What to take on vacation with young kids?

Mum’s with young children, what were must haves you took on holiday? Or things you’d wished you’d taken and forgot? And tips for flying with a 17 month old? Away for 10 days in a hot country.


Cooling towels, neck fans or mini travel fans, clothes for water fun if you can cool off in a lake or pool. Small activities like etch-a-sketch, or coloring pad or puzzles (hand held shape ones). This is probably awful but if your really worried about baby crying or sitting still; a very cheap tablet for games or movie (with headphones). No shame in doing what you gotta do. Plane rides can be stressful with littles. Tons if snack if flight allows.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What to take on vacation with young kids?

Stroller fans
Cooling towels
Small box of toys

It depends on the kid of vacation. Are you visiting family with not many outings? Pack light. Beach? Mountains? It all requires a different packing order.

Do not forget the favorite stuffed animal or blankies. Absolutely vital. Take them something to do. A separate bag with pasteboard books, contained Fisher-Price activity boards, and smaller toys. A teething remedy. A bottle or sippy cup that can be filled with liquid prior to take off and landing to suck on during take-off and landing to help with ear popping on the plane. Plenty of onsies. Disposable diapers, wipes, and burp pads.

Medication (antihistamines, fever meds, etc)
Lots of diapers/wet wipes
Light foldable stroller
Some toys you know your child will play with. If its a beach vacation - sand toys, floaties, Sunscreen, sun hats, long sleeve swim wear
Snacks - whatever snacks your child likes that are non perishable
White noise machine (if you’re child uses it to sleep with) - I personally found it usefull during nap times

Patience’s, lots of it! We just got back from a week vacation with our 17 month old, she did great but still had her moments, but the time change and being thrown off schedule was hard! We drove 8-9 hours, which added a lot of added stress, hopefully flying is better ! I’d recommend everything Lena posted above and move! Everything you think you don’t need, pack. Better to not use it and have it rather than need it and not have it!

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Umbrella stroller that we used as a high chair too. Swimming pool toys. Sunscreen and hat.

I personally dont like to pack the things I can buy when I get to my destination such as excess hygiene products, sunscreen, extra diapers or wipes. I just go to the local store and get all the stuff I’ll need when I get there.