When can I start my baby on solids?

My sons doctor said that we may start him on puréed fruits, vegetables, and meat. He would like us not to feed him rice or cereal. I guess what I am wondering is how did you start your baby on solid foods? What did you start with? Any tips?


We started with avocados and fresh sweet potatoes

I waited til the doc told me too… I just chose a fruit for 1 wk and then did a veggie the next week… make sure though that you don’t mix anything yet until u know if you son is allergic or not…

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Puréed/Mashed Avocado is a wonderful first food! Google it😊

I completely skipped rice cereal & started introducing purées at 5 months. She ate purées until 7 months & then she ate what my husband & I did, cut into very small pieces of course. If I could cut it up small enough she ate it.
Introduce vegetables first & only 1 per week. That way if baby is allergic you’ll know for sure what it was. Starting with vegetables first will help them like them first as fruits are sweet & baby will prefer the sweet stuff.


I started with Beech-Nut baby food and still use it. It’s all natural and if it says corn and carrots, then the only thing in it is corn and carrots. I taste everything I give her too, and it all tastes good, unlike Gerber.


I would start him with just fruits and vegetables.
And make sure you try 1 kind over a course of 3-4 days to make sure he isn’t allergic . For example , if you try apples first … give it to him for 3-4 days to make sure he is not allergic then move on to the next thing . We started off with apples, then carrots, then butternut squash and so on

Start with veggies one flavor a week to make sure no allergies

I mixed a little cereal in the baby food so it wasn’t as messy

We did veggies for a week sweet peas were her fav she didnt like green beans but now at 3 she loves them

baby led weaning for beginners & beyond (blwbb)

6 months and baby led weaning.

We started with bananas and sweet potatoes. You can blend your own at home or we bought the Gerber purees

Baby led weaning! Skip the purées!

Baby Led Weaning For Beginners

Mashed potatoes and gravy anything we ate just mushed up.

Mashed potato and vege

4 months my babies both started with soft solids like berries and moved up to hard stuff

Sweet potatoes were my first foods. And mashed potatoes😜

I just smashed everything we were eating. I started my baby on lighter foods tho like avocado and banana.

Mashed potatoes are a great starter!!

Oatmeal made with breast milk

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I started with fruit and veg, pureed. 1 type of food every 4 or 5 days. X

I started mine on baby cereal mixed with fruit.

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I started at 6 months with both boys. I skipped all cereal and I would suggest doing veggies first, then fruit later.

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Start with vegetables, then fruits then meats.
Start a new one every three days to watch for allergies.
My kids liked it warmed up.


I’ve been told to start with veggies and then switch to fruits. It makes it easier for babies to accept the veggies instead of only wanting the sweet fruits an no veggies at all

Um babies need the iron in the cereals…


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Things sure have changed since my kids were babies. I started both of mine on rice cereal when they were around 2 months. Added a new food every few days, starting with green veggies. Fruits were last.

puree and baby rice cereal because of the iron

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Veggies first. Babies tend to quit eating green beans and peas after they’ve gotten apples and bananas.

I started with half a teaspoon in their bottles and then moved to mashed feedings.

Baby Led Weaning For Beginners

Baby oatmeal, breast Milk, mixed puree, soft cheese, soft fruit

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Cereal and mix fruits
Plus I used my own food and processed

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Waited until 6 months old and did BLW. Once all signs of readiness are shown, they can eat table food at 6 months old. Look into it :blush:
Baby Led Weaning For Beginners

Veggie purees. I was told that it’s better to do veggies first since fruits are sweeter and baby may not want to go from yummy tasting fruit roll veggies. That’s what i did work my daughter. Never did the rice or cereal, and she is 19 mo old and literally eats anything we give her get. Only thing she did not eat was meat baby food.

Start with veggies but skip the jarred meats

We skipped rice, no nutrition in it for real

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Baby cereal was the first food

Go to the Baby Lead Weaning page for info

Mix it with whatever milk he is drinking

Started at 6 months. Meat (beef, liver, chicken - cooked in beef bone broth), egg yolks, veggies (carrots, parsnips, broccoli, sweet potatoes, green beans, zucchini, peas, squash), fruits (pears, apples, bananas, avocado, peaches, mangos, papaya, blueberries). My first just ate whatever we gave from 6 months on, we started with puréed, the mashed, then cut up pieces. That didn’t work for our second so we did more of a BLW method.

I’d say try veggies first sometimes get creative and mix it with a little fruit lol never force me to finish it. If they start gagging stop and give it another another time. Just take it slow and before you know it he’ll be eating off your plate lol

Veggies are fist…always. We disnt do rice or meats for a while. Also…baby oatmeal is better, healthier. Rice cerial isnt so great. Mix the oat cerial with breast milk or formula, and start it thin amd slowly make it a little thicker as the days go on. Its a fun time with foods :blush:

I started with applesauce and bananas. Squash

I started with pork chops :woman_shrugging:t2:
We went the baby led weaning route when it came to food

I made my own. Started with steamed and purée zucchini, then yellow squash, then peas, green beans, avocado, eggplant, then started fruits. Do each new food for three days before trying something else so you can watch for allergies.

Start with veggies then meats then fruits

But we had a baby bullet and anything we ate I’d put some in there add some breast milk/formula or water puree it and feed it to my little. They ate what we ate… Kept some fruits and veggies baby food on hand for quick i dont have time or meals I didnt wantmy baby eating. At 6 month started putting SERIOUSLY chopped soft foods on their tray to eat helps with hand eye cordiation and its also theriputic scensor wise

Because rice cereals have no nutritional value. It’s just a filler.

7 months for fruits and veggies… we did real cereal Maltomeal and cream of wheat