When did you start showing in pregnancy?

I was overweight before I got pregnant. I wear about a size 20. I will be 17 weeks tomorrow, and everything has been so far, so good for my first pregnancy. I’m wondering to all my plus-size mommas what week did you first start truly showing, and when did you first feel your baby moving?


Didn’t start showing until 20 weeks… but I always wore baggy clothes anyway :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I never really showed with both and i was close to 20 weeks or 22 weeks is around the time i felt them

I was more “midsized” before I got pregnant, but I didn’t start really showing until 25 weeks. I feel like some people’s bellies grow steadily and others grow in spurts I went from :lemon: to :basketball: to :earth_americas: there was no in between :rofl:


Was a size 18 started really showing around 25w. Before that my jiggly belly kinda just got a little firmer each week. I didn’t feel kicks til after 20w wit both kids as I had an anterior placenta both times

I was 112kgs (size 18-20 clothes) when I got pregnant with my first and didn’t start truly showing until I hit 30 weeks and felt baby move around 16 weeks. Just remember every pregnancy is different :blush:

At the start of this pregnancy at a size 4 I started showing around 8 weeks, but at a size 18 during a previous pregnancy I didn’t show until 20 weeks or so.

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When I got pregnant I was a size 18-20, I started feeling baby around week 18 but I could tell it was movement at 22 weeks. I am 31 weeks 5 days and I just started showing noticeably at 26 weeks…I’ve also lost 40 lbs.

I was 17 weeks and 3 days in that photo with my daughter

I’m about the same size as you but have a long abdomen so my babies always sat back further so I didn’t really start showing until I was like 6-7months lol

I wore about a size 18 or so and didn’t start really showing until about half way thru. Baby is 8 months now and while I’m back to a 18 and maybe weigh a little less, my weight is distributed differently. It’s weird.

I’m currently 14weeks and I’m very small so I started showing at 12

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I’m 26 weeks and just started showing the last few weeks!

Didn’t feel baby until 20 weeks :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not plus size so I apologize but I did not start showing until close to 25 weeks with my first baby. I have heard that with each following pregnancy you start to show earlier and earlier.

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i’m at 16/18 and really didn’t start showing until i was around 30 weeks tbh. but i felt him move a lot earlier than that. i can’t remember an exact time

I think it was almost like… 5 months? Around the 20 week mark. But it was really only noticeable to me cause I knew what my body looked like, and my husband cause he had been gone for training so when I sent him a pic randomly one day he saw the change Haha.

I am plus size and although I could tell I was pregnant, no one else could ever tell till I was 7 or 8 months.

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When i actually showed i was lile 35 weeks. Im a size 14 but you couldnt tell i was pregnant for a WHILE

14 weeks I felt my son move

Plus sized with both didn’t show until 7 months😂 with my first I felt her at 15 weeks I think? 2nd was 13 weeks??

I didnt show til about 7 months but felt him through my whole pregnancy

Plus sized and I didn’t really pop out until 35 weeks but I started slowly showing around 29 weeks. I’m kind of tall though so my baby didn’t really show until alot later.


As far as showing, it all depends on your body type really. I am going on 20 weeks, and this past week or so you can tell -I’ve had a few people ask if I was pregnant. For some people it’s early, some people late. As far as movement goes, I was right around 17 weeks. I still don’t feel him everyday, but every now and again.

In this pic I’m 10 weeks n 2 days. Usually wear a size 14-16 but this is my 6th baby!

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My sister is over weight and she didn’t show at all with her second child couldn’t tell she was pregnant

It’s different for everyone. And every pregnancy you start showing sooner than the previous.

I am plus size size 20 -22 and I started showing at 30 weeks.

If you wanna look pregnant maybe get maternity tshirts or blouses. I feel like they help give you a flattering pregnancy belly shape instead of just wearing a regular oversized shirt. Either way your healthy baby will be safe and happy in your belly until they’re ready to come out :purple_heart:


I’m a 20 also. Its not that I started showing differently so much as all my weight moved forward like overnight. I would say right at about 26weeks I started feeling more pregnant and got kicks around then and looking less like just a big girl. And certain clothes emphasize it. Wear empire waists and drapey stuff to look more pregnant. Maxi dresses did it for me most. And tbh I never had to buy different tops while I was pregnant just pants and shorts and one light jacket as I was due in Nov

I’ll be 17 weeks tomorrow as well and I’m not plus sized, but I still haven’t felt the baby move and I’m not really showing and this is my 5th pregnancy.

I am a plus size mom this time around (my third). I didn’t really start showing a “bump” until about 15 or so weeks. I’m almost 22 weeks now and I just started really feeling baby kick about 20 weeks. This pregnancy is VERY different from my other two. So no matter what you hear or read, literally no two pregnancies are alike. Congrats on the little one :blue_heart:

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I wear between 18/20 and this was me at 22 weeks pregnant. Maternity underwear and pants really helped shape my belly i would still just mostly look big if i wore regular clothes.

I wore my jeans that were my 5th month jeans home from the hospital, didnt start showing until 5th month

My sister weighed 120 and she started showing around 3-4 months. I weighed 150 and started showing around 6 months.

I started really showing around 25-28 weeks… before that I just kinda looked bloated. I’m now 33 weeks and you can definitely tell it’s a baby belly now! Everyone is different though.

Size 18/20 here… With my first I had a super small baby and didn’t show until about 35 weeks… this baby I’m pregnant with now I started showing at 28 weeks.

Everyone is different, I didn’t show until 23ish weeks with my second, 8 weeks with my first

I’m a size 16-18 and this was me last week
Tbh my “roundness” didn’t come in till about 24weeks

You won’t start showing good till about 6 months!

I’m on my second pregnancy and I was about a size 16 when I got pregnant, I’ve been showing since around week 15 (I’m almost 18 weeks now) and I’ve been feeling the baby kick since around week 14 but it is my second pregnancy and every pregnancy is different

I was a size 14 while pregnant with my first & didnt truly show until 32 weeks but with my second it was about 22 weeks with added weight gain & loss of abdominal muscles from the first .

Started showing at 20 weeks

I was almost 7 months before I did and not super overweight with my first. With my second I started showing around 17-18 weeks

I was a size 20 with my first pregnancy and did not show unless I wore stretch pants until I was about 6 months, with my second I was a 24 and was so sick I looked pregnant but yet I did not I lost so much weight 60 pounds during the pregnancy, my third one I was a size 22 and showed a little at 3 months I carried him much higher than I did the first two.

I started showing about 20 wks or so and that’s about the time I started feeling my son move around. He was busy

I was 165lbs when I found out I was pregnant. I started showing at about 6 months and only gained 15lbs. Now with my second, I was 195lbs and lost 15 in the first few months due to being sick alot, then gained 30 by labor. So that was the first time I had ever been over 200 lbs and I was a size 16W. I started showing with him about 6 months and grew big FAST

I wear a size 18/20 pre-pregnancy & I had a little bump at 11 weeks
I was told this was likely because I had an anterior placenta though

I never really looked pregnant. Someone asked me how far along I was and I was in my 9th month. I didn’t try to hide it but ppl couldn’t tell bc of how I was carrying her.

I wasn’t plus sized so I started showing around 15 weeks; however, I didn’t feel and movement until about 24 weeks! I was so worried but it turned out my placenta was in the front and it prevented me from feeling her kicks.

Noraml a similar size, first baby and I started really showing about 22-24weeks and first really noticeable kicks about the same time… I did feel flutters a little earlier tho

I’m the same size and around 20 weeks I could tell but no one else could. I started wearing pregnancy pants hoping it would help and i immediately looked pregnant. Maybe try that?

Plus size here and never showed with both kids. However, I did feel baby move starting around 16-17 weeks both times.

14/16. First pregnancy felt at 14, 12 in the second. First I wasn’t showing until at least 16 weeks but could hide with a baggy shirt until 20. Second I was showing by 8 and couldn’t give it by 13.

I’m on my 4th baby, very much a surprise! My youngest is one on Monday and I haven’t lost the weight from him :joy: so my tummy is flabbier than it ever has been during a pregnancy! I’m 22 weeks and only really started showing and feeling her over the last couple of weeks!

My first kid I started showing about 20 weeks. I am a bigger gal anyways. Movement was around 16 weeks. It got sooner with my next kids. I get the movement on my last at 12 weeks. Doc thought I was crazy. Still was testing negative for pregnancy but I could feel her moving already. Was crazy

4 months with my first and 3 months with my second and third

I never showed until about 30+ weeks.