What to pack in an adults lunch?

Im wondering if anyone has anyone has ideas or recommendations on what to put in a packed lunch that does not require a microwave or re-heating.
A little back story: my husband works in a large company with the set up similar to a warehouse and his department is the farthest one from the break room where all the microwaves are. He only gets 30 minutes for lunch and it takes him nearly 7 minutes to walk to the break room from his location. By the time he gets there everyone else is already using the microwave so he only gets a limited time or to actually eat any food that requires re-heating before he has to walk 7 min back. The company does have other areas for staff to sit and eat but can not install microwaves in those areas for various reasons. I have been making sandwiches for him to take for lunch so he does not need to worry about re heating his food and rushing to get back to his department in time. But the problem is i dont want him to have to eat the same or similar things everyday. I know he is tired of sandwiches but i cant think of hardly anything else that i can give him without a microwave.
Side note: he keeps his lunch bag in his department with ice packs, instead of using the refrigerator for the same reason. I do mix up the toppings and meats as often as i can but his main concern is eating so much bread. I also would like to add that i already add plenty of fruits and veggies but he usually eats them on break. Also he has brought this up to his supervisor and there is not much they can do as they are waiting on an approval to rebuild a section for a smaller break room closer to that department. Thank you in advance!


Cold pasta salad with veggies and chicken?


Wraps are always good too if he likes those

Pinwheels and regular salads too

Rolls, wraps, pitta, pasta, salad, thins…

I love pasta salad because you can put so many different things in it, so it’s easy to switch up.

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Pinterest! It gives a lot of different ideas for the same types of food (several types of wraps, for example).

Can or two of viennia sausages with crackers.little debbie for desert throw in some chips

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My husband has similar situation but he is on a Keto diet. So I make him chicken salad in lettuce wrap, tuna pasta salad (when not Keto), sushi (when not on Keto), buffalo chicken salad, Asian chicken salad, blue cheese salad with steak, sub in a tub- no bread required and on fridays I order him something hot and have it delivered via grub hub.

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Sandwich and chips are my personal go to.

Maybe soup in a thermos or something like that. Honestly they probably have some sort of containers now that retain heat/warmth or keep things cold for hours. Kind of like travel mugs!

Chicken salad? Pasta salad? Lettuce salad with chicken in it?

There’s different kinds of bread, wraps, rolls. If he’s worried about the carbs look at keto recipes on Pinterest they give a lot of good ideas for lunches.

If you get the dole fruit cups and save them. You can use a Mason jar for a salad a d the dressing in the cup the lid fits tight.

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My husband does construction and we find ourselves on jobsites with no electricity or unable to grab something so what I do sometimes is I cook hotdogs/brauts/w/e in hot water with a bay leaf then I pour the hot boiling water and hot hot dogs into a large thermas and pack some whatever condiments, fresh fruit and veg, chz, and chips with a set of paper plates and forks.

Or they make little food heaters that truckers use on the road. Maybe look on Amazon.

In the past I have used a thermos. Heat the food in the microwave before he leaves home. I also put boiling water in the thermos and then empty and dry it before adding the food and it stayed hot until lunch and he worked outside

I also do canned anchovies with crackers with maybe a salad in a Mason jar with the salad dressing on the side… Things like that… Just easy snacks.

If I was him, I would heat it up and eat it on my 7 minutes walk back. Just me though.

A soup thermos. You can try using it for more than just soups.

If he has access to a plug crockpot makes a personal one. It has come in handy and he can have a hot lunch closer to him.

get the ice packs for lunches and send him sandwiches, tuna, chicken salad, salads, fruit, boiled eggs, jello…

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I pack warm stuff in an insulated Thurmus sometimes. It stays warm.

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Skip the bread. Try meat and cheese roll ups, taco salad, honeymustard bacon and chicken salad. Pizza, hummus with pretzels, roll ups, loaded baked potatoes, peanutbutter and honey sandwich, brats,

Pasta salad/potato salad etc… Veggies and dip/ranch, chips n salsa, fresh fruit/ smoothies, cold left over fried chicken or pizza are still yummy even if they aren’t heated. U could get him a decent thermos for soups, stews, or even pasta etc…

Cold meat loaf sandwiches are good too. Stop by a store pick up condiment packages.

I make wraps for my husband to switch up the sandwich.
Tuna and crackers
Unless he’s mentioned the monotony of lunch to you, don’t stress it. He’s a man. Most men can care less what they eat so long as they eat.

I do boiled eggs for breakfast and banana for mine breakfast n lunch either Tuna salad or beef jerky n chips n or ham sandwich with Ice packs gator aid for drink

Pizza, salad, pepperoni and cheese and crackers, but if you ask me, you should be asking him to give you ideas if he wants something different, or better yet…he can make his own lunches

How about a thermos for drinks and a wide mouth thermal for soups stews spaghetti leftovers etc

Check out Pinterest loads of ideas

Sandwiches, wraps, salads, hot soups and stews in a thermos.

Some meaty salads. Like taco salad? If hes worried about so much bread maybe switch it up with a wrap? You can also by tiny portable crockpot for lunches!! Looks like a bowl almost but it’s a small version of a crockpot that is perfect for packed lunches and keeps food warm so you could make a lot of diffrent things.

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Chicken salad, fix his sandwich put mayo and fixings in diffrent containers, meat trays, fruit trays, and veggie trays. Thermos for soups


Thermos for soup and the also have lunch bags that don’t require ice packs just put them in the freezer at night and pack them the next day keeps things cold for 10 hours…my son used his for school

Cold spaghetti noodles that are rinsed, add teriyaki marinade with small diced chicken, bell pepper, celery and peanuts. It’s delicious

Thermos you can keep food warm

My husband rarely takes something like leftovers that need to be heated up. I have done regular sandwiches, sub sandwiches, wraps, salads and homemade “lunchables”.

A savory rice (I cook down in stock water for more flavour) and sliced boiled eggs on top with rolled ham is a nice cold dish and cheap too. Quick to make night before.

Do salads, use a soup thermal to keep his food warm and you can almost put anything in them

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich fruit bottled water

Chicken wraps are always good and you can do so many varieties of them. Salads less carbs. Tuna salad with crackers and veggies. Check out pintrst

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Thermos can be used for anything hot or cold… pasta, oatmeal, left over dinners… get a lunch box/small cooler w two different sections so you can still use ice packs for the cold goods and thermos for the hot

How about yogurt, with fresh fruit , sprinkle chopped nuts or coconut on top , . Also I cut up shrimp , or artificial crab in a green salad . Makes it so good , you don’t even need salad dressing .

Felafel sandwich w tahini, hummus w carrots, celery, pita chips or pretzels, packaged salads and you can add chicken, roast beef, tuna, tofu, turkey (or make your own). I like salad with: 1. Pears, pecans, blue cheese; 2. cranberries, feta & turkey 3. Roast beef, black olives & tomatoes, 4. Chef’s (ham, turkey, American cheese + green peppers), 5. bacon, cheddar & apples

Also concur w Thermos or insta-pot.

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Buy a thermos. It doesn’t hold only soup! You can heat up things like pasta early in the day and then they will be warm for lunch. Also, you could do something like a burrito bowl, chicken and veggies, or any casserole in the thermos. I do it all the time! I work on the road and have no access to a microwave.


Yogurt with fresh fruit, also soft taco wraps with chicken salad or what not. Also try Mac salad, potatoe salad, even ham or chicken salad. Subs and even soups. I believe they have coolers to make hot foods as well for left over dinners too. So many ideas and I would suggest looking at Pinterest. They have so many ideas that your husband would love.

Wraps , salads , sandwiches, cold pizza, homemade lunchables, veggies and dip , hummus and pitas , quesadillas,
And if possible use a thermos lots of yummy left overs or making stir fry, soup , noodles, ect

Cold pastas too lots of yummy kinds

My friend bought her husband a yeti thermos, and it keeps soup crazy hot for up to 8hrs. He opened it the first day with stew in it and was shocked at how hot it still was. There are endless options there if you can afford the thermos. But it definitely sounds worth the investment regardless.


Hand warmers! My husband approves. Can activate on his break 2 hours before lunch and his food will be nice and toasty.

A thermos might be a good idea for certain things. If you heat the food up before hand and place it in a small cooler that should help keep it warm?

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Potato salad, tuna salad and crackers, get some soup/stew boiling hot, put it in a thermos, and it will still be warm for lunch. Salads always work.

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2 Thermos’ for hot stew, etc & coffee, lunch pail, my Dad’s was metal of some sort. You said he has a lunch bag to keep things cold so a Thermos would work for him. Fork and spoon in bag. Small salt and pepper shakers .

Sandwiches cold chicken tuna salad boiled eggs pasta salads