When did you go into labor after losing your mucus plug?

When did you go into labor after losing your mucus plug? i have been losing bits and pieces for a few days and am 40 weeks


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. When did you go into labor after losing your mucus plug?

Some people never do.


It was a good couple of weeks for me I believe. I can’t remember exactly how long but I want to say I lost it at 27 weeks and went into labour at 30+2

After my waters broke n I was in full blown labour lol

Lost the plug then waters broke about 4 hours later.

Approximately 12 hrs between loosing it and being admitted at 4cm. Here they won’t usually admit until your 4cm dialted

I lost mine about a week before I went into labor, but I wasn’t even sure that’s what it was; I’d seen pics and mine wasn’t anything like what I’d seen lol.

A week later - I was 38+2

Two days I got induced after losing mine

Only lost my mucus plug when my water broke with my 2nd pregnancy which was a few mins after midnight and was perfectly fine until about 3am I started to have a few small contractions and went in to the hospital.

It could be a sign labor is close but It can also regenerate. Hopefully for you it means labor is coming soon!

I lost mine twice. I didn’t go into labor but I actively losing fluid… my 37 week appointment I had to go to labor and delivery asap lol

I lost the whole thing and still had to be induced two weeks later :woozy_face:

39 weeks and 4 days I finally lost mind the day then later that night went into labor

I’m a man and I have no children, so I had no idea a mucus plug was a thing, until a few years ago when my foreman arrived at work late after going with his pregnant wife to her obgyn. Needless to say “shut up, ya mucus plug” became a common phrase around the job sight for awhile after that.

I’ve been losing my mucus plug on and off since around 20wks. It continues to regrow. Currently 30wks almost 31 and in the hospital now for pre term labor, my water has already broken and my membranes ruptured, and I’m still losing my mucus plug. This is my 3rd baby, and I experienced losing my plug through our each pregnancy. Sometimes it never fully comes out until baby comes out,but it continues to regrow til it fully falls out.

It should only be a day or so. If it’s longer, tell your doctor.

You should go anytime now if your that far along. I lost mine 2-3 weeks before I went into labor

4 weeks later. It can grow back

About 24 hours after that

Everyone is different I lost mine both times when I started labor with contractions exactly and gave birth that day

When your body decides it is ready. Don’t you have a midwife or something to explain pregnancy to you?

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Never lost it 2 weeks before hospital induction

I don’t even remember losing mine. My water just broke

I remember my cousin lost hers delivered the baby 2 or 3 days later

First pregnancy I lost mine at 0230 and was at the hospital by 0500. Second pregnancy I lost mine over a period days but was then induced at 39 weeks.

I lost mine the night before my water broke. I was 40 weeks along.

I lost mine for weeks and still had to be induced. Mucus plus isn’t always a for sure sign of labor

Within a week to 2 abouts

I lose pieces of it time and time again after 3rd trimesters and went into mybown labor only 1 time overdue with my 2nd otherwise I’ve always needed to be induced. I have 6 living and 2 angels. I’ve never seen my bloody show though.