When can babies sleep with a pillow and blanket?

When can babies start sleeping with a blanket and a pillow? Like what is the safe age?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. When can babies sleep with a pillow and blanket?

I mean it’s really up to you :woman_shrugging:t2:

My daughter sleeps in bed with me with a pillow and she’s 6 months. So did my son.

Everyone parent’s differently.


I always got told if they can roll over they can sleep with a blanket. To each their own but, both my kids always had a blanket. I’d put it on from the waist down and started giving my daughter a pillow at 1


I’ve always let my kids have a small softy and a flatter pillow in there beds. As soon as they can roll over. My babies have to have a blanket to fall asleep. They’ve never slept face first in the pillow and they’ve never had blankets over there faces.


SIDS reccomendations are after 2yrs, there is a significant risk using a pillow children younger than 2yrs.
However, i have let my babies use a pillow while i am awake and supervising their sleep. Unsupervised is no blankets or pillows

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I know I’ll get criticized for this, but we’ve never had an issue with a blanket. My son has had a blanket since day 1 (swaddled) and started with a small pillow at 15 months


We just gave ours a pillow and they are 2 this month. They are still in cribs so we didn’t do full size pillows. They have toddler pillows that are maybe 1/4 the size of a regular pillow.

My youngest has slept on her stomach from birth. She rolls on to her stomach she wakes up and gets adjusted. I used to roll her over multiple times a night back on to her back and she always ended up on her tummy. She is now 11 months and sleeps with a blanket but no pillow since she’s a tummy girl.

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My son has slept with a pillow since 8 months. Same with my daughter. My son hates blankets so he doesn’t sleep with one My daughter has since she was 16 months.

Age isn’t an exact but usually after 1. Basically when they are big enough to cover and uncover themselves and wake up enough to be able to “fix themselves”. My daughter was 15 months. Actually that’s when she got a twin size platform mattress in her room and a gate on her doorway because she kept waking herself in her crib. Lol took about a week and she started sleeping through the night again.

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My boy has always had a blanket as well as my daughter who is almost 17… I am a very light sleeper and have them next to me in the crib. No pillow for my boy yet and he is 14 months… depends on alot of things to be honest… but they couldn’t even roll over without me instantly fixing blanket and watching… but I keep it cold at night, and didn’t want them to be too cold. Most do not allow. But also my children used atleast a small blanket even in hospital after birth…

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I know a lot of moms and haven’t met one who doesn’t use a blanket in person, so I would say use your gut. I used sleep sacks when they are little or swaddle then a breathable blanket. Both my kids wouldn’t sleep without one. My daughter wouldn’t sleep without a pillow and my son is never in the same spot twice so he doesn’t use one.

Didn’t give my daughter blanket or pillow until she was over 2

My son sleeps with a thin blanket and he’s 10 months. I don’t give a pillow until their put in a toddler bed at around age 2

My son with blankets (smaller sized baby blankets) like the soft fuzzy kind at 7/8 months and a couple stuffies. He’s 17 months now.

We got my 4yr old a pillow when he turned 3 because he started asking for one. He moves around so much it rarely gets used :joy_cat:

Blanket- 18 months
Pillow- 2 years and never in a crib

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I let my son have his baby blanket in his bed (it covers his whole body) once he turned 1. He started having an interest in pillows shortly after and now sleeps with his head on his toddler pillow 90% of the time.

My son will be 2 in December and he’s never used a pillow, and he only gets one of those thin breathable blankets at bedtime, during his day time nap I sometimes let him keep his favourite blanket, but I also have a camera and watch it constantly while he naps lol (I might be a helicopter mom though) :joy:

I can’t keep a blanket on my toddler, up all night covering his tiny body up… I don’t know what age, I just know he rolls everywhere and it’s never on him anyway lol

I don’t think I have my toddler a pillow until she was about 2.5
No blankets until maybe 1.5.
We’ll do the same with the new baby.
(She was pretty strong and could push up and/or roll over in the first few weeks. But we still didn’t trust anything in there )

My baby girl always slept with her pillow its her comfort

My daughter didn’t sleep with a pillow until age 2.5 :slight_smile:
I’d say after 2 is a good age :slight_smile:

My son has slept with a blanket since birth. I got him a pillow and a duvet when he turned one.

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When they transition to a big kid bed IMO and that’s up to you :woman_shrugging:

A year and a half to two years depending on the situation.

I gave a small blanket after a year but no pillow until after 2.

I didn’t add a pillow until 2.5. Mine used blankets around 6-7 momths. Knitted, open holes only until 1. Usually it’s ok if they can roll over and pick up their head really well, to use something light weigh and with breathing holes. If they temd to pull them over their face, I’d wait a bit longer. If you think they’re cold, try footie pj’s and an extra fitted sheet or a blanket under the fitted sheet. :black_heart:

I know it wasn’t recommended but both my kids would cry all night if they didn’t have a blanket covering the lower half of the body from the day they came home. I would ask your doctor what they recommend because with my son being so premature I had to use something like a pillow to prop him but because of his reflex

My guy is almost 2 1/2 still no pillow or blanket. I make sure he has long sleeve pj’s and socks on. That’s it. I gave his a thin blanket a few times like a small recieving one. He throws it out

Mine always had blankets and pillows my son was a blanket baby he sucked on it

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My son had a blanket since he was about a week ish old maybe two weeks as he didn’t like to be swaddled and not be able to move his hands/arms so I’d cover him with a small blanket and tuck the sides into the sides of his bassinet. As for a pillow, once he moved into a crib so 18m I believe :woman_shrugging:t3:

When you are comfortable with the idea