What to pack in hospital bag?

Hi😁 Soon to be mom here, what did you pack in your baby’s (and your own) hospital bag that they found to be really handy or wish that you had brought with? I got the obvious clothes and toiletries etc ready and packed.


Comfortable nightgown

I packed my personalized robe and it made everything a whole lot easier!!!
I also packed my own boy short panties that I knew I was comfortable in.
I packed my own pillows and blankets!

I wish I packed more pads, I ran out in the first 4 hours.

FOOD!!! I was starving :pizza::spaghetti::grin:


A charger, a robe, my own pads and regular underwear for over the diaper pad (it helped me feel more “together”) lol

I took my own pillows

Headphones for tv rental, super long and thick always purple 10hr pads, slippers or socks with treads

Snacks!! Protein bars, Gatorade, granola bars, anything that won’t spoil.
I packed all my own stuff, clothes toiletries, baby stuff. The hospital provided everything, but I felt more comfortable with my own stuff.
Pillow and a special blanket for myself. Don’t forget your phone charger!!

Nipple cream, laxative,a fan,and adult diapers instead of knickers. Phone charger. In spain they dont let u wear ur own clothes but provide u with pads,nappys,wipes etc so havnt gotta worry about that.

Night gown or loose pjs.
Flip flops for the shower.
New, washed undies, boy short or briefs, something with stretch.
Cell phone chargers.
I brought Tylenol and took it when I felt necessary and declined their pain meds lol.
Sanitary pads. Hair brushes,
Hair ties.
Crossword puzzles or other games. Snacks for after baby is born.
Medical info
Baby’s dr information
And a bag for daddy if he’s staying

Lotion and unscented soap

Comfortable clothes, I packed super tight clothes and it was the worse :sob:. Phone charger,baby outfit (outfits), slippers

Snacks!! And a razor! then the obvious stuff

Chargers for phones for pictures and contacting loved ones. Warm socks.

Aside from what others have already said, I also took my own pillow! Hospital pillows are not so comfy to me

I packed Powerade and snacks for myself in my bag. Vending machines only have sodas. I also brought gum. Cell charger. I wish I had brought a pillow from home.

Pack more then one super cute outfit for baby to wear home. I (thank God) couldn’t decide what my son should wear home and when I put the first outfit on they took his pictures, low and behold he peed all over that outfit, quick change into the other outfit and he was still looking good :wink:

Do not pack tight clothes. Pack loose fitting clothes i had tight clothes. I had to call someone to bring me something else.

And bring a boppy. Especially if you are breast feeding. That was one of my worst mistakes.

House shoes n ur own pillow I took my body pillow.

If you have swelling in your feet different shoes or sandals. Mine were stretched out and I could hardly walk out in them. A good lotion for you and the baby in case of cracked skin. Chapstick. Big or lose clothes. Hard candy, pillow and boppy. If you plan to breastfeed and there’s even the slightest chance you might want a nipple shield, take one. They don’t give them out. They refused to give me one.

Bigger sized shoes defininetly! Nobody warned me about the swelling feet after epidural, you would be surprised. And charger, adult diapers maybe, comfy clothes, socks to keep your feet warm-they may get cold during and after the birth, towels, soap, hair/make up stuff, I made a different bag for the baby, labeled everything in my and his bag so my mom and friends found what we need easily in that chaos

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I didnt use anything I packed except my comfy jammies and the clothes me and baby went home in, which for myself was another pair of comfy jammies lol. And my own shampoo, conditioner, body wash, chapstick, water bottle, snacks Everything else was useless.

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Snacks. Hospital food is ok, but their snack choices and vending machines suck anymore.

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Food. I went into the hospital at 5am, gave birth in the evening and by then the kitchen was closed and no one had thought to keep food for me.

A fleece blanket!!! Razor and most def snacks for spouse

Charger, snacks, slippers. Own pillow and blanket… I.d.

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An extra long phone charger

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Pack diapers and wipes our hospital ran out thank god i had them i also do nightgowns its easy and quick diaper changes

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Phone charger. Clothes for baby. Blanket for baby. Diapers and wipes the hospital usually provides

A towel! You’ll want a shower for sure and I have long hair and am normal sized woman…the towels they give give barely fit around me and werent big enough to wrap my hair in. It’s not a huge deal but it made me aggravated lol…they give you basically everything else. Take snacks, money for vending machines and dont forget your car seat. Theyll have to do a car seat test.

Extra pads. Just in case when I was at the hospital with my first child they refused to give me more.

Baby nail file. The nurses in our hospital wouldn’t cut baby’s nails. Baby kept scratching their face up with the sharp little fingernails.

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Charger, slippers maybe,

Pacifiers, chapstick, slippers

chapstick and lanolin free nipple butter. lips were so dry after labor I swear you could strike a match

All you need is a phone charger, clothes to go home, all the snacks, nipple butter of some kind and your own toiletries cause hospital toiletries suck. Lol. Baby just needs a going home outfit and carseat.

•Baby nail clippers. We had brought files but our little girl’s nails were flimsy so the files didn’t work.
•A boppy, if you have one and would like to get used to it for breastfeeding.
•Request APNO from the hospital. It’s a special blend that you apparently can’t get anywhere but the hospital. It was woooonderful and so helpful after my psycho latcher.
•A handful of pads you’re comfy with. The ones at the hospital I was at weren’t the best and super uncomfortable.
•Your own pillow, if you’re gonna be there a bit. I was in for 3 days and the pillows I brought from home helped so much with comfort.

Good luck and congrats!

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With my third I went in to labor and didn’t have a hospital bag until after a day or so. So always. Always being a new pair of clothes

I packed a diaper bag with the Pacifier I wanted and bottles (I plan to breast feed but always had issues) any special clothes I wanted for baby like a going home outfit. A boppy is amazing as well. Any special blankets I wanted. Don’t forget the car seat. For me I packed a robe, houses shoes (I get cold) pjs. Phone charger and this time I just might wear a adult diaper instead of a pad with mesh panties :joy::joy: also nipple pads for leaking. Hair ties and bands for myself. Phone charger. 28 weeks with baby #4 but I haven’t even started packing :woman_facepalming:t3: but kinda waiting till after my baby shower to see what I need and before packing

I wish I took my boppie! Lol I’d say. When contractions kick in, have someone braid your hair. I had induction but before I went in, I went to my sisters house and had her braid my hair. It was out of my face. Definitely don’t forget comfy granny panties. Lol I don’t know about y’all but after birth I was not thinking of wearing sexy panties!

Already take padsicles for when you leave! I requested one for the ride home so it was less uncomfortable.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What to pack in hospital bag?

Hospital will provide diapers wipes formula.
Take with you Clothes for you and baby.
Car seat your own blanket/pillow


Dont forget chapstick!!! And mints or gum

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Jammies, slippers, socks, chapstick, lotion, hairbrush, sports bra or nursing bra. I always took my own pillow. Your own soap/shampoo/conditioner for your first after baby shower. Phone charger. Baby>going home clothes, carseat. The hospital will provide everything needed for baby like diapers, wipes, formula(if needed) also they will provide you with mesh panties which are fantastic and pads.

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I brought slipper socks, a bathrobe, a knee length nightgown, an outfit for me and baby to go home in, a hairbrush, chapstick and snacks for hunny and I.

Bring your own depends. They supply huge pads and odd stretchy undies. Depends are much more comfortable.

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Your own toiletries. I like to feel so clean after with my own things, slippers, chapstick for sure, snacks, comfortable clothes.

Larger size than you would normally wear black period undies to wear together with maternity pads.


Bathrobe, brush or comb, something to pull your hair up if you have long hair, something to do when not busy with baby like a book, clothes something loose and comfy like sweats, pads even if you use tampons normally you will want pads while you recover and for the first few periods, extra undies, car seat, clothes for baby.

Phone charger, boppy or pillow to prop up baby when bottle feeding or nursing, toiletries, snacks, clothes in different sizes for baby and for yourself

Peri bottle (if plan is for a vaginal birth), nursing pillow, nipple cream (if planning to breastfeed), extra maternity pads, loose clothing.

I also packed a hand held fan. Honestly, in the midst of labour sweating like a pig, it was rather nice.

Socks, lotion, tooth brush, paste, mouth wash, body wash, brush, book, charger, changes of clothes, granny panties and pads.
Diapers, wipes, sleepers, carseat, lotion.
I had four sections and that’s what I needed - ontario Canada

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Phone charger and extension cord for it just in case the plug in isn’t close to your bed. That was a life saver for me. Burp cloths, blankets, socks, some gowns for you, a robe, boppy pillow, bring your breast pump if you plan to pump otherwise you’ll use the hospitals, outfits for the baby of course, toiletries for your first bath after. I had my baby out of town, and ended up having to stay longer than expected. We had to go to a hotel for that stay, and I had to go to Walmart and buy clothes. I wish I would’ve packed some regular clothes for myself for that. I’m not saying that will happen with your baby, but it’s better to be prepared for anything! Good luck, and congratulations!

I’ve had to buy baby milk last time I gave birth 4 years ago it was 5 am in the morning been pushing all night then the midwife turned around and said if u ain’t gnna breast feed that I need to get someone to go get milk. I had to wake pepole up at 5 to go asda n bring it ASAP. So I’ve packed that this time. U also need ya own nappies hospitals don’t provide any of that.

You-shampoo, body wash, hairbrush, toothbrush/paste, phone, phone charger, going home outfit, snacks.
Baby-picture outfit, going home outfit, car seat.

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When I had my daughter and then started to breastfeed I was so happy I packed some snacks in my hospital bag!

All I took was close for me and the baby the hospital gave me diapers and formula and they usually give you a free diaper bag too

Bring your own snacks :100:, hair brush, toothbrush, toothpaste you prefer (I honestly hate the taste of theirs), slippers/house shoes, phone, phone charger, socks, underwear, (change of clothes for usually 1-3 days depending on hospital, clothes for the baby, soap, shampoo for you and baby (I hate Johnson’s and Johnson’s baby shampoo so I brought my own for baby)

My hospital provided pretty much everything except clothes (although the hospital gown was OK with me because it was messy and it was nice not to mess up my own clothes, second time I took my own clothes and it was also nice to have those once the mess was over)

My essentials were chapstick, hairtie, and my own shampoo and conditioner (long finicky hair) and all the chargers for hubs and my phones. Would have been kids stuff as well but both were
pandemic babies so no one but hubs was allowed. Everything else either stayed in the bag or just got in the way.

I had C-sections though so there wasn’t alot of downtime.

Don’t worry too much the hospital nurses will take good care of you regardless.

I also had hubs bring snacks and they were a HUGE hit. Hint, bring day shift and night shift snacks. Prepackaged, individually packaged, and easy to eat or stuff in pockets and drawers. I could see some of the nurses stashing them away in drawers and other spaces for later. We made sure to bring ALOT but it’s OK if you can’t bring any. It won’t affect your care at all.

For those ladies going to Government hospital, pack everything… Nappies, wipes, formula, bottle incase you can’t Breast feed and the hospitals don’t provide the above things… Clothes for you to change after birth and to leave the hospital… Pads, underwear, lotions etc… Baby clothes, blankets etc… Pack as if your packing an overnight bag for you and your baby

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Get some period panties they have them at walmart believe me you will want them after birth…


I honestly didn’t need anything for baby. If you have a specific outfit or blanket take that, but other than that hospital gave me everything. For myself I used my robe mostly until I went home. They did give me shampoo and soap, but it was the cheap stuff so I was glad I brought my own. SNACKS or quarters for the snack machine. Xtra long Phone charger.

I just bring my baby their own blanket, a pacifier, and a couple of outfits.

For me everything I use to take a shower, phone charger, chapstick, lotion, and comfy clothes.

If you’re having a c-section, a wrap for your belly, the hospital one is pinchy and uncomfortable.

High waisted pants and granny panties. Whatever brand of nipple and pacifier you plan to use. Slippers. Nursing bra or tank of you’re breastfeeding, a sports bra if you’re not.

All hospitals are different and some may have restrictions on what you’re allowed. Check your hospitals website to see if they have a list or call and ask.

Our hospital provided everthing but clothes lol but I prefer my own shampoo etc also for me our own blanket & pillow bring snacks hair ties lip balm

Charger to devices, comfy stretch clothes, toiletries, clothes for baby to come home in, thick blanket (if it’s cold where you are), favorite snacks, something to entertain you… It’s been almost 9 years since I had my youngest but they gave me diapers, wipes, bottles, formula, creams,ECT for the baby. They provided me with pads, the blessed spray bottle, nipple pads for my bra, and some some minor toiletries like tooth brush and paste. With both of my kids I was in the shower as soon as I got moved from delivery. I took my own stuff with me. I just got the travel bottle sizes.

You won’t need much.

Extension cords for your chargers

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Big sweatpants, big t-shirts, fat socks, headbands, dry shampoo, face wash, LOTION (it’s soooo dry in the hospital), eye drops, body wash, Puff ball lufa… also prepare for extra nights just in case baby is jaundice. I just had my third baby 10 days ago so it’s all still fresh in my mind haha. I really wish I had remembered to bring a book.

Comfy lounge wear. Adult diapers. Nursing bras/blouses. No-elastic socks. Baby: nail clipper! Different size cotton clothes (NB & 0-3). Baby wearing sling.

Adult diapers 100%, learnt this after the first. Just basic essentials for yourself and baby! I always have a bag packed at home with extra stuff in too incase you stay longer for any reason. With my first we had to stay a week as he wasn’t doing good

Flushable wipes! They were so much better than that cheapo tp that felt like sand paper.(don’t have to flush can throw away I know they are bad for the plumbing)

Snacks for u! Maybe a lose change of clothes to wear home for u. A blanket and couple changes of clothes for baby. Diapers wipes. Shampoo and conditioner for you a brush n toothpaste and brush as well. And a Robe if u want to walk around or move around

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Change of clothes, tooth brush tooth paste, chargers, snacks/drinks, going home outfit and blankets for baby. Diapers, wipes. Other than that you really don’t need much.

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Not much for the baby except a going home outfit, I brought a sleep sack in for my last son as well. A cuddle blanket for myself and comfy clothes, toiletries and snacks. They will give you food obviously but when you’re up all night in there I liked having a few snacks in my bag. As for diapers and baby supplies they will give you everything while you’re there.

Chapstick, hair ties, comfy elastic waisted pants, snacks, charger, granny panties, entertainment. Baby won’t need much but a picture outfit, going home outfit and a car seat.

Tucks pad are awesome after you have a baby.

I had a c-section, and I’m SOOO glad I took a maxi dress, because, when it came time for the doctor to check over my incision, it was much easier throwing the dress up than trying to raise up and pull pajama pants down and back up. Flip flops were another lifesaver for me. My feet and ankles were swollen for 2 weeks after, due to the fluids I’d received.

You won’t need much. Most hospitals provide everything you need for you and baby. You will want to be in your gown most of the time it’s most comfortable. They have pads and big comfy underwear but of course you can bring your own. Bring big comfy clothes to go home in shower necessities, phone charger, chap stick hair brush. For baby just pack the diaper bag like you normally would with diapers and wipes and extra clothes. Nursing things if you plan to breastfeed and bottles if you don’t and formula. Good luck congratulations!

as a M/B nurse, I am so surprise anyone even asks this, If you were going on a trip what would you pack for you & your family? The hospital usually gives you undies & pads, But some moms LOVE depends panties & pads, We give you whatever diapers are in the crib, There are only paper wipes with a little bottle of soap for you to clean & wipe your baby’s bottom with, Usually you are given cheap bar soap & shampoo, so bring your own, You get to wear the gowns afterwards, in which i recommend because you might have a bleed thru, But clothes to go home with depending on the weather. Babies have undershirts we put on them & wrapped in receiving blankets, Some moms like to dress their baby’s & that is their choice, when they are in the hospital.

Chapstick!! Being in the hospital makes my lips crack and bleed!!

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Change of comfy clothes
Two outfits for baby
Personal stuff like deodorant and soap. Wouldn’t bother with shampoo etc.
lip balm

The hospital where I live provided postpartum items for me and then the essentials like wipes and diapers for my baby. I packed so much and hardly used any of it. The things I used were a change of clothes for me and baby to go home in, a long phone charger, and then toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant and shower items.

Tuck pads, charger, chapstick, loose clothes to go home in, slippers, hair stuff, snacks, and your breast pump if you plan on pumping

Outfit for baby, outfit for you, charger. Hospital provides pads/diapers/peri bottle, etc.

Chapstick, dum-dum suckers, eat well before the dum- dums will help of your want food. I nice house coat is always so cold. Socks with the non-slip on bottom. Panties plus extra ones just in case, pads you like(big ones). 2/3 gowns and hair ties. Bathroom supplies, don’t forgot the lotion. Clothes that are loose to go home in. Phones chargers. Drinks,snacks for your partner and a pair of clothes for them. They get to eat and you can’t. I agree not fair. Baby car seat, couple of blankets hospital will supply some there. Burp rags, breast pump, bras, few outfits for baby. Cash for pictures they take at the hospital for newborn before they go home. Make a check list that helps.

The big C’s. Charger, chapstick, comfy clothes, car seat, coming home outfits (you and baby!)

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Chapstick. Hand lotion. Water bottle. Comfy lounge ware. Robe. Socks. For baby a onesie, hat and socks. Nice blanket. Diapers that have cutout for umbilical cord. Ask in laws to bring you Starbucks. Hospital provides bare minimum. Disposable undies and pads. Formula samples and diapers. Have your significant other bring you a nice dinner or DoorDash. Food there sucks and you’ll be hungry. It’s shocking leaving the hospital a day or so after they’re born. Make sure your significant other has car seat in car properly. You won’t be driving. Pack in play with bassinet works best next to your bed for 2am feedings. Don’t forget your hairbrush. I looked horrible in all my new baby photos.

You should pack some pads , lanolin for your nipples, disposable nappies
Your own personal health products
Clothing for you and bubs
A good book
Your hospital maternity section should give you a list of what you need to bring and what the maternity ward will supply
That’s how it’s done in Australia

Depends diapers I hate the pad they give you to put in undies, long charger, comfies even like a robe, also blanket and pillow, for baby a couple outfits they usually give diapers and wipes there

Take snacks. (I took some lollies and dry jatz).

A few packets of Large maternity Pads - toiletries (Deo, brush, soap tooth brush & paste, shampoo conditioner (u can buy those little toiletries packs). Hair ties .

Packet of Nappies - I packed 5 newborn suits an singlets - socks - blanket for home

Comfy clothes. Pack extra for back ups. (Trackpants an tops.
A few nighties.
Plenty of underwear

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Seriously soft tp from home!!!


Warm pjs hospitals r cold

I packed my hospital bag over a hundred times and used barely any of it. Periperi bottle/pump bottle to squirt up there tho was a must have for me, breastfeeding bra, comfy undies and slippers. Baby was mainly naked wrapped in a blanket and only wore clothes the day he came home. So ild say a couole outfits for you, couple for baby, wipes!! Hospital supplies nappies but didn’t give us wipes. And your own maternity pads as the hospital ones suck

Snacks, chapstick, hair ties, and your own blanket and pillow!! Chargers and tablets/laptops are also a plus… We have a dog so we brought lots of little receiving blankets to wrap the baby in and had my parents bring them home everyday to bring to the dog to smell:)


hospital gives u diapers wipes ect. bring a cpl outfits for him. hairbrush tooth brush change of clothes for u. shampoo/conditioner inles ur ok with whay hospital gives u. hospital gives u pads and mesh undies also. charger. i brought my tablet when i had my youngest to keep and hubs occupied.

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I took two night gowns, pajama set with pants (if I was cold) house shoes, tight sports bra (didn’t breast feed- helped with the pain) cotton panties, cute active out fit to wear home, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, razor, shampoo/conditioner, deodorant, body wash, hair spray (I took travel size) hairdryer/flat iron, makeup, hair brush, hair ties, crossword puzzle/ word find book, cell phone charger, and a few snacks. Snacks.

For my baby… diaper bag with… baby lotion/ brush, I brought 2 premie sleepers, 6 new born sleepers, an out fit for pictures, going home out fit, blankets/burp clothes for both outfits, socks.

They do have toiletries for both mom and babies. I just preferred my own. I also brought a passy (same nipples as the bottles and baby bottles.

When I had my babies they kept you in for 2 nights

The hospital I went to provided everything for baby(beanie, shirt, swaddle blankets, diapers & wipes) and also postpartum items for me such as pads & undies. So I’d say you would need charger, chapstick, slippers, deodorant, toothbrush & toothpaste, hair brush, hair tie, comfy pillow cause hospital ones go flat, comfy throw blanket. An extra night gown I didn’t like the hospital gowns. A going home outfit for you and baby. Mittens for baby just in case he/she scratches face. Oh yea snacks for yourself.