What would you do?

I've been with my husband going on 7 years. Lately things will be great one week and then go bad the next. Well on Sunday I took our girls to my parents for dinner. We got home and a couple hours later my 5- year-old started puking. She ended up getting the stomach flu. From 8pm till midnight she was up puking and of course I was up helping her. I did ask my husband a couple of times to help but he gave me attitude. Now he's on vacation so that he can go hunting.. Eventually I finally got her to lay down. Well she woke up at 4 am seemed better, but had diarrhea. I watch kids so I closed down to be safe. Around noon I started to feel sick horrible stomach cramps. I told him that I wasn't feeling good. He was outside working on things. I was inside with my 2 -year-old so sick that I was falling asleep because my body ached so bad and I had chills. Well he decides to leave me while I'm so sick and go hunting. Like no asking me if I need help nothing. Now I'm spinning and my body hurts and my stomach hurts. Well I end up puking so my 5 year old grabs my phone and calls him. She asks him to come home. He literally comes home and goes outside. While leaving me so sick with the kids. Well I end up falling asleep because I am so sick. I wake up barely able to walk to go check on my kids and they are sleeping on the couch. He didn't feed them dinner or put them in their pjs. I'm obviously furious but had no energy. I called him and asked him if he could please put the girls in their beds as I am so sick and can barely walk. He finally put them in their beds. I told him to sleep on the couch because I didn't want him to catch it. Tuesday morning comes around and I still have body aches. My husband is on the couch and I can already hear his attitude with our 2 -year-old. Even though I'm not feeling well I get up get my 5 year old in the shower and ready for school. He wouldn't even get off the couch to take her to school. I asked if he didn't feel good and he said he's just tired. Like okay, but your daughter needs to go to school. Anyways I'm still not feeling well so I get her off to school and my 2 year old is home. I thought he would get up and be a grown man and take care of her... nope. I woke up and there was a mess all over the house. Our two year old was just running around doing whatever. I doubt he fed her lunch. Only candy. Well we got into an argument because he made a mess and left his garbage all over the place for me to clean. He said well you laid around so I figured I would. Like excuse me... I just don't know what to do anymore. I think I just keep thinking I won't find anyone, but then again I know I don't need anyone. I can afford things on my own although it will be rough at first. I just hate to be that broken family because I've witnessed it with my stepson, but I'm so over the disrespect.

I know it’s hard when you think you won’t find anyone else, but even if you don’t you have yourself & your kids. You might as well be by yourself since he’s literally no help. That’s absolutely ridiculous that he couldn’t do small things to help you out, or even let you know he was leaving. I would honestly think about leaving because in hindsight I guess it is something small to leave over but it just shows how low his respect and love meter is for you, and his family. Like how do you not feed your kids? Wth