When did you first feel baby flutters?

Wondering if it's too early or if i'm feeling them
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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. When did you first feel baby flutters?

First baby around 20 weeks. Second baby 9 weeks in my hip area.

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Depends if it’s your first baby or not I’m currently pregnant with baby #5 and I felt the movements at 17 weeks

12-14 weeks, smaller flutters started

Around 22 weeks with my first, 14 weeks with my second, and 18 with my third

Pregnant with baby #4. Im 16 weeks and have just started feeling them.

I’m pregnant with baby #4 I was 14 weeks when I started feeling flutters

I was about 13 weeks and it tickled like hell! First felt a kick-kick at 18 weeks

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It would have helped to know how far along you are if it’s too early or not. I felt my first son at 13 weeks and my second son at around 16 weeks.

13 with my first, 10-11 with my second

It was different with every pregnancy for me

I felt flutters at around 16 weeks :blush: my placenta was in the back of my uterus making it easier to feel (first pregnancy)

It was different with all 5 of mine. One I didn’t feel until like 26 weeks. She was only 5.9# though.

Depends. The more babies you have the sooner you may feel them. Before my 8th the earliest I felt flutters was around 12w with my 4th. But my 8th I didn’t know I was pregnant and only reason I questioned it was because I felt flutters. I felt them super early like 8w as my dating scan said I was 9w. Can’t feel him much anymore because the placenta developed and its anterior. But with my first I was about 28w when I felt any movement (no flutters) and around 22w with my 2nd.

20 weeks baby 1,
19 weeks baby 2
11 weeks baby 3