When can you start baby on cows milk?

I am struggling to find my childs formula anywhere…i have traveled over 60 plus miles away from my home…she is 11 and a half months old…is it too early to start her on cows milk? i feel like i have no other option right now…


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. When can you start baby on cows milk?p

What kind do you need

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U can start now she’s old enough


I would start cows milk

I would talk to your pediatrician. If she’s just half a month out you could likely start whole milk.


Start cows milk. Whole milk

No it’s not mine we’re off formula by 8 months started with 2 percent milk

You can start her I started my son at 10 months and he’s just fine

You can start the transition. She will be a year in 2 weeks.

I had to start my son on the red cap milk at 11 months. It was fine

My oldest started about that age.

If you have some formula start doing half and half. Use whole milk. She should be good to go

I started at 10.5 months half and half she they were all cows milk by 11.5 months.

If you have some formula still id do a gradual transition and mix some formula with the milk.

They say a year, ur less then a month off I don’t see y it would be a problem. But I would call her doctors office and talk to a nurse first if u can

They recommend whole milk and you could start now

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Well, my son is almost 11 months and I have him on lactose free whole milk w Enfamil poly.vi.sol. vitamin once a day per directions. We went straight lactose free bc our daughter had the worst time w regular whole milk so we just chose to not go that route this time.

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Call pediatrician. They have ways to get formula.

Yes I would give it a go.

Before a year old because wic takes them off formula and starts giving u milk

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My oldest was 11 so you should be good to go

You should talk to your pediatrician because at that age she should be eating food.


I started mine at 11 months old. Slowly introducing 1 Oz of cows milk into each formula bottle. Every 4 days I added another 1oz to it. Within 1 month we was completely on cows milk with no issues


Usually at 1… Start mixing formula with milk about 3/4 formula 1/4 milk and gradually add more milk less formula. I would try soy milk …seems to be an easier transition.

I started my kids at 10 months they did great

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I was confused for a second and thought it said when do you start baby cows on milk :sweat_smile: I feel dumb :joy::joy:


Talk to your pediatrician. My daughter started drinking whole cows milk right at 1 year so you’re super close to that.

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Regular food and milk can be introduced already.

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Goats milk has smaller fat molecules and is easier in babies belly’s… if you can find it fresh, that’s even better

I started at 11 months, my baby was overweight so WIC and his pediatrician said to start milk and he did good

No…my kids was drinking cows by 11 months…because they was eating 3 meals a day

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Just add a lil water to it and she will be fine.

I switched my son at 10 months after a weekend I couldn’t find formula. I called his doctor Monday she said it was fine since he was also eating table food.

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Our pediatrician said 11.5 months, no earlier and only if we had too. We were told to do smaller bottles if needed and cups of whole milk with food to keep her fuller. It’s very important they get the nutrients from formula as milk just runs through them depriving them of nutrients and can sometimes lead to dehydration but at 11.5 months we were told we could go for it if needed. Speak to your pediatrician for comfort!

Both of my kids were on full table foods and milk by 10 months old. The pediatrician told me since they were eating full meals that the formula was not needed since they were getting all of the required nutrients in their meals.

No it not to early I work with many children and we have been trained to start them 2-3 weeks before the first birthday on the milk to get them used to it also you can had it to the bottles of formula also so she can get used to it also 

Your good! Put baby on homo milk!!

If you have formula left, mix the formula with whole milk. Slowly start reducing the amount of formula and increasing the amount of whole milk. Typically, 12 months is when babies switch from formula to milk. I started transitioning my youngest two from formula to milk between 10-11 months.

not until 1 year they need whole milk then

Go for it… shel soon let you know if shes not keen wen her on it the next few weeks shell soon be 1… or the next stage up on powder milk …

It will be fine to start her on whole cows milk. I did it about that age. Just make sure to get the chill off it before you give it to her. Might want to pop it in the microwave for 10 seconds. I did that with mine when I first transitioned. No problems at all.


We started transitioning at 10 months per our pediatrician advice

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By 11 months mine was rejecting formula. Totally fine

Whole milk is not a replacement for formula.

I started mine at 11 and one at 9 months

Call your pediatrician

1 year old is the usual time they start reg milk


I started introducing it just over 11 months. My ped approved this.

Slowly wean them off of formula… example 8oz bottle
Week 1, 6oz formula with 2oz milk
Week 2, 4oz formula with 4oz milk
Week 3, 2oz formula with 6oz milk
Week 4, 8oz milk

You should call and ask her doctor. Usually the recommend starting whole milk at about a year old. Make sure you give water too. If your baby gets constipated from the milk start the mushy baby food apples, prune and the like will stop the constipation

Both of mine were 6 months they are in there 40s now

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Just go slow with it. It’s a big change to their digestive. There poops can end up getting really hard and have a hard time going. I mixed mine with 1/2 milk and 1/2 water to try it out.

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Goats milk would.be a.better solution.

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But make sure you watch out for stomach issues,constipation or diarrhea

When my kids were around 10 months I started mixing in a little bit of regular milk and just kept gradually increasing it until they were a year old.

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Is she eating solid food also?

As long as your baby is thriving weight is good your ped will ok it. Is babybeating enough solid foods too?

Definitely good, but like everyone else has said you should mix with formula to sort of “ween” her off the formula. Just to avoid upset stomach.

My pediatrician told me at 10 months my son could drink whole cow’s milk. Only if they are eating solid food though

We switched my daughter at 10.5 months with my doctors okay. If they’re eating meals well they dont need formula abymore.

Goat Milk is very healthy and good for babies. See if you can find someone local. Helps them and helps your baby.

You should be able to. My oldest started regular milk at 10mo. That was 15yrs ago, but I saw an article that kids as young as 6mo can start being introduced to regular milk. You’re supposed to start slow, by mixing formula and milk and work up to just milk. Definitely talk to a doctor. Food has to be added as well…like real meals, so the child has enough nutrition.

I switched both my kids before 11 months… as long as they are eating food you shouldn’t have any problems.

Talk to your pediatrician

I started mine all on cows milk by 11 months

We started switching over around 11 months. I think you’ll be okay, just start small and watch for any allergy (what our pediatrician told us)

I work in pediatrics and she is fine to start transitioning to reg milk…but I would call doc to ask just to be sure


You can definitely switch now, especially if she is eating regular foods pretty well. If they eat enough dairy, the milk isn’t even that big of a deal I was told by my pediatrician.

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My last one self weaned around 10-11 months. Introducing cows milk at this age would be fine, you’re almost at the one year mark. Don’t stress yourself out mama, it’s okay to transition. We have 4 months to go with my youngest. It’s so scary not being able to find their formula :heart:

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Ask your doctor nobody else could give better advice

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My baby is 11 months next week. I put him on toddler powder but will definitely start the transition if I can no longer find that. At one year regardless I’m putting him on almond milk

They’re supposed to be on cows milk by 12 months anyway so she’ll be fine

I’ve seen where goats milk is recommended.

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We started at 11 months but did like 1/2 milk half formula. At 12 months ped said no more formal just whole milk. Its safe but may cause some upset tummy or constipation until they get used to it.

I started both my girls at 10 months with milk and adult foods squished. You just gotta watch em for allergic reactions but you have to watch them at any age for that. We also diluted the milk with some drinking water so it wasnt such a shock to their lil stomache.

My youngest kind of weaned herself. She hated formula and cows milk. I used unsweetened almond with poly vi sol or goats milk. She’s now 9 …still won’t touch cows milk.

You should be fine to start them on milk, soy milk is going to probably be a little easier on their tummy though so you might want to do soy milk just until they’re actually one.

Can milk is what I grew up on

my grandaughter was gaining a lot of weight on formula . my daughter started her on cows milk plus daily vitamins at 10 months she was fine the baby was so heavy that she couldnt sit up by herself . it was a good move on my daughters part

She should be fine on cows milk, “they” say at 12 months most babies can process and gain nutrients from it

They say 1 year but since she’s 11 months she will be fine. Any concerns you can ask your doctor. Do what you have to for baby survival. Just make sure whatever milk you give that it’s whole milk.

Depends on her weight and how much solid food she eats. My oldest was off formula at 1year,middle was off at 15months and youngest was off at 10months. I’d talk to her doctor or a rn or np

Usually a year old your baby‘s fine go ahead and start them on the cows milk (Raised five kids they’re all grown they all had cows milk around the same age they’re all perfectly normal and healthy)

Talk to her physician

If she has a sensitive tummy try goats milk first. My son is 9 months and used sensitive formula and it works great.

With the rest of ur formula start doing half formula half milk until the formula is gone and then just milk she will be okay

At 11 months I started mixing half & half. I think your baby will be fine.


my kids grew up on whole milk from time they were 1 month old

I have 4 grown kids and by 11 months they were almost fully on vitamin D milk

At a year old she goes straight to cows milk anyways so I don’t see why it would be a problem.

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Find the Amish community and get goats milk, or reach out to the Milk Mommas organization, they’re giving out breast milk to babies in need. Or see if your local soap maker is using goat milk and ask their hookup.

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Trying ordering from amazonCanada.

11 months is close enough, they say 12 so again it’s fine.


I started transitioning mine around 10 months


Ask your pediatrician and explain your present difficulty finding formula.


I started at 11.5 making the transition. Half milk half formula each week rationing the milk up an oz


I started my daughter at 10 months :woman_shrugging: