When do babies eye color change?

How old were your babies when their eyes changed to their true eye color?


1st son was about 13 months and the second two were around 2

My kids eyes were blue at birth and stayed blue

My nephews went from a bright blue to green, like the day after his 1at birthday… both my kids eyes changed shades of blue at about 6 months and they stayed that color…

My baby girl is 1.5 now… She was born with baby blue eyes :heart_eyes:. When she turned, Year & 4 month’s her eyes starting changing and now they are a hazel :heart_eyes:

1 and half with my oldest child

About 2.5 to 3 years old. She had blue eyes and now they’re hazel.

My oldest son went from baby grey to brown and around 10 years old they turned hazel! My eyes are hazel and more green developes the older I get too

Six years old, bright ocean blue to hazel

All 3 of my kids were born with blue eyes and they’ve stayed that way and they are 6, 2 and 1

Around 2 for two of mine. My middle has always had black eyes.

My daughters eyes are blue and stayed blue.
My sons eyes went from a blue green to a green brown around 1.5 2 years old.

Never changed. But mine did before I was 1.

My first was born with blue eyes and they stayed blue. My second was born with blue eyes and shes only 3 mo.

For my son it was in a week… from blue/green to brown…
My daughters started with grey/blue, hazel in 6 months and now back to grey/hazel again at 8 months…

they can take up to 3 yrs old to change

My oldest 3 still have the same color of eyes when they was born. My 2 month old was born with like a deep dark blue eye color and they are slowly changing to a light blue.

2 for my oldest
1 for my youngest

By a year with my 2 oldest. 2 weeks with my littlest. She has one blue eye and one brown eye

My daughters eyes were blue when she was born and turned to green around 3 years old

My son is four and his eyes recently changes from blue to green and my daughter is 3 and hers are starting to turn green . And I was born with blue eyes and they turn green when I was five so it all depends I guess.

Mine have all been blue since birth they 4 5 and 7