What to feed a picky eater?

Make her sit there till she eats it don’t give in that’s what she wants

She is 4… Most kids go through their “toddler” eating habits. I say make her what she wants. Better for her to eat something then nothing.

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Best advice I can give you is give her the option before you make anything. Then have her help you make it. Her helping you will make it more appealing for her.

Ensure for kids plus small meals even if she snacks at least she is eating

If she’s a picky eater, just ignore her, fix whatever you’re fixing for the family. if she gets hungry enough she’ll start eating. She ain’t gonna starve herself. If she whines about the food, just ignore.

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We all go through that phase, foods I hated as child I enjoy now… My five year old is on a “no meat” kick at the moment and she is a picky eater in general with a texture type issue. She gets a pediasure or instant breakfast shake in the morning. If we go out to eat, she picks her food from the menu. If I’m cooking I ask her what sides she wants (from a pre-picked list) and she gets to help me prepare dinner. Nine times out of ten she will eat it especially if she helped make it. Both of my girls eat fruit or raw veggies with every meal as a plate filler. I have bins in my pantry and fridge just for them for snack time. And when we go to the store they can pick out things to eat.

Let her eat whatever she will eat. There has to be something she will eat?

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Honestly it sounds mean, but don’t offer her anything else. Only offer what you are cooking, she will eventually eat if you don’t offer her anything else. Perhaps maybe a cookie as a reward after. Kids are difficult, I had one of my three that were picky. She eats everything now, even the veggies she doesn’t like. She is 14 now, with things like broccoli or something she hates, I would put only 2 or 3 pieces so that she can again decide if she likes it or not.


We do what we call grace bites. You have to eat 3 small bites of everything so you don’t hurt who ever cooked it’s feelings. It was a little hard to make happen, but we are finally out of that stage. All of my kids are skinny and all but one are short. Now we don’t make them eat something if they don’t like it, but they will eat extra of the stuff they do like.

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I’ve got to picky eaters tall in skinny kids I was very stressed with them not eating the doctor I tryed forcing food giving it back u name it I tryed I said to my doctor he said if they eat sandwiches then make them a sandwich they will come around as they grow now 6-8 they have both slowly changed there eating they don’t eat ever but they do try don’t force her to eat she will try when she’s ready

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My granddaughter is under weight also her specialist told mom and to feed her what ever she wants to some weight on her. Yes she has 4 different specialists

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Get her the pediasure stuff. My oldest was like that when she was little. She is still scrawny but that’s her body type. She loved the chocolate one and it made me feel better that she was getting what she needed.

honestly, my 4y/o is picky as well.
but he loves yogurt (breakfast), macaroni and cheese w/hot dogs or PB&J (lunch) and chicken nuggest and French fries (dinner). we use these as alternatives that we know he’ll eat regardless of his attitude.
sometimes just finding acceptable substitutions for meals would work. it’s extremely rare to get my son to eat what his mother and I are having, unless it’s pizza or spaghetti.

Who ever is making the meal give her a job that she can do to help with making the meal.

Pediasure. And keep trying. Eventually she’ll eat. I’m in the same type of situation with my 4year old daughter.

I’m currently going through something similar with my 4 year old son. 2 years ago he would eat what ever I cooked. Over night, it changed. All he eats now is pop tarts, a few snacks, chicken nuggets, fries, and few other things. I’ve talked to his Dr numerous times and she’s reassured me it’s just a phase. He’s not underweight at all. She told me not to force him to eat, he’ll begin to eat the things he used to eat eventually. Forcing them to eat could just make them have problems with food later on. My Dr said to give him a vitamin to help get some nutrients that he would normally get from fruits and veggies. Starving your child is something you should never do to them, my son’s dr even told me that. When I cook, I’ll put a little of everything on a plate and give it to my son, just so he can try it if he wants.

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Make dinner fun. Show lots of encouragement and praise for eating some bites. A dessert reward if she can finish it or most of it :wink:

U just gotta let her find the foods she does wanna eat and let her eat them…Also cut out the milk if ur giving her any they can get full off of that more than regular food

Spare the rod, spoil the child