When did your child stop sleeping in your bed?

I have a son. He is 5. He is very smart and mostly independent. He still asks to sleep in my bed, and I tell him he is a big boy ab to sleep in his bed, but then he will still crawl in my bed in the middle of the night. Should I let him stay in my bed or take him back to his own? My boyfriend (not his bio father)does sleep over on weekends and doesn’t mind when my son climbs in bed with us. I just don’t know when he stops wanting to be in my bed.


I don’t know any teenagers who still want to sleep in their parents rooms, so there is that… lol.

My daughter is 7 and still ended up in my bed .

My son is 10 and still sleeps with me sometimes or crawls in bed with me in the middle of the night

My son is 10 and my daughter is 7 and they still crawl in my bed at night

I know a 12 year old that sleeps in his moms room

Let him sleep with you as long as he wants to. Eventually, he will choose to stop and you will miss it.


My 9 year old daughter still crawls in the bed with me sometimes lol

Never. And that’s ok. Sometimes a boy just needs his mama. :heart:


About that age, I had to put my daughter in her bed and I stayed with her until she feel asleep. It worked for us. Our queen bed doesn’t feel big enough for my husband and I, no room for kids. But then we got a 90lb dog who helps himself…

My oldest is 9 and still wants to sleep with me at times. Enjoy it, Mama. One day they wont want to anymore. :frowning:

I can remember being 21 and very pregnat…and still using the couch cushions for a comfy spot in my Momma’s room. That was THE LAST time I slept in her room.

Mine stopped when she was 8.

My 11 year old daughter still sleeps with me. I figure she’ll stop on her own pretty soon so I enjoy the snuggles while they last

Embrace it :heart_eyes: one day you will miss it.


My son is turning 6 on Saturday and still like to have ‘sleepovers’ in my bed with me and his little sister 2. He’ll stop when he’s ready

It won’t last enjoy it

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I think she was maybe 17.

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What?!? Let him sleep with you for as long as he wants. You’ll miss it when he’s a teenager and wants nothing to do with you.


My sons are 5 and 10 and they sleep with us. Before I had kids I thought it was weird. But now that I have kids, I wouldn’t want it any other way. I love cuddling, having story time, and just talking with my boys. I want to enjoy the time I have with them. Because they grow up so fast. I feel my boys will always be able to talk with us.

My son is 9 and still sneaks into our bed sometimes. I scoot over and enjoy the snuggles.

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My first a few years. My second, never. He liked his own bed.

I stopped sleeping with my mama when I was 12 years old. It’s something I cherish and glad she done❤️ eventually theyll grow older and move to there own bed

My daughter will be 7 next month. She’s been sleeping by me for the last 5 years. As much as I’ve tried to break it, she’ll fall asleep in her bed and then she’ll crawl in by me in the middle of the night and half the time I dont notice. I think she’ll eventually grow out of it, but then I remember that eventually she won’t want to and I’ll miss it.

It took me longer to not want to sleep with my son than it did him. Loved how he’d hold my hand as we shut our eyes and I fell asleep just smelling his hair. Finally when he was 10 he’d had enough. I still miss it though. Lol guess it’s up to you and how you feel. He’s 15 now, And I’m super thankful for those years of snuggles.


Mines 2. No signs of stopping. The serious bf is talkin about getting a bigger bed if we move in so theres room for the 3 of us lol :laughing:

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It’s up to you. You’re his parents. If you don’t mind him crawling in bed with you, then let him. If you don’t like it, then make him go back to his own bed.

Im a single mom and mine is nine. And sleeps with me.

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I’m not sure I’d want a guy sleeping in bed with my 5 yr old son that is not his… that being said it’s up to you. I have 4 kids none ever slept in my bed. Call me what you want I just didn’t want to have to break that habit


My oldest is 9 and she stopped sleeping in my bed when she turned 8. When I got pregnant she would sleep with me and cuddle me but it was only to feel her baby brother move around. Now that he’s born (he’ll be a month old tomorrow) she refuses to lay with me unless I have him in my bed with me. I miss her cuddles and her telling me how much she loves me before she’ll go to sleep. Enjoy it while you can, I thought she would’ve stopped when she was a lot older but nope.

Pretty soon he will want to be in his room all the time and avoiding you. Enjoy it while it lasts. My 4 year old still sleeps with us. I cherish every night that I get to snuggle and smell her hair and have her rub my hand or arm. It doesn’t last forever


It’s an attention thing at this point in my opinion. He’s not mommy’s man so best he can be is mommy’s baby still. He needs incentives to be a big boy in his own bedroom

My sons five as well we fall asleep together and than I move him into his room . We used nightlights to get my son to start sleeping in his room, ours isn’t every night now down to about 2-3 x a week

My son was around 5 when he quit. He just quit on his own. My 21 month old crawls in bed with me now. I got 2 years without a kid in my bed. Lol.

My son is almost five. We have the same issue except now there is no room in our bed with a new baby. I make him a bed on my floor and he is allowed to come in our room and go back to sleep there without waking us up. It seems to work. Maybe one day he’ll stay in his own bed lol

My son still does and he’ll be 9 in May lol. Sometimes I do get annoyed as I never have the bed to myself anymore, before and while pregnant whenever my boyfriend was here (not BIO dad to my oldest, but is to newest) I’d tell him he couldn’t. Same now, BUT now there’s a newborn added to the mix, so no way my boyfriend, 8 year old, newborn and I would all fit in my bed. So sometimes when my boyfriend isn’t here I’ll still say no that way I can move my newborns co-sleeper to the one side and have more room to FINALLY spread out.:joy::joy::joy: don’t feel guilty for that, but I do occasionally let him. They grow too fast.


Now he’s 15 and I would give anything for one more sleep over :joy::joy:

Four other kids 6 ish. But my ten year old still comes in on Friday nights and tells dad to sleep on the couch


All 4 of mine sleep with me most nights, occasionally the older one goes to sleep with her grandma or the girls choose to sleep in their room (more so when they have sleepovers) . The twins share a room with me, so either way their in my bed. I think it helps them feel safe and secure. Plus, having my babies near is comforting and I often think about how one day they won’t be in my bed or my home, so I choose to embrace it now, while they want to be near their mama. I truly believe it makes our bond stronger :heart:
Should add, dad doesn’t live with us, hes our weekly visitor :unamused:

Im 27 and still crawl in bed and take a nap with my mom :woman_shrugging:t4:

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My daughter who will be 5 In June still sleeps with me every night. I will let her until she starts school :blush: I did the same thing with my Almost 7 year old.

My son was 12 when he stopped sleeping in my bed. My other son (now 12) still asks to sleep in my bed when my boyfriends away… I say no though cause he moves too much :joy:

My daughter is 16!! 16 & still ends up in my bed most nights :joy::joy: but honestly I wouldn’t change it…I tease her & say she’ll still end up in my bed even after she’s moved out & married :woman_shrugging:t2:


I just started bringing my almost 2 year old to sleep in our bed with me. He sleeps great and has slept in his crib since a baby but I already feel like he’s growing up too fast and I don’t want to look back one day and feel like I didn’t enjoy every moment I possibly could. This is just my opinion and because I don’t want regrets one day, and because it’s impossible to rewind or pause time, I’m going to soak up my babies snuggles while I can for as long as I can :purple_heart::purple_heart: one day he’s going to want to spend as little time as possible at home with his parents and will be out doing his own thing and I’ll look back and cherish every night we got to snuggle and I got to hear his little sleeping noises and feel his little body curl into mine. Plus there is literally nothing better in the world to me than his enormous smile when he opens his eyes and sees me right there :heart::heart::heart:

My son is 8 and still sleeps in my bed,I dont have a s/o tho so its not a problem

We never let our babies sleep in our bed

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They will eventually grow out of it, then you’ll wish they would come snuggle one night with you. I never told mine they couldn’t when they asked.


I’m 21 and I still climb into my moms bed sometimes :joy:
On another note my 5 and 2 year old still sleep in my bed every night, if that’s where they feel safest then I’m not gonna make them sleep where they aren’t comfortable

Almost same situation, I put a twin bed next to my bed. He will fall asleep on the couch while we watch tv then I put him in his bed and lay in my bed with my bf/his father. Sometimes he wakes up and comes into bed other times he sleeps straight through night. He’s close but has his own space. Also we moved to 2 bedroom for cheaper rent and to save so right now it’s the best option

Sometimes they are just scared they will fall asleep in their own but wake up worried I just went threw this with my 7 year old daughter she would climb in bed with my 12 year old son while her 10 year old sister is in the same room. For Christmas I got her a stary nightlight when she turns it on you can change the colors and it rotates and projects stars and the moon around the room it has really helped her soothe out and be comfortable she had a few nights of climbing in with bubby but it’s worked for what I thought it would for the better part

My son just stopped sleeping in my bed at 8.

Never slept in my bed

Awe he will outgrow it eventually. At this point it’s probably just a comfort thing. My little guy is two and sleeps in his bed most nights, but some nights ends up in our bed. It won’t last forever…cherish the cuddles! :heart:

My 4 year old will climb into bed with me. Not every night, but most nights. I plan on enjoying it while I can. One day she may stop and I will miss it.

I tried between ages 4-5 to get my daughter to stop sleeping in my bed. Honestly I just got tired of trying every. single. night. So I stopped trying around age 5 and eventually, after I got pregnant with our youngest baby and my daughter was well in to 6 years old she just stopped coming in to my room at night. Now I miss having her in there lol enjoy it while you can mama, he’ll be ready when he’s ready.

I told my daughter at 3 she was getting to big to climb into bed with mom and dad. So then she’s crawl into bed with the dog who slept in my room :joy:
She eventually just started climbing into bed with her big sister. Now she cherishes sleeping alone :grin:

Uh you mean the 4 and 7 year old that took over my bed :woman_facepalming:t4:

I didn’t grow out of it until I was 15 :joy: my dad was over the road most of the time so I slept with mom a lot of nights. Every night until I was about 10 and then is started wanting my privacy a little more but would still sleep with her most nights. My son is 3 and he goes to sleep in his bed but always ends up in our bed. Im 28 weeks pregnant and ugh I wish he would sleep in his own bed because I’m so uncomfortable I dont even want my fiance in bed with me :joy: plus we have the 3 dogs that like to sleep in our bed too. I don’t sleep most nights. I wish you luck!

My daughter is 6 and stopped last year. My son is 4 and he still gets up and comes to our bed. Not sure when he’ll stop cuz he’s super attached to me, way more than my daughter was

My kids were 8, or so. They started out in their own beds but would end up in ours😊 They are all grown and gone and have families of their own.

I’m a properly the worst mother …I refuse to let my child sleep in her own bed…I’m paranoid someone might brake in the night and go to her room and we might not hear. …so I choose her to be between me and her father where we know she is safe…she is 4years old


Well you cant go to college with them so that’s a definite answer. Lol my 3 year old and 9 month old sleep with ys6


My 5 year old still sleeps in our bed and has since the day she was born​:heart: I honestly don’t mind it she won’t always want to sleep with mama when she gets older​:heart::broken_heart:


When he wants to. You will miss him when he doesn’t want to anymore :sob:

My kids are 10 and 12 and sleep in my bed. The 12 year old sometimes and the 10 year old every night


Never has never will


My son (2yrs old) I think I he will end up sleeping in bed next to me till the day he leaves for college :rofl: I have tried several times to have him sleep in his bed but he rather be next to me literally like faces touching next to me lol he is super attached so I think with being away from me all day while I work and him at daycare night time is his time to be close to me…I definitely do cherish it bc I know it wont last and I will definitely miss the cuddles when I no longer have them

My son is 8… Almost 9. Still crawls into my bed. Took us a few different big boy beds to find one he was willing to stay in. He now has a full size so his dog and cat can sleep with him. Also weighted blankets. But still occasionally ends up in mine. I figure one day he will be all grown and gone so i cuddle him tighter.

I slept in bed with my mom up till I was 15. ( we were really close) Enjoy it cause once the cuddles go away you’ll miss it

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My 5,6,7,8 year old still make their way to my bed through the night. One at a time lol enjoy the moments like that cause they won’t want it when they’re older

My daughter is 5 in July she sleeps with me, she has done since 4 week old she’s never slept in her own cot or bed… she doesn’t want to go in her own bed and I don’t want her to either, she makes me feel safe even though she’s only 4 nearly 5 and She must feel safe with me because she doesn’t want to sleep in her own bed she wants to be with me, I have a 12 week old baby girl aswell, but she sleeps in her crib she doesn’t settle in my bed I’ve tried😂

If you don’t mind him being in bed with you then why not let him be in bed with you but if you don’t like it then out him in his bed.

Everyone tells me to out my daughter in her own bed because she won’t ever go in it if I don’t and I understand that completely because I was once one of them kids… I slept in bed with my mum till I was 14! I wasn’t like how 14 year olds are these days! I was still playing with dolls and prams etc and no I wasn’t ashamed nor am I now! I loved it and I loved playing with them… I’m now 25 in august with two daughters of my own and if they want to be in my bed till whatever age then so be it, I love it and I don’t care what anyone else says x

As a parent of 3 kids, oldest is 16 this year & youngest is 3… my advice is to let him sleep with you as long as he needs to… do not be pressured by society! Before you know it 1 night will be your last night with him snuggling up next to you & you will miss it… soak up this time with him as it will soon pass, I wish I hadn’t rushed my oldest kids to grow up, I miss them being little xx

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I wouldn’t allow my kids to sleep in my bed with a non bio parent but if my kids ever wanted to sleep in bed with me for comfort I would allow them no matter what age. Follow your maternal instinct to nurture your child. If your child feels safe with you, allow them to feel safe. Many adults don’t sleep alone and yet we force our kids to. Follow your gut here.

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Mine started when she was 4 on her own free will, she likes her own room. Every other night she might complain about sleeping in her bed but she still ends up sleeping in there and she doesn’t sneak back in the middle of the night, I usually stay up long after shes gone to sleep because I’m paranoid so I like to listen out and check on her often :sweat_smile: Afew months ago we had some random that we thought was our neighbor walking around our yard so I’ve been on super high alert since then :sweat_smile:

Let him sleep with you when he wants. Kids grow up way too fast. He will outgrow it and when he does, you’ll wish he were little again.

My son is 9 years old and still sleeps in my bed every so often. I dont think theres a time frame but whatever your comfortable with. I’m letting it happen as often as he likes because I lniw they’ll come a time where he won’t want to anymore. Signs of growing up :disappointed_relieved:

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My son was 7 when he started sleeping full time in his own bed. He would occasionally sleep or come in early in the morning. I let him because to me that was a sign he needed some comforting. When it was time I took him shopping and he picked “big boy” bedding that he wanted. The catch was he had to sleep in his own bed. It took a couple of weeks of me walking him back to his room but it eventually worked after we made a deal that he could come in the morning on weekends and watch cartoons in bed with me. Good luck.

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My son is almost 5 and he does the same thing… as long as he starts in his bed (most nights :roll_eyes: ) I just let him stay… they are still little … it won’t be long he will stay in his bed… something is waking him and you are his safe place …

My son is 8 and he still sleeps with me. He says its because he doesnt want to be alone. So maybe there is something he is trying to overcome. But in retrospect there is no time limit. He is gonna out grow and move on. Suck this up. He is more important than your boyfriend. Let your baby have your time


Well everyone is different don’t let others dictate when is good for your baby and you… enjoy the time your baby needs u u don’t get to turn back time n do it again…its up to you …only my opnion

He could be doing it because he jealous…Just take him back to his room and lay down with him…Give him lots of hugs

I say do what you are comfortable with. My son is 9 and sleeps in his own bed. I lay with him until he falls asleep then go to my bed. There are some nights he comes to my bed in the middle of the night and I let him do it. To me it makes him feel safe when he is scared. Plus, I know he wont be small and need me much longer. They grow so fast. :sob:

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It will naturally progress and don’t worry. My bed is open for them but they start in their own beds.One day they just didn"t climb in, and it gradually tapered off. I still get cuddles in the morning, for movie night, and when they’re sick though.

Girl my son is 9 and he will get in bed with me. Enjoy the snuggles/sleeps while you can

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I don’t remember my kids sleeping in my bed, now dogs are a different story

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In my opinion he should not be allowed to sleep in your bed with your boyfriend and you he is to old

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Slowly convert him make him a palette on your floor or move his bed in your room (if your rooms big enough ) then once he’s used to sleeping in it he won’t mind being in his own room or lay with him in his bed until he’s asleep and then go in our own , and just keep putting him back in his own bed if you wake up with him in yours. He will adjust eventually.

My son is 25 and would still sleep with me when he has had a bad day. My 17 year old will if he is sick and my 15 year old regularly asks to sleep with me. They still say I love you in front of their friends and still hang out with mom every day before they can sleep.


My son just turned 10 and loves/begs to sleep in our bed. His daddy doesn’t mind. I do, but I also know this won’t last forever! Our babies do grow up! Sooner than later.


My son just turned 8 and he still sleeps with us. Believe me, we’ve tried. He is TERRIFIED of being alone. He is convinced that something will immediately come out of the closet or whatever and get him. Like genuine sobbing with tears down his face, he’s so scared. I’m assuming he’ll outgrow this but I didn’t think it would last this long. Good thing we have a king sized bed


My son will be 6 next month. I would lay with him in his bed until he fell asleep for quite a while. He would say mommy could you sleep with me. I couldnt tell him no. Sometimes he would wake up and cry if he found that i left. But then i started laying with him for shorter periods of time. I would cuddle him, kiss him and say ok mom has to lay in her bed now. For the past several months now he only occasionally asks me to lay with him and i will when he asks. Ill talk to him, rub his head and kiss him goodnight then he is good. I miss it sometimes but it feels good that he is ok with going to bed.


Take him back. I did that to my son when he climbed into my bed. Thankful he did not wake up. I covered him up and kissed him on his forehead and he was okay. The morning he asked how he got into his bed, and that is when I told him he is a big boy. He told me that he had a bad dream and got scared, that is when I made him a “Monster Spray” bottle. Since that day when he gets scared he sprays the monsters away.


My oldest never wanted to sleep in my bed even when he was sick. My youngest does once a week or so. He wont be this small forever. I remind my husband when he becomes an independent teenager he will wish he was this small and wanted to cuddle again. Its only once a week.


Hold them close as long as you can. It won’t last forever. My son passed away last year at the age of 14. He would still climb into bed with me before he passed and I would do anything to have him back in my bed to cuddle.


My son is 11 & wants to sleep next to me occasionally. Personally even if he’s a grown man I will always let him sleep next to me. I feel like I’m his safe place.


My children never slept in our bed, my youngest would come in sometimes in the middle of the night just to make sure we were there and I would carry him back to his bed and he was fine. If you let him get in bed with you it will become a bad habbit for you both


That’s up to you. My daughter is about to be 8 and will crawl in my bed still in middle of night. I usually let her stay unless i get uncomfortable and cant sleep


My daughter was in her 20’s and still wanted to sleep with me! I never told her no. My EX MOTHER IN LAW visits and I sleep with her!!!


He may be seeking reassurance. His dad isn’t there and you have a new love. Don’t overthink it, let him do this. If you think it’s too much, put him back in his bed after he falls back asleep.


My soon to be 5 year old still sleeps in my bed. One day I’m going to miss him and we won’t be as close. Also I don’t like sleeping alone why do we expect our kids to just deal with it??


Never started it. They even knew not to come in the room unless they knocked. Thats the way they grew up we didn’t enter their room without knocking either


My daughter slept with me until she was 5. A friend was deployed to Desert Storm and his daughter stayed with us. Redid the room for the two of them and she was fine. There were a few times afterwards, she might but spent 90% time in her own bed. My son was totally different. He nursed until he was almost 3 and I don’t think he completely slept in his bed until he was about 12. It always seemed like if something happened that disrupted the regular flow of the house, he was back in my bed. He may just be needing you. Give him his space, he will gradually out grow it and you will be surprised how much you miss it.