When did you get your child a sippy cup?

My oldest boy was 4 months old, but all 6 of mine where different ages. But all by age 1

About 6 months no juice just water or milk

8 months she only drinks water she hates juice n milk

11 months for sippy cup, diluted apple juice at 8 months.

About 6 months i started with a sippy but only water mostly or fromula.

Sippy cup at 12 months with whole milk or water

  1. Juice is minimal in this household

No juice here but my son refused a sippy until 10.5 months, he still won’t take a hard top sippy but likes to drink from an actual cup. He just drinks water

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11 months started practicing. Off the bottle completely by about 13-14 months for both my girls.

I introduced a sippy cup to my daughter at 6 months as she hated the bottle so my wic person suggested starting her on a sippy cup sooner then later. Juice I started about that 8 to 9 months due to constipation, it was suggested by a doctor and i dilute it half water half juice and only do 1 cup a day off that then she gets water most of the time. My problem is trying to get her to actually drink 8 oz of milk a day :woman_facepalming:

Bottles at birth, sippy cups at 1, regular cups at 2

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I have my daughter a sippy with milk when she was 1. Don’t forget, you should water down juice!

The current recommendation is to wait until after a year to offer diluted juice. For us, my kids refused to take a bottle so we offered sippy cups when they could sit by themselves without tipping over frequently (around 6-7 months).

When they were able to hold a bottle with no issues. I did soft tip sippy cups with water

Cup six months- juice two years old once in awhile

6 months started transitioning… 12 months no more bottle. Started juice (diluted) at 6 months also

Sippy cups at 8 months, watered down juice at 2years and that’s not often. Still at 4 my daughter will drink milk or water over juice… she only really Likes OJ for juice now so I don’t water that down.

Six months. No lid. Very diluted juice. Sippy can cause teeth to misalign.

As soon as he could eat purees and baby food.

He was drinking small amounts of water from a sippy spout with solids at 4.5 months old.

I also gave him 100% Pear Juice (watered down AT LEAST 50%) around 6 months. Gerber makes Baby Juices in the baby food aisle. Any 100% juice will be OK but water it WAY down! Prune & pear juice works amazingly well for constipation.


Sippy cups since a year and no juice still at 2 years.

I started at 6 months so they could get use to it and it is good hand mouth coordination. I’d only put water in it and they’d usually spit it out, but it is great practice!

My son got a sippy cup for his first birthday. He was drinking exclusively from the sippy cup within a week.

Munchkin and 360 sippys at 6 months with water only. My almost 16 month old doesn’t drink juice but has tried it a few times

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Forget the juice!! They need water!!!

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Started them on them by 9/10 months so we could be fully off bottles by a year

At my sons six month check up my dr said he can have up to 4oz of water a day and diluted juice, in a sippy cup.

4 months. With water. They’re 8 & 10 most now and I occasionally give them juice cut with water

6 months with the sippy cup very diluted apple juice and some water not too much because too much is bad for babies and her milk sometimes

6 months is dentist advice worldwide :slightly_smiling_face:but if u can do it sooner even better for the cups however I wouldn’t recommend juice at all if he doesn’t crave it don’t give it water and milk are fine

Soon as I quit breast feeding!!

My children would not ever take a bottle!!

My daughter has just gone on a sippy cup for her juice about a month ago and shes been on juice since she was 5-6 months x

My daughter loves the First Years brand of sippy cups. We started giving her water with half cut juice once per day around a year old with her snack. Every child is different but that’s what works for us :slightly_smiling_face:

My doctor told me to introduce her at 5 months she’s now 6 months and loves it

When they started eating solids. And no juice until they were 1 I believe. Water and breastmilk was all my children got.

My daughter got a sippy around 5 months with water in it.

5 months and by 6 months they were doing pretty good with the sippy cup.

My daughter was ready for a sippy around 6 months, my son was around 9 months

6 months for both of my kids… I didn’t start sippies until I started them with other liquids like water.

We started playing with the idea at 9mos. He weaned himself off the bottle at 11mos. It was a sad day for me. I made his morning bottle he tossed it down crawled to the kitchen sat down and started intensely signing “more” and pointing at the cabinet with the sippy cups. Never used a bottle again.

1st baby at about 8 months both sippy and juice.
2nd 6 months on sippy but I don’t really give her anything other than water or milk. She has a weird eating habit so I do not give her extra sugar

between 6 to 8 months. You wont regret it. Both my kids bottles were gone at 12m

Gave my daughter a sippy cup when she was about 6 months (she was holding her own bottle then) and completely off of the bottle by 11 months. I still have her formula but I out it in a sippy cup after I mixed it.

Sippy cup was about 7 months juice 6 months and it was 8 months when he was completely off the bottle

5 months with only water or milk. Never gave mine juice.

Sippys at 6m, i did very watered down juice once a day to help him poo since we were introducing solid foods.
Mostly (50%) juice and whole milk at 1yr, all sippys no bottles and paci went a few months after that. Now mine is almost 2. As long as he gets quiet and stops climbing my furniture for a brief moment, idc what he drinks as long as I get those precious moments of silence while his mouth is busy with his sippy :joy::joy:

Ive always started with these and water at maybe 4 or so months. Once theyre able to sit up and hold there own.
They have a easy sip straw and a wight at the bottom so no matter what angle the sippy is they can get water out of it.

4 months I buy it and let them start playing with it and learning. I have 6. All but one bottle broke between 10-12 months old. I put water or formula in her cup. We don’t do juice. And flavored water the doc told us about that is due, sugar, aspartame free. We avoid all of it here.

4.5-6 months when starting solids… however I did Pedialyte and water until about 1 and then juice. 6 months for my first and 4 for my second simply because she had tummy issues and had to start solids and Pedialyte earlier…

My daughter was 9 months old, but only with water.

6 months. Mine drinks mainly water but every now and then ill do some watered down juice. Mine is also breastfed.

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Around 9 months, but she didn’t start really drinking out of it until a year old.

9 months he wasn’t ready to hold one till that time frame even though wic wanted 6 months I felt it was to young

6months but it wasn’t pure juice it was half water


Four months. I put formula in it or watered down juice.

Always half with water. So much sugar in juice. 12 months when they were off the bottle:)

5 to 6 months he started with cup and with juice

Sitting up on their own in a high chair. So they could play/ expirament with it. Increasing time and into play area. Not replacing feeding just added drinks. Water, diluted juice or formula. 12-18 mo off bottle depending on child and abilities.

5 months. Obviously still breast and bottle feeding at that age but started introducing them. Some of my kids took right to it and some didn’t like them right away. I actually had to try a few different kinds. My last baby loved the gerber nuk one with the soft silicone spout.

4 months old with very specific sippy cups specified for 4+ months. Always went by age recommendation on sippy cup. The juice was 3 parts water to one part juice, I had constipated babies. I gave them their formula in sippies. My kids werent a struggle though had no bottle attachment or pacifier. All 3 of my kids had no bottles by one year old.


I was opposed to sippy cups when my children were young. I was a pre school teacher for about 30 years and have since changed my mind. It is important that children as well as adults take in plenty of water. I and my fellow teachers would walk around all day with water bottles in an attempt to absorb enough water. Sippy cups are small handle able water bottles for the very young. Start them as they are able to hold them. You can have children practice drinking from an uncovered cup at the dinner table but please let them use a sippy cup as you would use a water bottle.

Started sippy cup at 6 months. I avoided juice until they were 1 year old unless sick or constipated. At age 1 bottle was gone with formula. I only put formula in the bottle so they knew it wouldn’t be in the cup.

All of my four children started on a sippy cup at about 6 months, when they were old enough to begin holding it and sitting at the table in a high chair at dinner. They were given diluted pear juice beginning at 4 months.

I think as soon as it said they could. My youngest will be 1 in a little under 2 weeks. She barely wants her bottle now so we have to put formula in a cup with a straw

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Sippy cup around a year, juice never. It’s pure sugar, they don’t need it. My 3yo still only gets it occasionally as a treat, and even then I cut it with 75% water.

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My daughter had her 1st sippy cup at 7months old but stayed on bottles until 1yr old. We just interchanged sippy & bottles until full switch to sippys only at her 1st birthday. My son is 10 months old & started on sippys at 6 months. His choice. He now uses the 360 cups without the spouts but still gets bottles for formula. I give him a water cup for his free use during the day. Juice gives him diarrhea despite me diluting it.

Wait !! You guys are talking months? My 3 grand kids still use sippy cups and they are 4 8 and 10 years!!! No just kidding but I do use the small cups with the lids and straws because someone always tips over the glass and this nana is not cleaning up spills!! They can perfectly drink from a reg glass … at there houses!


I avoided juice with my kids…not good on their teeth. And kiddos I babysat for would not dig water after having juice.


My daughters never really had juice. Ones 14 and other is 4. Neither of them like it.
I gave them both sippy cups around 6 months old.

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Water! 4 months and up. No need for juice. Both grandchildren drink water ages 6 and 2 and love it! Juice is empty calories and bad for teeth. Fresh fruit and water


10 months old to get used to it and no bottles after 1. All 3 of my kids had their last bottle on their 1st birthday but that’s my way of parenting. Early is good to start them getting used to it but wait till you and your child are ready to drop the bottle :grin: everyone is different

Oh and make sure to dilute the juice, ie. 1part juice to 2-3 parts water

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6 months …watered down fruit and veggie juice…I breast fed till 13 months did a little formula till 15 months …she never got a cavity till she was 9ish …brush their teeth as soon as the come in.

8 months. No juice. The only way I did juice was if she was sick. Now we still don’t do juice. Regardless of if it’s watered down.

Depends on the kid. Started experimenting around 9 months. By the time both my kids were a year old they were done with bottles.

Around 12 months after I stopped breastfeeding and bottles.
Having 5 children, the best sippy is the munchkin 360. No spout and close to a regular cup. No leaks!

Yes we used soppy cup for juice and used 1/2 water to dilute it also! That way I didn’t have another bottle to use or take away!

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Make sure you dilute the juices with water …juices are very hard on babies teeth and stomaches

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Around 6-7 months they were old enough to hold/grip a cup. Same with a spoon.

My 2 children never used a binkey and both were off the bottle when they were 1 year old. Both did well

6 months for both. I did their juice 50/50 water juice. If I remember correctly I started only 1oz juice 1oz water.

When they started sitting in a high chair they had a sippy cup.

No bottles after one! Totally on a sippy cup

Nope, no sippy cup…he learned how to drink from a cup and never had to buy/use them.

My kids never had sippy cups they’re 28 and 30 for a drink out of glasses

I switched both of my kids from bottles to sippies in the course of a week leading up to their first birthday.

My son started using one around 7 months old

As soon as he could sit up… we actually started with a small plastic cup tho not a sippy. He has only ever really used a sippy in a vehicle and out to eat. At home its always been just a small plastic cup.

Never, teach them to hold a cup with two hands

when they were old enough to hold it.

6 months soppy juice at 10 months

I took all mine off the bottle at year old

We always go straight to straw.

Between 4 and 5 months.

6 mo, soft nipple nuk

As soon as they can sit up by themselves. Then the only thing in a bottle is breast milk (or formula). Makes it easier for them later when it is time to throw the bottles out!

9 months but went straight to cup with straw. Apparently it helps build muscles to help with talking and I would have done anything for my speech delayed little one

Never used a sippy cup, my sons both went to using a regular plastic cups, a little messy at first but they learned to drink from them.

I didn’t technically do sippy cups I did the bottles with the handles and switched to the sippy cup nipples at 5 months juice came way early like 2 months cuz my daughter wouldn’t poop so doc said try apple juice

Sippy cup at a year. She transitioned like a pro. And all juice was mostly water. I tried water first but she refused it and would scream bloody murder when I did and not like a normal fit that lasts a couple minutes (Dr told me to let her cry and she would give in) after 2 and a half hours of screaming I added just a couple drops of juice (just enough for flavor)

9 mos sippy cup, juice isn’t necessary they barely get juice now at 6,11 and 12