What would you do if your husband wanted to get rid of kids toys?

Mama's, what would you say if you husband told you he wanted to get rid of all the kids toys that in the front and/or back yard (including a swing set) because he doesn't want to deal with it when cutting grass? He says he's tired of dealing with it all and is tired of cutting around it. Mind you, we live in a trailer so we have no front porch, no concrete driveway or anything; just dirt and grass, lots and lots of grass. I told him it shouldn't be that big of a deal and he's just being lazy and careless and I bet I could do it no problem and not make one fuss except for how hot it is lol What do ya'll think? If it was up to him, the kids would have no toys at all cause he can't deal he says. I'm so aggravated.

I would say he’s being lazy. We all have responsibilities when it comes to the house. I work from home. I take care of everything inside. He is responsible for lawn and trash. I don’t throw away his things he leaves laying around the house.

Tell him if he does that then he has to take the children to the park for a minimum of 3 hrs a day and must interact with them not just sitting there doing nothing or you are willing to cut the grass but he has to take over your household chores which includes cooking, laundry, cleaning the toilet and floors, washing dishes, if he says no then tell him to suck it up and get on with mowing the lawn and don’t even think about getting rid of the kids things

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What would you do if your husband wanted to get rid of kids toys?

Start mowing instead of him or when he mows go out and move the toys for him as he moves. My husband gets annoyed mowing around things because it is annoying so I just move them as he goes and move them back. Simple compromise.

Kids need toy…What are they going to do is he gets rid of all of the toys??

Maybe offer to cut the grass once in a while for him?


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He should get the kids involved with the outside its called family time


We have tons of toys in our yard but my hubby never has a problem moving them out of the way before he cuts grass. It’s not that hard and I often help him pick everything up. Kids need something to keep them entertained outside.
Try offering to help move things so he can cut the grass?

if you think you can do it without complaining, then why dont you? and help him out a bit?
or maybe when he is cutting the grass, you can go out and move the toys for him to the areas that are already cut and help him out?

Well… u said u could do it, so do it. Or make the kids pick up the toys before he mows. If there old enough, if not you can move toys as he mows. Get a weed eater, weed eat around swing set for him.


He’s probably just being dramatic like men usually are. Lol. He’ll get over it. I wouldn’t get rid of anything. It isn’t about him anymore

We have two swing sets, a trampoline, a play house, a pool, a rock wall a sandbox and a fire pit… We just mow around it all. Our one swing set is in a sand box and when one of us decides to mow the grass we get the kids to put all the toys in the sandbox. So there’s nothing left on the grass.

Sounds to me like he’s indirectly asking for some help

I always send the kids out to pick up there toys bikes and such ro put them where they belong as everything in our house and yard has a place… and I’m out there making sure it gets done. And I always do the weed eating while he is mowing so we get it done faster

Get Some Storage Bins, Tell Ur Husband 2 Let Everybody Know He wants 2 Mow A Day Ahead Of Time! Y’all Go Out There n Pick Up n Put Away! Easy!:100:

If you don’t agree then maybe you cut around the swing set and put up the toys so they are out of the way when he mows

Help him cut the grass and maybe he won’t fuss as much. I live in a trailer, we have a pool, swing and trampoline in our yard but I will go out and help my husband with the grass because I know how frustrating it is to have to move all that stuff when cutting grass.

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I agree with having the kids pick up the yard before mowing. Do you have a toy box for outside? I made one of scrap wood and chicken wire for my kids. This can help keep toys contained. Another idea, Are you able to turn the area under and around the swing set into a sand box? No need to mow a sand box.


Yea I’m sorry he sounds like he’s being lazy we have a huge wood playground in our backyard and my husband cuts around it no problem I’m sorry mamas

Get rid of the man!!! Problem solved!!!:rofl::rofl::rofl:


Spray grass and weed killer around toys or make an area for all toys to fit in and put wood chips or even fake grass and a spray.

You said you could do it so do it.


Sounds like frustration talking from him. Could have nothing to actually do with the grass. Maybe sit down and have a calm loving talk. Communication is the key and you have to focus on not getting emotions involved whole trying to work through things

I usually pick up anything in the yard so he doesn’t hafta get off the mower… limbs…toys…paper…etc.

Sounds like he’s stupid :roll_eyes:

So this same thing has come up in our household. Every time my partner has to mow our very large yard he gets upset about having to move so much stuff. Pool, watertable, chairs, playhouse etc. Well, to eliminate his frustration and to also be helpful, I move everything ahead of time while he helps with my daughter. Then he can mow. Then I put it back. Mowing isn’t the easiest thing do doing and takes a lot of time so I understand the frustration of delaying getting it done because enough have to move so much stuff. Long story told, short story solution: help him out and move the stuff before he mows. Also it sounds like he is just being a tad bit dramatic with his frustration.

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Great time to teach the children to be responsible for their own items. Mine learned quick when they refused to put their toys away and our pup got ahold of them. :woman_shrugging:


Sounds like mine… I would tell him than I’ll just bring it all inside than what lol

Tell him he’s not going to be able to “deal” with kids that have no toys to distract them and all they wanna do is bug him.


Could the kids maybe move it to the front when he mows? And move it back when he’s done with that part?


Line riding toys up against the back of the trailer, other toys like balls etc, buy a bin and stick them in it. Also, you could go out and move them for him and then put back. If the kid’s are old enough have them move them. Then all he has to do is maneuver around the swingset

Simple, buy a bunch of rectangle patio stones, they’re cheap, and make a “toy area”. And he won’t have to mow it.

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This is one of those instances like when the father thinks the mother is just being lazy because the house isnt clean when they get home.

Take over mowing the lawn or have your kids pick their messes up. Preferably both. If kids are old enough to have those toys, they’re old enough to pick up after themselves.

It should be no problem if the kids keep the toys in a bin so they are not spread out. As for the swing set suck it up dude because if they did not have anything to play with they would be in your face whining because they are bored.

I will change husband :grin: kids and their needs came first

I think the toys are the least of your problems if your husband is that much of a lazy-ass!

I’m sure this isn’t the only issue with his selfishness.

Offer to move them for him then every time he mows


Toys stay he goes lol

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Move them when he mows? That’s what I do when I mow (I’m single btw) and I move a swingset and climbing toy w/slide around lol


Maybe go help him move stuff or mow yourself?? Guys get tired of shit just like we do. Supposed to be a team in every way


I think he’s selfish.

I can’t believe the amount of women telling her to do it herself, I’m sure she does her share… Are your husband’s really that lazy… how is that acceptable behavior.


Maybe compromise and offer to do it around those areas and he does the rest. I do my own and I have all the grass and woods too as I also live in a trailer. It’s good exercise, it can be good bonding time and a fun shower after :wink:


My kids clean the yard before we cut the grass. Have you kids clean up behind themselves. Im just that mother, leave your toys out especially in my living room. The trash they will go!!!

You and the kids could help him, kids need to learn to take care of their toys and they should learn h he ow to help with chores.


I do the yard at our house and let’s just say we don’t have a swing set or any big structures I can’t easily move because we’ll I’m lazy and it’s a pain in the butt and my yards not even that big so I can understand what he means. Our kids pick up their toys so again I dont have extra shiz on my list to do because let’s be real a mama’slist never ends. I can also understand wanting outlets for your kids to utilize so they aren’t bugging you every 2 minutes it would seems like the idea of edging for him and having the kids pick up the toys is great if that can work? Helping has good lessons and is good family time :heart::heart::heart: maybe find a good compromise.

If the toys are small enough get an outside storage container for the kids to put there toys in that way the yard stays clean.


Part of being a dad. Suck it up


Hes gonna be just as annoyed if not worse when they bug him because they don’t have anything to play with. Cutting the grass around a play set? That’s a laazzzzyyy argument. You gotta cut the grass anyways, so what you gotta move around and through it once or twice? Boo hoo


The kids already have to live on a trailer now u want to take their toys away. It’s not like they can just go build pipe bombs or meth labs in the basement to pass the time cuz they don’t have a basement let them at least have to toys and play equipment sheesh

Sounds like a guy that should never have had kids! What a lazy jerk!

Cut it yourself🤷🏼‍♀️ show him how easy it is


I’d tell h deal with it toys apart of having kids well the swing part an I would tell the kids if ya want it get it an put it up that’s part of keeping what you have if ya wanna keep it

No toys = wholes in yard :cry:

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The family should all take part in the clean up before mowing! The family uses the yard the family cleans the yard!


Cut it yourself so he doesn’t have to! It’s seems inconvenient to him but not to you. Give and take.


Depends if they play on them or not. Not gonna lie I had those plastic houses and climb on sets for years kids never touched them until they saw someone coming to pick them up :joy:. If you live in a trailer then your yard isn’t big, you could always go out and mow it yourself!

My daughter had a trampoline and didn’t really use it so we gave it to someone we knew would use it. If they use it often it stays and he’s gotta suck it up and mow around the big stuff but the random toys laying around should have a big container to put them I. And make the kids clean up when they are finished playing.

If it’s little toys the kids need to pick it up. Teach them responsibility. Bigger thing move off to the side. If anything toss toys that are old and falling apart. Compromise. Communicate. Kids need to be picking up their toys anyway. :roll_eyes:


Get rid of the so called husband,i couldn’t deal with a guy like him.

I’d say when he mows u go move the toys …teamwork makes the DreamWork lol


I see his perspective completely. I remember how my dad was growing up. So have the kids pick it up all the toys then he mows. My dad made me and my brother pick all of ours up or he threw it away. Don’t see the big deal at all.

Pay someone to mow your yard :woman_shrugging:

mowing the yard sucks ass. it’s literally not just a mans job to help clean up the yard.

Tell him to grow up!


Tell him to put his big boy undies on and suck it up ! Just cus he don’t wanna deal with something don’t mean the kids suffer! Or you need a new husband …

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Take all the stuff and like hide it and watch the kids drive him crazy :blush::blush::blush::blush::blush: then look at him and give him the ol I told you lol

My same story!

I say hell nooooo.

I am the one picking up toys, not you. I’m not putting the toys away. I will keep picking up toys but I’m not leaving my baby with no toys.

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Get rid of the husband lol :rofl::rofl:

You could move it for him while hes cutting the grass.
Since it’s not a big deal :wink:


Get heavy construction weed block and put under swing set, tack it down which creates a nice square that the kids can keep their toys on when not in use and your husband doesn’t per say have to “mow around the swing set”

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:joy::joy::joy: nope! Outdoor toys (dog we have 3 labs & kids) get picked up or trimmed around before he mows.

He sounds like a loser. Cute ties and move on. Next guy won’t give a shit abt toys, rather happy kids instead…

Kick him out and get yourself a toy! Buzz buzz

That’s crazy I wish I could also get rid of everything lol but of course I won’t I make my kiddos pick it up

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Go cut the grass yourself then


Uh-uh. NO! Are you aggravated by doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, and taking care of ALL of them? It’s called a weed eater and he can do it. If he’s not willing then move on. Sick of lazy ass men!

Throw everything of his he leaves out and just tell him u didn’t wanna deal with it :relaxed:

Then he gone make an excuse about the kids in the house making noise. It’s just a whole problem… Keep the toys fuck him

You should be helping him and moving the toys.


Have the kids pick up all their toys to help dad on mow day. I totally understand his frustration. And maybe everyone could pitch it so that way toys stay and dads happy


The question is do they play with the toys if so tell to get a weed eater but when my grass gets cut I make the kids get their toys and get them out the way

If he’s not willing to do it, he should be willing to pay for it! Come back with “I found a neighbor kid that will do it for $20” check on your neighborhood apps or sites, even post a flyer for help wanted at your site.

Pick them up and stack them somewhere so he doesn’t have to move them , or you cut the grass if it’s no big deal ….


Help with the mowing. He mows u move things

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Make it a share job.Move the toys for him.

What would u do of he wasn’t there?


Start cutting the grass… move things for him.

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He’s lazy&has to grow up.


1st I would make the kids clean up there toys that they can move. And 2nd tell him like I tell my husband the kids use these toys way more than you cut the grass you knew what we were getting into when getting the toys

I’d throw it all away too :woman_shrugging:

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You go take care of it. Then you don’t have to get rid of the kids toys. Problem solved


Alright so go out there and do it yourself. You claim you can do it without complaining but I’d like to see that.

Then if you told him you could do it , then you do it . Problem solved .


Sounds like you need a shed for the kids toys

Tell him to get lost was,'nt he a kid once.


Be careful when you say you can do it he may just take you up on it then he wont have to deal with it. Then you’ll be stuck with something else on top of taking care of the kids and home. Cause if hes to lazy to move the toys before he mows and has to complain about it. Wants to get rid of the toys cause he doesn’t want to mow around them hes only thinking of himself and not the kids. You could help by moving the toys before he mows

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I would mow the yard myself then if it’s important to you.

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