What to do when you have alone time?

mother of 3. all 3 are sleeping at grandparents. what in the world is to do? it’s only 7:59pm and I dont have work till 12pm tomorrow.


About to say the same thing…sleep

Sleep… Time to yourself? 🤷

Sleep. Watch whatever u want on tv. Take a long uninterrupted shower


Wine? Kids are gone brake out the liquor and enjoy your time :stuck_out_tongue:

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Movies in bed and sleep! Lots of snacks to myself lol

Sleep if you a single mother date night with hubby if your not

When i have those moments…i do a quick clean. Nothing too much…juat enough for me to feel ok with it. Ha. But …take a hot long shower, while listening to music. Watch a show on Netflix and eat some junk food. Relax and enjoy the quiet.