What to expect at the Great Wold Lodge?

Who’s been to Great Wolf Lodge? I’m going this coming weekend and it’s my first time. Son is two years old. What all can I expect? We’ll be there 4 days.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What to expect at the Great Wold Lodge?

It’s LOUD. We always enjoy it.

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It’s a lot of fun! We go at least once a year. There’s a kiddie water part, then a part for the big kids.

Its fun but I would bring food or leave to get food I don’t know about anyone else but I felt the food was over priced

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Yes it is loud alot going on and it’s expensive there is no free breakfast like a typical hotel you have to pay for everything. The water park is included with your room though and it is super fun.


Love it. Been going yearly since my youngest was 2.

I’ve never been but been thinking bout going myself they are actually gonna be opening one in my county in Maryland in 2023 so we plan going once it opens up friends of mine have gone with their children 2 yrs n up n they all had a blast minus the food was over priced from what they said

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Water shoes! It’s very slippery. Pack food,snacks,and drinks. Bring your own towels, you can get them at the desk but they charge you and refund it when you return the towel. Make sure to get a schedule of events at the check in desk. They do character meets, story time before bed, and arts/crafts. Have so much fun and make lots of memories!
We went last weekend and loved it!


Their pizza is sooo good :drooling_face:

Great things. Wolves. Lodges. Mamas Uncut

Join the great wolf Facebook page

Bring your own snacks

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I honestly think you will get bored after 4 days. We usually only go 1 or 2 nights and that is plenty. Unless you plan on paying for extra activities, arcade etc. They have a magic quest but that’s more for older kids though


We took our 3 to the Dallas location….it’s fun and all…but take lots of $$$$!

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It’s very expensive. And they don’t except cash. Everything has to be paid on a card. Even in the arcade. take food with you because it’s expensive too.


My friends have gone and say it is amazing :star_struck:

It’s fun, but expensive for food. And the chlorine smell gets to you after a while lol. But all in all, fun for the whole family

Not the ideal place for a 2 year old


There is so much to do in Niagara alone,great wolf lodge has a great water park, I believe breakfast is included (unless that’s part of like a package kinda deal I’m not sure as I went for my grade 8 grad years ago) I’m not sure exactly what’s all at the lodge specifically as we went out around Niagara so if that’s the plan also there is TONS to do

Uncomfortable beds and expensive things to do but the kids had a lot of fun.

Fun but so many other places that are more worth it I found

Each location is a little different, but generally 2 is a little young. There’s probably an area for young kids (splash pad, little slides, etc). If he’s not toilet trained, bring plenty of swim diapers (not ordinary diapers). You can buy them there, but they’ll be more expensive. If bookings are high, make restaurant reservations.

Don’t go over priced and very dirty and staff rude

4 days is a lot. You will be water logged and tired of the chlorine smell after 2 days.

Love it first time was with a
1 1/2 year old he had a blast.
Other kid was 9
We love it. Each one is slightly different, we love the room with the cabin for kids.

The toddler area is fenced in at our local one which is great,

We do the unlimited drink cup

Take snack and mirowave food

Expect to have a blast! Join the group great wolf lodge tips and tricks on FB.

We went for only 1 night. You’re able to stay and use the pool and other areas until 9PM the day of check out, so we didn’t bother staying any longer. Like most places, every little thing, aside from the pool areas, cost $$, so make sure you account for that. We brought out own food, but then again, were only there for 1 night, so that was easy to do. There are activities aside from swimming, like treasure quest and arcade, but they’re not terribly time consuming.

It was very nice. Kalahari is better though.

Mary Scott didn’t you have issues there ?

Racheale, any advice?

It’s nice. It depends on how many people are going and ages. We went once with just my daughter at 9, she got bored after a day. We went with our girl scout troop at 10, and it was catastrophic. Mostly the meal pass was terrible for the group. But the girls had fun. And we went this year with my daughter, neice and my daughter’s friend. They’re 12 and they had fun but we’re definitely ready to leave after 2 days. I personally think it’s going to be hard to entertain a 2 year old for 4 days. There’s a small toddler area for swimming, an arcade, ice cream shop, build a bear and bedtime shows. It gets expensive fast lol