What was your childs first Halloween costume?

I know halloween is still far out, but it’ll be my babies first Halloween and I’m so excited haha. What costumes did everyone’s kids wear last year?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What was your childs first Halloween costume?

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She was a flapper. Her birthday is Halloween…. So… I remember

My oldest daughter was 10 days old her first Halloween. She was a pumpkin when we went door to door with her half brother.

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My oldest son and daughter were both lions. My youngest son was Boots from Dora the Explorer. My older two were Dora and Diegoo that year too.

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My daughter was 8 months old her first Halloween and couldn’t walk yet so she was a baby mermaid

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My son was 10 months old. He was a baby skeleton. Halloween skeleton footie pajamas

Pea in a pod qnd the other was a skunk

She was a ladybug :lady_beetle::lady_beetle:

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My daughters first costume was a unicorn and my sons first was a lion.

Unicorn for second daughter’s first costume…fuzzy pink monster was my first daughter’s first costume.

First costume was Black Panther and a Cowboy, black Panther we did for a trunk or treat and then cowboy was for actual trick or treating. Last year he was Chase from Paw Patrol lol

My son’s first Halloween he was a teddy bear and my daughters first Halloween she was a skunk. Both were only 4 months old their first Halloween and it was cold on both days haha

Made her a Cookie Monster outfit

The little green tree air freshener :joy: (he’s 12 now)

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My oldest 1st was a Zebra.
My 2nd daughter’s 1st was a Scarecrow.

My son was 7 months he was a lil vampire

I always want to pick a theme for me and my daughter but she like the most annoying costume.
We always matched once with my nephew as Ninja Turtles .

She Ghost face Me a Nun

She Harley Queen, me a mix between the flash and Wonder Woman :rofl:

The last Halloween she was Brian Myers and K was the Barbie from Toys Story

Oldest daughter was grumpy care bear my son was cookie monster and youngest daughter was Marie from aristocats

My oldest was 8 months she was Minnie mouse

She was Freddy Krueger for her first Halloween and I dressed as Chucky

My son we couldn’t go out for his first Halloween because of the weather, and my daughter was a little lady bug

Santa Claus. I made a beard by gluing cotton balls together and attached it with eyelash glue. He was so cute!

My son was cookie monster for his first Halloween and my daughter was a dalmatian :heart:

Pumpkin, puppy, Chucky and Tiffany (my two youngest)

Animal onsies the polar fleece ones from Walmart. They have pandas bears unicorns fox rabbit. And they are warm

A cow. It was adorable

He was baby jack jack because he reminded me so much of him lol

My daughter was bald so we made her Krillin because her dad bought a little orange Dragonball outfit and we just thought it was hilarious and perfect. :joy: We threw a bear outfit on her when leaving the house though because it was cold lol.

My daughter was a flower for her first Halloween :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Frog - boy

Girl- duck

Big fuzzy animal costumes are my go to when they are super little

My son was a dragon and my daughter was captain marvel

Lol. He’s 42 now so I have no idea

A chicken. We didn’t have her trick or treat until about 1.5 years old.

A lady bug and a blue baby monster

my daughter was snoopy her baby was woodstock

My daughter was a teddy bear for her 1st Halloween at night that was it was warm, it was just a one piece from walmart. During the day a Strawberry

All 3 of mine did a character from Winnie the Pooh. Oldest was in tigger, middle was Pooh youngest was eeyore

My daughter was a giraffe and my son was a pumpkin

He was a little monster

My kids’ first Halloween costumes were Sylvester Cat and Tweety Bird. My kids fought a lot and Sylvester was always trying to get Tweety, so I thought those costumes were appropriate! Now my kids are grown.

My oldest was a skeleton. Found a small costume pajama outfit that had glowing bones. Her dad and I did skeleton face paint to match. My middle was a pumpkin, which was just a shirt with a jack-o’-lantern face and Halloween striped pants. Didn’t have time or money that year for costumes so we just did Halloween theme clothing. My youngest was Audrey 2 from Little Shop of Horrors (pictured). Her dad went above and beyond making her costume out of a flower costume and extra fabric.

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Caterpillar and Pluto for my other daughter

My youngest was a broken marionette doll. She rocked it too! My oldest dressed up as a steam punk gothy person. I dug it. I took them to town and blasted Halloween music, going down the streets. Best Halloween to date :heart::ghost:

For my daughter her first was a lady bug and last year she was liberty from paw patrol… my son was a tiger for his first and he went as Marshall last year from paw patrol

She was a Taco Bell mild sauce packet (one of my biggest pregnancy cravings)


My son was crawling during Halloween, borderline walking. He was a super fast crawler. I dressed him up as stitch and it was perfect lol

All of mine are pumpkins the first

Homemade by me. They are now 21 & 20 years old.

My oldest was a dragon. My second we did family super heroes. And my third, since her theme was avocado, she was an avocado.

Pirate (1 month)
Pumpkin (1 month)
Viking (10 months)
Pumpkin (2 months)
Unicorn (7months)

Stay puft marshmallow man from ghost busters

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My fist child was a firefighter for her first Halloween. We get a lot of rain, and fits over any warm cloths.

I just do a little animal onsie. Something simple because they’re not really trick or treating more for pictures.

Mine was a witch, a colorful witch. I didn’t take her out for her “first halloween” but last year I did.

A wizard. His wand was a rattle lol

Baby girl was Dorothy. My oldest son was a vampire. And younger son was a tiger.

A Bee. Because I call her Bee for short

The dinosaur toy from Toy Story lol I went late so most in his size were sold out. His first year he was a skunk but I didn’t take him out.

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My little man was a pumpkin :jack_o_lantern: :heart:

First costume was a ladybug and last year she was Yoshi from Mario Bros lol

One was a teddy bear My now 3 year old… and the other was chicken little hes 15 months … I dont remember what my 22 year old and my 16 year olds was.

He was a deer and my husband was a hunter.

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My first was a frog and we literally did nothing for his first Halloween except put the costume on, took 5 pics and took it off and cuddled watching my favorite kid Halloween movies! It was a super dreary Halloween that year so definitely not a good one for a 7 month old. But my second was a pumpkin his first Halloween…we went to one thing with him wearing it took 5 pics and he refused to keep the hat on and I gave up fast! Lol! It’s at least till the 2nd or 3rd Halloween before it starts to get fun!

My daughters first was a lady bug and for my son he went as a frog prince :frog:

First kid was Princess Leia, second was a devil :laughing:

  • My oldest child and only son was 2 months old for his first Halloween he was Winnie the Pooh dressed as a sunflower
  • My middle child and oldest daughter was 2 almost 3 months old for first Halloween (she turned 3 months two days later) she was Minnie Mouse
  • My youngest child and youngest daughter was 1 month old for her first Halloween and she was Batman (just a Batman onesie with a with a little shirt sewn onto it)

My son was Pubert Addams for his first Halloween. My daughter was 5 at the time and went as Wednesday Addams.

My son was a pumpkin :jack_o_lantern: my daughter was a skeleton :skull:

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My son was a hunter. And my daughter was a lion!

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We had so many We had princess’any female disney character,WeBeing covid the last couple years Our community we wanted the children to be able to get out I mademine where I put a table up at the end of my driveway adjacent to the sidewalk bagged had a cold water or juice and neon light bracelets they could walk by pick up the bag drink and bracelet without touching anything and kept the flow going, the little ones arebetter nomask something easy for themto walkand see, or push in the stroller we have two different times one for thekiddies and later for the older kids their outfits can scare the kidsI do Ilive in Florida so it is always warm have fun be safe.