What works for acne?

Any pregnant lady’s deal with severe acne during pregnancy? I wash my face morning and night, do face masks, as well as make sure to moisturize my skin. Any tips are appreciated! Pic in comments.


I had absolutely no acne during pregnancy even though normally I have it constantly.

Idk about pregnancy acne, but I clean my face with peroxide 2x a day and its helped immensely as nothing else I’ve tried has. You just have to be careful because overuse can dry your skin out. But my skin is oily anyway

I do, it’s the worst on my back :sob:

You could be overly cleaning your pores. Maybe try just a mild cleanser for a while and see if that helps.


Mine was never so bad but try a sugar scrub it’s all natural and moisturising. I found the chemicals in all my face washes were causing the flare up.

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I struggled with acne in my 20s. Tried every treatment and cleanser under the sun only to have it work temporarily and then stop. I finally God rid of my acne completely when I STOPPED washing my face. I’ve only used water to clean my face, and I have no acne. This was about 10 years ago. I’m almost 35 now. I have no wrinkles, and very healthy skin

It’s been horrid this pregnancy and nothing seems to help

Its hormonal acne, you have to be careful with what you treat it with because most acne treatments go into your blood stream and are not good for the baby. Possibly try some tea tree …the more stuff you put on it the more likely you will continue to break out. I’m guessing you are having a girl. They “steal moms beauty” :heart:

Drink lots and Lots of water! Also, what you’re eating could be a problem.

I’ve been breaking out a ton more this pregnancy and a lot of cleansers geared towards acne seem to make it worse so I tried just washing with the dove beauty bar, bar soap. It’s actually helped quite a bit. I’ve recently started trying it on my back as well because that area has been awful too.

Always wash you hands before washing your face! This made a big diff for me. Cut back on sugars and grease. Don’t touch your face a lot. Remember pregnancy isn’t forever so don’t stress to much about it!

I use Dawn dishwashing soap.

Witch hazel on a cotton pad and wipe your face morning and night :heart:

I had pimples on my back when i had my son. But after i gave birth it just fade away

Yes I’m 20 weeks. I use a q tip and rubbing alcohol on the bad areas. Mine can get really bad. I moisturize well after too

Metro gel, … episom salts

Try keeping hair clean with no product in it and or off of face and pillow cases changed every 2-3 days. I also rotate between an exfoliating scrub and a mild bar soap with moisturizer containing acne fighting ingredients morning and night.

Its hormonal. Be careful with the types of face wash you use. Generally its best to avoid all salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide as the main active ingredient while pregnant due to concerns about potential birth defects.

Wash twice with a gentle face wash. And then use a moisturizer that you know works for you.

I had a lil. I didnt use any extra products on my face and just washed my face when I showered it cleared up

You can go all natural and make yourself an oatmeal face mask before bed. Take a 2 tablespoons of raw uncooked oatmeal a tablespoon of baking soda and enough water to make a paste. Leave it on for 30 min rinse well.

Another is a basic cucumber mask to help with redness and bumps. Mash a cucumber add a tablespoon of sugar mix and put on mask leave on for 15 min. It’s nice a cooling and it’s awesome to help bring the puffy red welts down

Just you bar soap and don’t use face mask every day try to like once a week because your face will get irritated

You might laugh but preparation h is the secret

I’ve had acne all my life even through all 5 pregnancies and the only stuff I find to help is BIORE. Charcoal is amazing for you face. There’s a charcoal bar you only use it 1x a week. Wash you face with warm water and rinse with cold. The warm water opens your pores and cleans them while the cold water closes them back up