When did you get your period after stopping depo?

For those that have been on depo provera…how long after you stopped the shot did your period come back? I stopped mine back in January and still have not gotten a period, just wondering what’s normal?


Mine took a while to come back but I was also on it for a long period of time.

Mine took 16 months to come back

The first time I was on it…it took 8 months to come back after last dose. Currently back on it now.

So you get your shot every three months if you stopped in January your body assumes you’re getting another shot in three months and when you don’t get that shot your menstrual cycle should start back up…or will be starting soon. The last time I stopped I was due for my shot in August, decided not to get it, had a period in September, got pregnant in October (after being on the shit for over 3 years that time)

Years & years to have a baby aswell.

Three months after being on it for about four years and it was the worse period of my life everything hurt and then my periods were irregular until this year so six years to regulate

I didn’t get mine for 10 months after the 3 month period ran up and for like a year and a half the were not regular

I stopped mine last march (2020) and still havent had a period :roll_eyes::pensive:

I stopped my depo in august of 2020, got my period back December 2020, had two periods and got pregnant :eyes:

Mine took 6-7 months to come back and then I had 3 a month for the next few months until I had to take the pill for a few months to regulate it before I was able to get off of birth control to try for a baby.

I only got 2 injections and stopped because I didn’t like the fact I was on my period the whole time, once it stopped I didn’t get my period for 4 months and then for the next year I got it every 4 months then it returned to monthly. the second time I tried depo it was different then the first time so its different for everyone

Been on depo for 5 years just stop on feb this year got my period back on april

Mine took almost 2 years and I still barely get it

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I went straight into the Xulane patch when I quit the shot. My first period came during my off week of my first set of patches.

My jab finished in jan and my period didn’t come back for 5 months. I’ve been getting my period weekly ever since I got it again


I bled the entire 3 months on it and for a year straight after stopping it, it took a lot of vitamins and stuff to get mine to be normal. I’m not much help but its different for everyone.


I didn’t have my period for almost 3 years and when I did it was like only 2 days very light for the next 1.5 years after starting having a normal period after

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I got it once to see if it would help with my endometriosis pain. I haven’t had a period since. It’s been almost a year

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Off subject, but anyone get pregnant while taking clomid? Sorry, there was no place to post…

15 years and counting never came back unless induced by medicine

Almost 3 years for me and gained 50+lbs. Now my periods are very irregular and I can’t gain any weight above 99lbs.

Took 18 months for mine to come back at all and was not regular for a while after that.

9 months for me. Only spotted the first couple and then became normal.

It was about two years and only because I was put on the pill

Shot lasts for 3 months. I got mine 8-9 months after the final shot would’ve ceased being affective

A year and a half. Then it was super messed up for another year.

Someone I knew had the same problem I suggested getting a month of birth control pills from her doctor to restart her cycle (she wanted to try to get pregnant) and that worked for her

Had the depo for 2 years, took 18 months for my periods to return x

i went a hole year without a period best time lol

Pregnant within a couple weeks :grimacing:

My mom had the depo and then had me :joy:

I got 1 dose of the shot and didn’t have a period for 8 months :roll_eyes:

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Oh jeez… I never got it again because I felt like I was having a miscarriage. It came back tenfold the month after. It was like a massacre. Was a little scary

After taking depo for 15 years I missed my shot and got pregnant with my son .

I had to end up taking pills that induce ovulation to get mine started again

I got pregnant while on it :thinking:

3 months and after that every 25days very light

My experience after stopping took over a year till I had one.

I got mine 18 months after stopping the depo

Mine took a year with no spotting

About 6 months. And I got immediately pregnant after :joy:

Almost 18 months lol

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About 6 months for me

Three times a year or less
Never got pregnant
Had to have a hysterectomy a few years ago due to cancerous cells

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Didn’t get it back until I went to the doctor and got a new birth control to start it…and that was after more than a year

Mine took me over a year and half


Mine took almost a year

6 months after I didn’t have one still so my doc prescribed me estrogen I think it was, to start them back.

It took me about 6 months after stoping to get my period but took about a year for them to be regular again

So I was only on the depo for about 6 months but I got my period back just after a month. It did take over a year for me to get pregnant though

I got the shot and bled for 6 months straight. Was awful

I got the shot 9 months ago. Last night I had a babe. XD so I’m in no way a good judge of when things work again cause appearently I never stopped… lol it was my third dose so either BC hates me or god thinks he’s funny… 3 BC babies :rofl::rofl: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Mine took about 6 months and I was on depo for about 4 and a half years

I have been on the shot 8yrs and spot maybe once a yrs. It goes according to your body so nobody can sit here and tell you anything cuz everybody’s body is different

6 months for me was on it for 8 years

It took a year almost

I got mine back after 6 months​:blush: its been a year now and they are still a little irregular but come every month :blush:

So I had mine around 6-8 months after I stopped however its still not 'normal and I’m regularly confused by it.
I also miscarried and Dr Said it was most likely from the depo even though it had been around a year since I had the last shot. That miscarriage was about 4 months ago.

Didn’t have mine for almost 12yrs which was when both my girls started theirs mine finally kicked back in with the hormones crazy in the house with my girls I even got pregnant with no period and of course no birth control and since I had no period the Dr asked how I became pregnant with no menstrual cycle? My response was hey your the Dr. you tell me.

I took a medication to help kickstart it up again.

How many people got pregnant on depo

Took me almost a year to get a period and then shortly after my period started - I got pregnant

Had a shot in May didn’t get a period until March the next year

It took me about a year for my system to get back to normal.

Took me almost a year and than I barely got it.

I got my period before I realized that I forgot that I didn’t get the shot

6 months ish. Took years to come back propaply and be regular

Mine came back after I gave birth to my youngest son.

I bled the whole time I was on it…

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Mine took a whole year

It was months for me

Ooooh gosh mine took a good 18 months I’m sure? I’m positive it took bloody ages to come back normally and regular. I bled around 6months but it was apparently a missed miscarriage x

I got pregnant right away after stopping the depo then another time I got my period with a week

Quit poisoning your gashes lol

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Why do none of you ask your doctors these things?! You ask complete strangers. Everyone’s body is different. All these health questions should be directed towards your doctor.

I was on depo for about 3 years and it took about 6 months after I stopped for a regular period. Before that I would spot