When can you start feeding babies table food?

What is the earliest you started feeding your babies table foods? My daughter absolutely will not eat anymore baby food but will tare up some table food. Her dr insists she should still be eating babyfood. But what am I supposed to do?? She’s 9 months old. She has 4 teeth with 2 more coming in. When we try to feed her baby food she smacks the spoon and cries until we give in and give her some table food.


9 months old?? Yes she can eat table food! You’re usually suppose to start them on solids after 6 months.

I never use jar food.
I used what ever we ate
I use my food processor
When she was 5 months


Look up baby led weening she can definitely have table foods cut appropriately. You can even give her a baby spoon to practice/ play/explore with supervision of course. Offer the baby food for a snack or part of the meal maybe for nutritional purposes as well as bottles yet… just my opinion best of luck, i go by mama knows best for her baby:)


She’s definitely old enough for table food, just make sure you are right there when she’s eating.


Sounds like she is ready for soft table food, docs try to keep them away from salt and sugar for as long as possible, so that’s probably why pediatrician says that.

Never used baby food with my 3 younger children. :woman_shrugging:

Steam up veggies really soft. Put them on her tray & let her explore the color, texture, flavor.

My boys basically started on soft veggies. They hated purees. Now granted they puree it themselves while exploring it but. …

My grandson is 10 months and he has eaten bake dinners, stir fry and rice ,blended up, containing chicken, steak, mince, and all sorts of vegetables

Feed her table food. While I respect physician’s education they all have different opinions on child rearing. Listen to your gut mama, it will serve you well. Let her tear it up! Nomnomnom

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She is definitely ready for table food… just watch the seasonings when starting out. That’s probably why your doctor insisted on baby jar food. I was feeding my baby eggs and mashed potatoes and Al kinds of different things at 9 months. They didn’t have baby jar food in the 1900s.

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We started around 4-5 months when baby was basically climbing and drooling on our plates lol. We still have baby mainly milk till a year old.

Give her the table food and get a new doctor! My kids were eating table food right around that time, I just mashed it or blended it.

I’ve never given baby food. I do Baby Led Weaning. You can definitely start table food. If you don’t feel comfortable doing BLW just make sure the food is cooked and mashed really well.

We did baby led weaning at 4 months with my first and 6 with my second we only did purees for the first 2 ish weeks. Keep doing what you’re doing. You’re doing great.

of course table food yes yummm , she is ready :yum:

Get a new doctor. You technically never have to give actual baby food. Do some research on baby led weaning, it’s all about how to cut up table food for babies and what ages. Good luck!

Oh you can start at 6 months. Absolutely ok at 9. Make sure no honey and very little Sault and you are good!

All 4 of my children never liked baby food. They basically all went from breastmilk to table food. I would just cut up whatever we were eating really small.

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My three all were only in baby food maybe a couple months, then soft table food (mashed potatoes, etc). If your baby wants table food, give it to her (safely). :slightly_smiling_face:

My son refused baby food altogether so we did table food at 6-7 months old and he loved it

Feed them table food when they are at least 9 months, soft stuff like mashed potatoes, creamed corn, etc.

Some people only do baby led weaning. If the pieces are small enough she can have it. Also up to 1 yr their primary source of nutrients are breastmilk/formula so even if your baby isn’t super into food it’s still ok :black_heart:


With my newborn, when it comes time to feed her baby food she will strictly be on actual food. Google Led weaning.

Give her table food. Mine started on it around 4 months

As soon as they can chew good I’d give them what we are having for breakfast and dinner I’d cut it up super small around 6-7 months

6 months I always started regular food. :blush: