When can you start feeding a baby rice cereal?

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My baby just turned 5 months. When did you give rice cereal or did you skip it and go to baby food? And if you did give it -how much to start to prevent constipation.


Follow the directions on the container ours always had introduction directions more liquid at first then decrease

We tried it. My kid wasnt a big fan in the bottle. She refused to eat. However in a bowl with formula was a hit.

I would just make a little bit to start just to get baby used to it most babies don’t like the rice cereal so add a little banana baby food to it

We did BLW and skipped any and all baby foods. Started at 6M when he was ready.


Skip the mush and go straight to real food.


My baby had a huge constipation issue so the only time we give it to her is inside her baby food and just a little bit

I started baby foods at 6 months. I started with a tablespoon of the rice cereal one scoop of formula and water it down till it was a little thicker than soupy. A week later we did baby oatmeal (same preparation) a week later he had oatmeal for breakfast and dinner and rice cereal for lunch. Right Now he has one table spoon of baby applesauce or pears mixed in with it. (Same breakfast lunch and dinner) all his meals were followed by 4 oz of formula.

We never did rice cereal, it has absolutely no nutritional value for baby. Oatmeal is great and and we started of with all pureed stage one food. Obviously they only start out with a couple bits at first but my week 2 my lo was eating two ounces once a day with bottles every four hours! Good luck momma but skip the rice crap lol


Tried it with my first but skipped it entirely with the second. Most likely won’t feed it to number 3 either.

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Started rice cereal at 4 months. Mix with formula. Start off watery, then gradually thicken.

My daughter’s Dr said mix a little in her bottle but that was because we had to switch formula. I’ve always just added cereal to the bottle with my previous kids anyway.


It’s empty calories and not necessary. We started with baby food at 6 months and they’ll let you know when they’re ready for the next step.


I gave it to mine in a bottle for to start with for a few weeks then moved into easy baby foods


Skipped and went to food. Rice cereal only caused horrible constipation regardless of prevention measures.

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We did at 6 months, oatmeal cereal. Our second is on enfamil AR. But i put oatmeal in her baby food and shes 7 months. Neither one have constipation. I just followed the instructions on the side of the bottle.

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Don’t give rice cereal to your baby. It has arsenic in it. It’s a fact and my doctor and another doctor said the same thing about it. Do oatmeal. Mix with formula or breast milk. Ask doctor. Suppose to wait til they are 6 months old but some doctors say it’s ok before then. Don’t mix it and put it in a bottle either. It can make them choke. Spoon feed the baby. Start with a couple ou nces a day then increase it. My daughter didn’t care for oatmeal at 6 months so we just did baby food.

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Cereal is just empty calories and no nutritional value.

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Look up BLW. so much better and cheaper than the puree baby food crap. BLW isnt recommended until 6months tho


Started cereal at 4 months. She won’t eat rice cereal, but loves oatmeal!

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We started with cereal at 4 and half months. By 5 months we started oatmeal with fruit added. About a table spoon of oatmeal and add fruit stage 1 until thin enough. Now at 6 months she eats veggies about 2oz a day and fruit. Still oatmeal in the morning. This week we started apple chicken stage 2.

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Never did rice. Did oatmeal.

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I put my cereal in son bottles when he was 3 days old cause none of milk worked 4 him


Skipped both. Started baby led weaning at 6 months.

Try baby oatmeal rather than rice. Rice tends to constipate but oatmeal is a source of fiber :slight_smile:

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I did a little bit of purees a week or so before 6 months but he didnt like them much at all. So we went straight into blw at 6 months. Hes an amazing eater and loves most things except fruit . Hes 9 months. He got his first teeth at 8.5 months.

Rice or oat. Mixed with apple sauce.

The AAP now recommends you do not start solids - including cereal - until about 6 months old. That is the standard you should go by, not moms on Facebook. https://www.aap.org/en-us/advocacy-and-policy/aap-health-initiatives/HALF-Implementation-Guide/Age-Specific-Content/Pages/Infant-Food-and-Feeding.aspx


You can start at 4 months. Just try a little bit at first, really the cereal is for the baby to practice learning to eat. They are still getting all their main nutrients from formula or breast milk.

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My son started eating at 4 months, i started with cereal but he didnt liked

When my son was 6 months old I put oatmeal cereal in his fruit baby food and rice in the veggie baby food he would eat the baby food other why’s

I gave both my kids cereal at around 5 months and would put it in their bottles as long as they were sitting up and I was right there. They got only milk if they were holding the bottle themselves

I don’t give cereal yet and our youngest is 8 months.

Rice cereal has little nutritional value, can cause digestive issues, and should NEVER go in a bottle because it’s a choking hazard. The updated expert advice is to wait until the baby is 6 months and showing all signs of readiness to ensure there is no damage done to their digestive tract, and the choking risk is minimized. Starting any solids too early can result in a higher risk of obesity, diabetes, autoimmune disease, food allergies, etc. Once baby is developmentally ready for solids then they can have purées or soft pieces of food, like steamed carrot sticks, or sweet potato. Highly allergenic foods like peanuts can be introduced right away, and one at a time. Waiting 3-5 days to introduce new foods is outdated advice, as a baby can have a reaction the first time or the hundredth time. Make sure you feed formula or breastmilk 30-60 min before feeding solids to ensure baby fills up on that rather then solids, because the formula or milk will have more available nutrients for them to digest.


I had to skip it bc he kept choking on it no matter the consistency.

I started with rice cereal at 5.5 months and then when he got the hang of that, I mix half a jar of fruit with rice cereal for breakfast and then veggies at night for dinner. We’ve been doing the same routine for 5 months.

We skipped rice and oatmeal and purees altogether. Started BLW at 9 months

My baby is almost 5 months. I’m skipping cereal when I start solids (which I’m delaying). She’ll start with pureed veggies and we will add fruits later on.

Please do you own research with WHO (world health organization) and American academy of pediatrics. Please educate yourself with facts and not just what other mothers did/do.

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Rice cereal has zero nutritional value. You should search Baby Led Weaning. Meaning you start with table food from the begging 6 months+. You can start with scrambled eggs, avocado, banana. There is no need for baby food. It teaches them to keep swallowing and not to chew.


rice cereal at 6 months then introduced a new baby food every few days. starting with the fruit and veges I suggest prunes first cause rice will cause constipation

you’ll want to start the rice pretty thin with formula or breast milk it’ll be funny with a spoon the first time my daughter took a couple times to get it right lol.

the box will have the instructions for the first time.

At about 5 months I mixed rice cereal with breast milk or formula, whichever you use) to where is pretty liquidy and maybe a baby spoon of :banana:. Just a little bit of baby food to start out and more rice cereal with formula/breast milk

We started cereal at 6 months. When she developed constipation, we added prune juice to the cereal and kept it really watery.

My girl hated rice cereal and oatmeal. We started at 4 months and she despised it so we went to veggies in the baby food. Stared with non sweet veggies so peas, green beans etc, then went to sweet veggies like corn and sweet potatoes, then introduced fruit. At 6months she was eating table foods no longer baby food 3 times a day.

Why are people putting angry faces on the comments about putting it in the bottle? Such judgy mums its gross


When u start off they will only take a very tiny amount. U slowly build up each day. My kids never had cereal. Went straight to pureed food. Started off with a teaspoon once a day for few days and increased from there. Youll figure out what’s best for ur baby.

Started giving her rice cerelac at 4 months

My advise is if their hungry feed them…my goodness when did mothering become so hard…

Rice cereal is mainly used to get babies body ready for solids food and start solidifying their poop. My soon had to start tice cereal in NICU do to severe acid reflux that made his heart stop. But his pediatrician also started prune juice at same time. This is something that you need to talk about with your pediatrician and keep an eye on if you do start rice because ever baby is different and reacts differently. Good luck