When did your period start when beastfeeding?

When did all of you exclusively breastfeeding mama’s get your period back?


11 to 12 weeks with both… :neutral_face: I was never one of the lucky ones that didn’t for awhile!

The first baby not until 6minths…2nd baby at 3months then 5months but still waiting at 7 months.

A little over a year!

6 weeks after she was born. I birth bled for 3.5 weeks, and then 2.5 weeks after it stopped it was back.

Never and just had my second 4 weeks ago still no period lol

I didnt . BC I got on the depo right after i had her

About a month or so after I stopped

14 months with my first. My second is 3 months and still haven’t had one.

My baby is 7 months and I exclusively breastfed and just got a period couple days ago🙄 I was bummed lmao

About 3-4 months after birth

Switched baby to formula a few months ago, I nurse only at night, but still no period back and he will be 11 months soon. :thinking: But with my 1st and 2nd baby my period came back within a month of stopping.

12.5 months, still nursing.

Mine was immediately no nice pauses like some have

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I exclusively pumped and got my period back 13mpp. I stopped pumping at 12mpp.

I had my baby about 2 1/2 months ago and I got it last weekend. :unamused:

Couple weeks after they placed an IUD.

Almost 1.5 years, I weaned to 2x at a yr and got it around a year and a half when we wanted to concieve our 2nd, my 3rd and ot took 2 periods, I conceived a month ahead of when we planned. Messed up summer vacation but it was worth it. (The one concieved was the curly haired diva in my profile pic :joy:)

11mths pp and still no sign. :ok_hand:

Going on 9mos without a period.

Exactly 6 weeks after I had my second baby. And then I had 2 to 3 cycles a month until i got pregnant this time. Gyn said it was because of breastfeeding and sometimes it can cause some women to have multiple cycles in a month

A year later this thursday and no period yet

4 mos had a spotty period. 5 mos had a heavy normal period.

Still exclusively feeding my 18 month old and no sign of period yet :blush:

5m with formula supplement,
10m and EP,
18m and straight boob, no bottles.

Nearly a year on each

6 weeks pp for my 2nd born & 4 months pp for my 3rd born.

My sister only had her period when she started to wean

5 months with my first, 6 months with my second.

1 month after I stopped breastfeeding

Almost 6 months and still no period

4 months with my 1st, 5 months with my 2nd (with my 2nd, i was pumping at work & nursing at home. With my 1st i was a sahm)