When do babies sit up?

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hi all, when did all ur kids start sitting up?! my son turned 3 month old today and i’m wondering if i need to do something about it. for example sit him up on the couch with pillows when he’s 3 month and half so it can help him. or they just do it on their own when ready. I can’t remember how it was with my first son and if we did something or not to help him sit up. thanks.


Mine sat up at 4 months, but couldn’t sit herself up without my help until 5. Crawled at 6, walked at 10

Some babies crawl before they sit up. Every baby is different. I wouldn’t worry until after 6 months

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I helped encourage my son to sit up in a walker and with pillows he was stable enough tho

Mine was 4 1/2 months when she sat up…tummy time is a huge help for those growing neck muscles!

No he’ll do it on his own… But mine was 4 months

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My son would sit up assisted at 4 months but wasn’t able to sit up on his own until 6 months. You can use a boppy or pillows to help sit him up.

All 3 of my kids sat up on their own at about 6 months. They will do it on their own though!

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He’ll do it on his own. My son could sit up on his own for a few seconds before falling over around 5 months but didn’t start fully sitting up on his own without falling over until closer to 6 1/2 months.

I literally walked into a room and my son was sitting @ 4-5 months old. He tried and tried and tried and just did it one day. My daughter was more stubborn, didn’t do things u til she knew it was perfect so she was about 6 months. They all just do it on their own in their own time. Don’t fret or force it. It’ll happen.

Sitting up is between 4-6 mths. They will tellyou when their ready. Each babys differnt

…high chair

Dont rush it. Baby is only 3 months old. Enjoy the baby and the milestones will come when they come. Sitting unassisted is usually around 5-7 months old. Dont force it, it’s not good for their spine.

My son was 5 months old when he started crawling and then he started to sit up around abouts the same time…he then started walking at 10 months

Jesus christ! They don’t have the muscles, strength or the freaking need to sit up at 3 months.

My daughter sat unassisted at 3 months, but I didn’t force it. Also bumbo chairs are really bad for their spine as it doesn’t sit at the proper angle.
Babies all sit at their own pace. Don’t rush it. My second didn’t sit until 6.5 months old.

My son is almost 8 months old and can’t sit unassisted or crawl or even get up on his knees :flushed: dr wasn’t concerned though so I’m not too worried. But reading this has made me feel like he’s super behind

5-6 months for both of mine. They started rolling over at 3-4

Yes prop him up so it helps him get used to it and build up the strength

my daughters six months and can just barely sit up unassisted! i’d start working on it, but never rush!