at times, but she does things to hurt others and make others mad on purpose. For example, this morning, I said I had to use the bathroom and she shut the door as I was going in and laughed at me and thought it was funny. When her brother goes in her room, she will scream at him at the top of her lungs and beat him up (he’s 4). She also got mad at me a couple days ago and tried to kick the cat because she was angry. I want to get a psych evaluation on her, but I was just curious about how others have dealt with this and what you guys have experienced. Thank you!


She’s acting out for a reason! Get her evaluated

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Have you had her evaluated for ODD? This sounds a lot like how my son used to be when he was that age and he was diagnosed ADHD, ODD, OCD, and learning disabilities. Absent of any recent changes that could be causing this behavior, I’d get her to a play therapist asap and go from there. Good luck mama.

Yeah she needs an evaluation. It will be a long hard road and depressing as well, but hang in there and prayers for you.

Intentionally hurting a animal is not a good sign especially at her age where she’s old enough to understand…make a app. With Doc soon…


Sounds like she needs counseling my son did the same thing when he was younger and he ended up having oppositional defiant disorder look it up



The one thing that makes me think she doesn’t have ODD is she’s an angel at school, gets good grades, and listens to her teacher.

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Have you tried doing it back to her so she knows how it feels ? Sometimes kids just dont understand that it hurts, and dont get me wrong, I’m not saying beat your daughter up for beating up your son, but say she smacks him in the head hard with a toy, tap her in the same spot with the same toy just enough so she can feel it hurts and then discuss with her about how if she doesnt like it and it hurts her then how do you think others feel?

Sounds like she could be a sociopath. Which if taken care early enough, I believe won’t follow her into adulthood. Intentionally hurting animals is a scary thing. I hope you’re able to get her help.


My daughter has ADHD and she acts like this. She even is in thearpy.

I’d whoop her ass, than send to her room for 30 minutes, after tht make her apologize to brother and you. She got to learn the consequences of her behavior. If she doesn’t learn this at home she will learn going to jail.


whip her ass a few times and I bet her attitude changed real quick



But do you discipline her? I don’t mean hitting.
I mean, consequences. Lose electronics, etc.

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Ughh that’s how my middle son is. Just straight up pesters the hell out of anyone in the house. However, he does it for attention. He just wants his big brother to play with him and the only way to get any reactions from him is to just pester.
Oldest is adhd so loud noises bother him and younger brother knows that if he walks in the room and screams big brother will chase him. He’ll also lie to get a reaction, like “oh brother, I broke your toy…” And once brother blows up at him he’ll say “just kidding!!!” :expressionless::weary: I’m in hell lol


I’m tired of all the diagnoses put on kids at such a young age. Everyone doesn’t have a disorder… kids are Kids! Be consistent in your discipline and talk to her. She’s 7- find out what’s going on with her. None of what you listed is very extreme. She’s a kid and they have big emotions and big reactions. Sit with her and help her express herself


It’s crazy how parents want to take their kid to a shrink at the first inconveniences of bad behavior. ODD for hitting a sibling? That’s what siblings do! Closing the door on you? Attention seeking. Kicking at the cat when she’s mad? Also attention seeking. Sounds like she needs discipline. Doesn’t sound like she was trying to hurt the cat. Sounds like she was having a fit and wanted a reaction- cat was wrong place wrong time type of thing. Kids that hurt animals in secrecy or behind closed doors are a different story. Don’t go medicate your child for normal behavior


You didn’t mention if you discipline for these actions. I’ve seen kids do some pretty crazy things and nothing is wrong with them. Except that their parents think “kids will be kids” and they get zero discipline for their actions. My son has pretty bad ADHD and he tests his boundaries, but he knows the lines he better not cross. If he ever does cross a line he realizes it right away and apologizes. He’s 6.


Thats great you know this is not normal…Each and every time she acts like that, put her in the corner for a few min facing the wall…She will knock off most of her horrible antics

What’s the discipline when it comes to her?

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Sounds like she needs a whoopin


Punishment and spanking first. If she still doesnt show empathy. Then see a dr.


But mom and dad do your part first

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I guess I’m old school. Sounds like she needs her ass paddled. All this stuff about taking things away is bullshit. That’s the problem with today. You always want yo coddle your kids. Sometimes it’s fine but doing things like that and nothing said or done is just wrong.


I discipline by taking away favorite toys, grounding from play dates, losing privileges like tv and electronics, time outs, spankings, rewarding for good behavior and being kind, having conversations about the behavior and why it is wrong … nothing works

Hitting an angry child isn’t helping. :woman_facepalming:


My son does this frequently but he also has other symptoms and was diagnosed with adhd. He lacks impulse control. My oldest daughter is also like this and had a gene sight testing done. We discovered she has a val/val gene variant which mimics adhd and dopamine deficiency, even though she has neither. Good luck

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Yes, I’ve dealt with this with my step daughter. Took her to a few different therapists and they all said she showed signs of a personality disorder but it was too early to tell which one yet. She was 12 at the time but showed signs years before that. My advice would be to start setting her up with a child psychologist and let them tell you if they felt a psych evaluation was necessary.

My daughter did this she is 5 she has autism, severe adhd& ocd I was against meds but it helps for 8 hours of the day

Sure… Whoop the angry kid. Responsible to anger with anger us totally teaching her a lesson and better way :roll_eyes:

Get her evaluated. The earlier she gets therapy the better.


It’s very apparent from the naysayers that they didn’t get near enough spankings as children


She could have asperger’s where their social skills are limited. Do not allow her to hurt others. Look for treatment or advice now. Consistency & patience a must. Show love.


Sounds like she is seeking attention

I’d just like to make a valid point here from a positive parenting perspective. There is a difference between punishment and discipline/consequence. Punishment is meant to cause blame, shame or pain in some form or another in order to instill fear of the person carrying it out so that the child doesn’t do it again. Discipline is meant to teach action=consequence and to reenforce the rules. Remember, we’re here to raise decent human beings, not scar them mentally or start and abusive pattern. Our children absorb everything in a subconscious level. They understand more than they (and society) lets on. Give them credit where due, give attention positively, and don’t give attention in a way that caters to the negative behavior cycle. It’s a huge work in progress in my household, but it’s worth every step. Credit to #positiveparentingsolutions


Sounds like she needs to be taught RESPECT! That should of started along time ago!!!

I’d get her evaluated. Could be bipolar disorder, personality disorder or it could be signs of her having sociopathic tendencies. If you’ve tried everything and still see no improvement I would say it’s time to be open and get whatever it is under control ASAP for your sons sake. :heart:

I don’t have any experience in this other than sometimes my son can be a brat but that’s most kids he’s three though but he’s also a total sweetheart. I would definitely recommend getting her evaluated. Also from mother to mother try loving on her more. Express how much you care about her. When she does things that are mean hold her and tell how that’s mean but that she needs to be nice and show her how fun it is to be nice.

You need to have her evaluated. Before behaviors get worse. She’s acting out for a reason

Get her evaluated for sure. Also the screaming at her brother and hitting him when he gets in her room I can slightly understand. She probably needs her own space. As far as shutting you out of the bathroom does your husband pick on you or joke like that at all?

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