What to do when you have mommy burnout?

All you stay at home mom’s out there! What do you ladies do when you are experiencing mommy burnout?! Love my kids and love being a stay at home mom just needing some inspiration!


Cant really do much. My husband has recently been traveling for work. He’s home this week but I usually run the kids and burn em out and make them sleep early so i can have the entire night to relax. I dont really have any options as far as a babysitter. So i have to make do


Join a moms group! The kids can play and you can talk to other moms. Maybe when your husband is home, go run errands without the kids take your time. I like to go to target and sometimes leave them home lol grab a coffee from Starbucks and just walk

Take them to a park, or indoor play area let them run til they run out of juice and get some quiet time that way

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I had 5 children . Just hang in there . We all have bad days . It will pass.

Find a mommy and me group. Kids can play and Mom can get adult conversation

Take a bubble bath, call a friend , watch a movie and drink some wine :wine_glass:

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I enjoy leaving the kids with my husband on Saturday to run errands ALONE, feels good to get out and be away… even if it’s only an hour

Cherish every moment cause they grow up so quick and in the mean time why they nap pamper yourself

Find something just for you like a walk or grocery shopping if you cant leave the house tell kids mommy is taking a bath for a bit or even being alone in the laundry room/basement helps me

Exercise. I do workouts on video chat with other moms and I stick to it. Whether it be at nap time or bedtime I make it a priority. It’s so rewarding I feel like I’m feeding my body and my soul.

Cry, clean, stay up til 3am just to get some quiet. Wake up and have a lot of coffee. Repeat.


My husband and I go on a date once a month dinner and a movie or a concert no kids

When my kids was little and I was a stay at home mom. What helped me was sticking to bedtime. I would use the time in between when they went to bed until I did. That was me time. O had to keep my sanity somehow.

I read all the comments on Facebook, give my opinion to comments on Facebook, pray for a healthy naptime - currently my 5mo is refusing her nap, thankfully my 11yo is a happy helper…

If you need 5 minutes take it no matter what’s going on. I say I’m taking a mommy timeout and my kids don’t mess with or bother me for next five minutes, and it helps, sometimes I don’t need any in a day sometimes I might need 8 in a day.

Find a hobby … Just you hobby ! Sewing making costumes or dresses for the kiddos !
Find a mommy an me group with othwr women.
I take mine to the local McDonald’s to play or a park of their choice to catch a quick breath to my self!

Running helps so much with the stress

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Paint, read, walk the beach, photograph nature, fish, hike, have friends over for dinner parties.

Sunshine. Get it whenever you can. :sunny: Hang out with other moms.

I smoke a bowl and watch a movie :woman_shrugging:t2: or go hiking or crochet :woman_shrugging:t2: or all of it.


If you have family nearby then naybe have then watch em for a weekend, stay with one of your gal pals, binge on some movies and wine, maybe (if youre into it) go to a bar or club! I dont have family in the state im living in, so i just have hubs, or my friend watch then while i go do something for myself or even just go to the mall and walk sround with a friend for hours haha.

I read a book, take a walk, exercise, take a bubble bath.

HOBBIES!! I learned how to crochet, pour paint, resin, perler art, pixel art, etc. Even started a business with my mom selling custom things :rofl:
I’m eyeing needle felting currently. Literally doing anything to not be bored

Take them babies out and watch them experience exploring the world around them. Nature.Histony.
Science. Take time for urself being a person wout kids. Date nights too. U got to take care of u to take care of them

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I have hubby watch our kiddo then i read a book

My fiance will let me nap when he gets home, or tell me to get outside and go on a walk/ shop around.

Be thankful that you don’t have to leave home around 7 in the morning, work 8 hours, pick up the kids, go home cook dinner, homework, kids bath and bedtime.


Keep on, keeping on… Remember this isnt forever…vwish I had a better answer

A nice long bicycle ride at your pace.

Have the father take care of ur kids and go do something for ur self!!

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Get out for a day… go thrifting

Dye my hair :joy::joy: go for walks

Have a girls night out​:two_women_holding_hands::two_women_holding_hands:

(Please no judgement) I smoke cannabis. (I have a prescription)


Hot relaxing bubble bath after kids are in bed, go for walks (with the kids it wears them out :rofl:), turn up the music while cleaning and dancing, I rarely do my hair or makeup so once in awhile if I’m feeling burned out doing that makes me feel good.

I thank God for choosing me for my kids an keep going!!!

I go to my local greenway there is a park and a walking trail I let her swing for a bit and I take her down slides then I put her in the stroller and we go for a walk

Long walks, bubble baths, reading books, get the kiddos to bed on time and watch a movie! Go out with some friends :purple_heart:

Luckily I have some really good friends that come and have coffee with me every other day. <3 I’m so thankful for that.

Glass of wine and a bubble bath and watch a show. It’s the little things that rejuvenate me the most

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Plan a future vacation.

Lock them in another room and get on Facebook :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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