When do babies start crawling?

Seeking advice: My 8 month old baby hasn’t started crawling yet. According to her pediatrician it is a 9 month milestone, so I’m not rushing, I just want to make sure she’s up and crawling on time. We do a handful tummy times daily, she uses a jumper 1-2 daily. While on her tummy, she can push up all the way on her arms, and likes kick her feet around. She can “army crawl” but hasn’t figured out how to lift her hips and bend her knees to crawl regularly. What are some ways to encourage her? Any tricks you used to motivate your baby/babies?


She will get it momma. Every baby is different.

Show her! Just crawl around and make it seem fun!

Seem like shes getting close army crawling is a good step

Day care and other babies helped mine

Also put a toy or her bottle/ sippy a little bit in front of her.

Some babies don’t crawl they just get up and walk


I was worried about the same thing. My baby started at 10 months and just a week later, he was pulling up in the crib to stand. She’ll get there. Make sure she spends plenty of time on the floor.

My twins hit milestones differently…get the book.what to expect in.the 1st year…

My daughter didnt crawl at all… just rolled around and then when she was 15months old decided she could walk lmao dont panic or push for it. Babies will do only what they want to lmao

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My kid skipped crawling all together. She rolled everywhere till 10 months pulled herself up on the couch and took off running.

One of mine never crawled properly, always just the army crawl. The doctor told me some babies don’t like the feeling of being on their knees so they never crawl like that. I wouldn’t worry about it

When my son was a baby he went from the army crawling right to walking

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My son was a preemie. Now 9 months old. We are still working on “tummy time, rolling over, and sitting up with balance” he’s getring better at it but he sure is taking his time. I heard babies do things in their own time.


They sell a toy that rolls that teaches them to crawl after it in the baby section. Also snacks lol they worked for my son at least

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My youngest only army crawled before she started walking. Don’t worry about it girl.

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Mine didn’t crawl until abt 10 months old, he just turned 1 and is walking and into EVERYTHING!!!

Crawl around on floor and show her… help getting her up

Girl my boy is also 8 months and he army crawls everywhere he trys the right way but just rocks and books ass doing it the way he can. He is also pulling up and standing but won’t sit up on his own

Some kids don’t crawl. Some only ever army crawl or scoot on their bottoms.

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My First Daughter skipped crawling and started walking at about 9 1/2 Months. Each Child is different.

My son was 10 months before he crawled and 14 months before he walked. We were worried he was going to be behind but he’s now almost 3 years old, very smart and pretty advanced for his age. Every baby is different.

My 1 yo took her first steps for a French fry :joy::sparkling_heart:

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This is a duplicate post

all 5 of mine …no one crawled and skipped it all together!
My 1st was 7 months walking without assistance, 2nd was 13 months walking without assistance, 3rd was 13 months walking without assistance, 4th was 14 months walking without assistance, and 5th was 12 months walking without asssistance.

Yes leave her be till shes ready

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I hate the term ‘milestones’ every child is different.