What was your labor like?

I’m just curious about mothers experience, who had a vaginally delivery and a c section.My first was a vaginal delivery. My contractions were awful, they broke my water in the hospital and contractions were more painful after that.Delivery, had an epidural an episiotomy. At admission, they gave me morphine. 7.2oz, 19" long.My second son was born by csection. Friday around 3pm, after my 1st got home from school, my water broke.But I didn’t realize my water broke - thought I wet myself a bit.My water leaked the rest of that day, but my husband’s brother had to put their dog down. So we drove an hour across town to see husbands family. I had mild leaking here and there, but it was hardly anything at all. A pad kept me dry mostly. We got home late, around 11pm, and I went to bed.I slept until 4pm Saturday, woke up a little wet. No pain, no bleeding, no pressure. Just wet. Told my husband, “let’s go get checked, I’ve seemed to wet myself again.” Took us about an hour to get the car packed, I walked to the car, rode just fine.We parked in the parking garage at the hospital. I walked all the way to the maternity ward on the 2nd floor.They put me in a room immediately, did a strip test & told me I’ve been in labor since 3pm Friday. By this time, it was now about 6pm Saturday.I was having active contractions and didn’t feel anything at all.They have me something to induce more contractions and speed it along, but when those contractions happened, baby heart rate dropped. Epidural and took me to OR for emergency c section, he was born Sunday October 3rd at 4:35am, 6.3lbs, 19" long.The cord was wrapped around his neck, which was why his heart rate dropped when I had hard contractions (that I wasn’t feeling). Nobody explained to me why I couldn’t feel nearly any part of my labor. I thought for sure I’d know when I was in labor, I knew with my first. But with my second, the not knowing put him at risk for infection and he was in NICU for awhile.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What was your labor like?

my daughter doesnt feel contractions either, but she delivered a still born on december she says oh mom i now know what labour feels like, she felt that not the labours for her other 3

Typically once you’ve had a c section once, they normally have to have a c section after.

Both of mine were vaginal deliveries.
My first boy, I was walking around in Walmart with my mom and bf (at the time). Started feeling leakage. I was a day shy of 41 weeks and wanted to go get checked. It was urine but I was having contractions every 2 minutes that I wasn’t feeling and my blood pressure was elevated. They took me back, gave me pitocin, broke my water and I labored for 22 hours before getting the epidural. 2 hours later I was ready to push. Three hours into pushing, they wanted to do a c section which I argued and they used the vacuum. Told me I got three chances to push with that or else I was getting a c section. I got him out with the next push.

Second boy, I was having what I thought was Braxton hicks for days but they stopped me so I had to breathe thru it. The afternoon of the 19th I was having them every 5-7 minutes apart. Got a shower and ready to go. I already had my bag packed and baby’s stuff ready to go. Got there and they monitored me for two hours, had me walk the hospital. They could see I was having contractions but thought they were too far apart. I dilated more after walking back to the triage area so they kept me. From there I was taken to L&D, had my water broken, “practiced pushing” to get baby moved further down and then the OB came in and I pushed for 11minutes. He was out at 10:57pm the same day I had gone in.

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C section first (twins) then a vag delivery for my second. Both went great no complications. My second delivery the contractions were painful and it was going on for a whole day before I was admitted to the hospital. For the c section I had hypertension so they basically admitted and scheduled the c section for that afternoon. I do believe I had hypertension because I went hiking up a mountain the week prior and it was difficult lol (34 weeks)

My first pregnancy, my delivery was vaginal. I was 19. The contractions were murder. They had told me that you could gauge what your contractions would be like by how bad your period cramps were. I knew I was in trouble if that was true because mine put me in bed for the first day or so. The contractions were so bad I couldn’t get up and walk to make my cervix dilate faster. It was awful. As my labor went on, I lost my mind! They thought maybe my pelvis was too small so they took me down for X-Rays. But they said everything was ok. Then they took me back up to delivery because dilated to 10 on the X-Ray table. By the time I got to delivery, it was all I could do not to scream. They got me onto the delivery room table and started to strap my hands down. I’m claustrophobic. Then I did scream so they unstrapped me. I started pushing. Five or six pushes and I had the baby. I tore just as they cut the episiotomy. But by that time I hurt so bad it was just one more pain. They injected the Novacaine and sewed me up after I delivered the placenta. I didn’t get to hold my son till I got to my hospital room and they brought him to me. I asked for rooming-in and they let him stay with me the rest of the time I was there… 4 days. Wow. It was crazy. After 26 hours of labor, to have a delivery like that… Then 7 months later I found out I was pregnant again. My husband at the time wouldn’t wait to have sex until the IUD has a chance to settle. I had my second baby 16 months after my 1st. Vaginal delivery… I know you wanted to hear about a C-section. The delivery was much better. I guess I was already stretched out for it.

First was induced, epidural with episiotomy. Labored from 7am-3:49pm. Didn’t feel anything, was pretty smooth induction. 6lbs 14oz.

Second was preterm labor for 5 days. Lost huge chunk of mucus plug, kept losing overnight. Went in & was admitted. Transferred to hospital with NICU. Day 5 of being in hospital I delivered (22w5d). 13.8oz(391g). She was born in the sac. 9 month NICU stay(today is her 5th birthday :sparkling_heart:). She has cerebral palsy and is nonverbal autistic.

My 3rd I had a cervical cerclage placed at 14w. Had placenta previa until 20w. Also had bleeding twice(@28w & 29w). Water broke, leaked a little for a few days, assumed it was discharge. I leaked more than a usual amount at 2am & went in at 5:40am (it was the day cerclage was suppose to be removed anyway), turns out it was amniotic fluid. I was 37w4d. Labor was quick. Around 8-9 cerclage was removed & the rest of my water POPPED (crazy feeling). I was already 4.5cm. Contractions picked up. Around 10:30am I got a small dose of pitocin. I got epidural soon after bc phewww, ouch. At 12pm I was ready to push. Through 2 contractions, baby was out. 7lbs 6.9oz.

With my first I had silent labor. I only noticed I was in labor because my ex noticed my stomach getting hard and soft. I felt nothing, but we went in and I was admitted. Gave birth the next morning, less than three hours after they broke my water and induced me. No complications, only minor meds to take the edge off. I didn’t feel a thing until I was around 8 centimeters dilated, then it hit me hard. I’ll never forget the nurse looking at the monitor and I’m sitting there just chatting at her and she kind of looks at me weird, eyes big, and says “you don’t feel that at all?” Lol

My second was an emergency C-section. Again I had silent labor, only this time it was me that noticed my stomach getting tight. We went to the hospital that evening. By 11 pm they broke my water and realized it was too soon (I was told they thought I was dilated at almost 8, but was closer to 6 and not progressing fast enough) and started pumping fluids back in. Ended up causing the cord to wrap around her neck, so they cut her out. I never felt any contractions.

My third was vbac. I did not have silent labor with her, I felt every single contraction. I avoided epidural until we started going on day 3, then I caved. She was born less than an hour later. My water had broken on it’s own (first time out of three) so we went right to the hospital. It was a little early from her due date, and she had to stay in the hospital for a little longer than my other two.

I had a vaginal delivery with no epidural. Labor was easy for me but I have a high tolerance for pain. I delivered an almost 9 pound baby.

I have just the one. It was all pretty quick and text book “easy”. Labour was rough. I was 3 cms for a few weeks before labour started. Once my water broke and contractions started, it took about 2 hours to get to 10 cms. I still got the epidural as he was very high up and I wasn’t ready to push. After 2 hours of resting, we started “practice pushes”. 15 minutes in, the nurse said “okay, bring your hand down and feel his head” :joy: no tearing, no episiotomy either. So it all went pretty smooth for me tbh. I was quite lucky!

I was induced with my first which ended in an emergency section as his cord was around his neck and knotted around his feet. 11.5 hours of labour with that boy and a failed epidural so they had to put me to sleep for my emergency section. The contractions were intense bc of the pitocin to bring on the contractions My other three were scheduled sections to avoid complications. Once your water breaks you need to be at the hospital to make sure active labour starts or infections can happen pretty fast.