When can babies use sippy cups?

How old was your baby when they started using a sippy cup? My daughter is 6 months and insist on sitting straight up to drink her bottle and I feel a sippy cup would be easier.


About 6 months with the training sippy cup.

My son was 13 months when we switched him over from a bottle


My daughter started sippys at 6 months and was conpleatly done with the bottle at 10 months

Oldest was a yr. Second was 3 months. He was EBF and I didnt want to start a habit he didnt need

11 months for my daughter and my son is 8 months now and he drink out of a sippy cup

Started around 6 months but he didn’t really get the hang of it well till closer to 8-9 months

At 3-4 months we started introducing sippy cups with the like bottle to sippy type. At 1 year we fully moved to a sippy.

started introducing around 8months but if wants easier go for it! No specific age

Around 6 months, we used the advent bottles and they have a part where it’s a sippy but it’s made out of the same rubber as the bottle nipple.

5 months My son was bf and refused bottles when I went back to work so he lost weight so the Dr said try a sippy cup

About 8-12 months. I got a transitional training cup though (silicone top) so it would be easier for him to switch over

Go for it! My son is 2 1/2 and has been off the bottle for year and half or so. He started the sippy cup around 8 or9 months too…when year came around I threw bottles away. It was easy ,no crying or anything for it. Now is ready to drink out of a normal cup!!!

12 m for both my kids,

6 months when we started BLW
We ditched all bottles and binks.

At 6 months my son was drinking out of a straw

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Try the 360° cup by munchkin.

Go for the sippy. I love nuk beginner cups. They’re similar to a bottle but better for teeth

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Between 4-6months I have 5 and they are all different

My little guy was 6 months when he started using a sippy cup. He was exclusively bf (used a bottle maybe half a dozen times in his life) and had a hard time with them because he couldn’t tilt with up himself. He caught on to the cup with the built in straw like it was nothing. If your little one likes sitting up to drink, it might be worth a shot.

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My son will be 5 months in a few days, we started shortly after he turned 4 months and he’s got the silly cup drinking down like a champ

My daughter is ten months with touch a bottle now she prefers her sippy cup

My daughter is almost 6 months & she recently got one. She loves it!

Started at 4 months just letting her “play” with it…

The sooner the better. Try it, see how she does.

The weighted straw cup is what finally worked for my girl. We tried the 360, but didn’t work for her. Others swear by it though.

Go for sippy. I recommend the nuk large learner cup

Never. We never used sippy cups. Real cup or glass at 7 to 9 mos.

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When your child is ready all kids are different but the nuk transition bottles are great like a bottle but has removable handles as for us we slowly started introducing the sippy and had it hanging around if she was interested she tried it worked of us

My first was like 6 or 7 months never had a bottle again after 10 months, my second was a little closer to a year because he didnt quite get it I guess but once he caught on it was all good.

I tried to start at 6 months with my first but it took till a year to get her fully off the bottle and soft nipple sippy cups

6 months. My son started using the cup right away. Try a sippy cup they like it. You can throw the bottle away. Put the formula in the sippy cup. I got one with handles on both sides

I wish I would have started sooner. She wasn’t bottle broke until almost 3. Her last bottle was on New Year’s Eve. She turned 3 in March.

Try giving her a weighted straw cup.

It’s never to early to start the transition. It’s so much better for their baby teeth coming in for them to drink less from the bottle. My kids were complete weaned off the bottle by 9 months and only using sippy cups. If the baby shows signs of being ready just go with it. Always show support as they are growing!

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5.5 months. He barely used bottles cause he was strictly breast fed so it was easy for him to figure out

My son was 6-7 months

It used to be when they can sit up. The Drs used to tell you when the child could sit up alone they were ready for sippy cups. But I don’t know what the rules are now.

5month for both babies