When can you find out babies gender?

I’m a FTM who had a crash c section Friday. The baby is doing well and is at home but she doesnt want to breast feed. She opens her mouth and hold the nipple but she wont latch. I need some advice to help her learn to latch. Any ideas?


Squeeze your boob , and let the milk drip in her mouth so she knows milk comes from there. I’ve seen some mom’s recommend laying baby down, and holding your boob over her mouth and squirting the milk in her mouth. Maybe if she has a better understanding that’s where milk comes from, she may latch. You could always try. Some things work, some don’t.


Bring baby to boob, not boob to baby! Make sure babe’s mouth is wide open, and point your nipple at their nose.


Girl, get you an appointment with a great LACTATION CONSULTANT. Not a nurse, doctor, or pediatrician, but someone who actually specializes in breastfeeding. They’re gifts from God above :raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2: They can usually get you in day of or next day if you’re concerned.


Call your hospital or pediatrician and set up an appointment with a lactation consultant. When I was having issues they were a life saver and even came to me.

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Could be tounge or lip tie…

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Make sure it’s in her mouth right , and u can squeeze a little out so she can taste it , u can also rub the side of her cheek or bottom of her chin to get her to suck

Le lache league… But yes two of them were in my room on my first and said rub the nipple on the lips till the baby opens and try to force the nipple in the baby will latch when ready

Nipple shield. In a few days or week she won’t need it.