When did your kid stop believing in Santa?

Hey mamas. At what age did your child stop believing in Santa? What did your conversation look like? My son is 12 and I feel it is coming.


I’m sure he knows already. Mine knew by the time they were 8


My son is 11 and just started questioning it a few days ago. (I mean he has before but not into such depth) I finally just told him. Thought I had atleast 1 more year but nope. Kept him believing as long as I could.

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Never stop believing in Santa. It’s the spirit of Christmas, when kids say he is not real, remind them of the story of the real Saint Nicholas. Plus the real reason for Christmas. The birth of Jesus… it’s Not the buying of gifts.


My son was around 10 when I told him. He found all his gifts on Christmas Eve and because I had to work I didn’t have time to rewrap all of them. I took some advice from a woman I work with who suggested telling him about the real St. Nicholas and what all he did for needy children. I started there and it lead into telling him the truth. I told him it’s now time for him to help keep the magic alive for other children who don’t know.


All my kids know Santa isn’t real. My kids are 6, 5, 11, 15 and 2.
I didn’t raise my kids to think Santa was real. I didn’t want to deal with one day telling them he’s not real and that I lied. Or them being heartbroken or bullied by other kids.

But they do know Santa as being a jolly Christmas spirit. They love Santa and have chosen to believe in him with all their hearts.
They choose to believe. And they choose to let other children believe.

I’ve done the same with the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny all the mythological creatures. Even with God.

I stopped at age 7. I’m not even teaching my toddler about Santa until she’s old enough for the legend about St. Nicholas.

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My boy is 9, he believe but questions everything. I’m able to have an answer for…he legit almost got us by asking us how much a hockey stick was. I told him I had no idea, he said “yeah that’s cuz Santa gave it to me”. That was last year…I know kids deserve to be kids for as long as they want, I will continue to play Santa for how ever long I have to. I’m going to be honest though, I really don’t like this holiday and wish this was my last year doing this. We shall see though.

We have an 11 year old and kids ruined it for him last year at school, and he ruined it for my best friends kid so that was a tough lesson for him to learn not to ruin the magic for other kids.

For me, I let my kids choose as to what they want to believe. My boys ask if hes real, i say well son is he real to you? Do you believe in him? They both continue to say yes so i say and thats all that matters. But theres others who dont believe and thats okay. Now no other kid can “ruin it” lol

My lad 10 with additional needs doesn’t believe stop 7-8 after told by someone else …
My daughter 7 so defo thinking next year will be her last I think too​:cry::cry: they grow up to fast nowadays

My oldest just recently a few months ago asked and she’s 10. We still.talk about Santa and do Santa gifts to her for the sake of my younger two who of course still believe.

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When my twins were 7 my neighbors kid same age told my boys santa isn’t real so there u go.

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My son was like 10 or so. And my daughter is only 3 so she still believes and I hope she does for some years

My 12 year old knows Santa isn’t real, but believes in the Magic of Christmas. My younger kids still believe


My daughter stopped last year at 9. I’m pretty sure my almost 8 year old is on the fence.

Our youngest turned 12 in July & this was his 1st official Christmas that he knew the truth but he started questioning last Christmas season

My son is 8 & questionable on it!

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I would say 8-9 years old is most common

My son was 12 and daughter around 11.

Think I was like 7 thanks to my big sister. :grin:

I’m 47 and I still believe💜

We avoided the issue completely by never doing Santa :woman_shrugging:
Santa isn’t pulling double shifts to afford these presents, mommy and daddy are


He probably doesn’t and ‘believes’ for your sake

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My daughter is 10, and told me a few weeks ago she knows he isn’t real and has known for awhile, she said she hasn’t said anything due to her younger sister and she also likes the “feeling” and “idea” of Santa which is also why she didn’t say anything. The way I see it, she didn’t want ME to dismiss Santa because she knows he isn’t real so decided to not say anything.

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My son asked me if he was real at 9 when kids start talking and also was putting two and two together. Good luck!

Around 9, my 2 older ones asked, I explained they were right…
Santa wasn’t “real” he wasn’t a big fat man that went around the world all night, but “Santa” is real… he symbolizes christmass, there for I AM Santa, Grand parents are santa… anyone who gives without recognition is Santa.
So even though he’s not a real person with reindeer, he is real… and now they get to be Santa with me.
They have helped since with their younger siblings. Now my almost 10 year old know…( she found the elf before Christmas) but doesn’t want to admit it. We had the talk… but… she doesn’t wanna let go lol so we drug it out one more year, lol. so next year, all 3 kids and I will be Santa for another family.
Because Santa is real… it’s just not a person. It’s the magic of giving. :heartpulse:

My 15,11& 9 yr old found out last night. I fully thought my 15 yr old was pretending to “protect my feelings” but he was mind blown! My 9yr old is the one who started questioning and when it all came out they were actually relieved lol said it made them feel like an adult now :face_holding_back_tears:

he turned 12 in October he shocked me about it i was all for Xmas magic Christmas eve I said come on lets leave santa snd his reindeer midnight snack he said don’t be stupid santa isnta isnteal :tired_face: oh OK then​:woman_shrugging:

I told my kids Santa is real as along as you believe he is. When you stop believing Santa stops coming. I will take over but I’ll make sure you don’t know it’s me. That kept them believing until about 12 -13

12? He knows, he just plays along coz he thinks it makes you happy :slightly_smiling_face: but at that age kids at school talk, but many of them still believe In the magic :slightly_smiling_face:

Mine were younger, grands too.