When do babies start talking?

I have a son who will be 2 next month on the 18th and he is hardly talking at all. At what age did your little one start talking? He does say some words like mama, dada, pap, no, ball, puppy and bye. He understands things, like for instance he will go get his shoes if I ask him to or if he wants more to drink he will bring me his cup when I ask him to get it. He is just EXTREMELY busy and is playing constantly, I try my best to sit with him and look at picture books and teach him words but he just wants to go at all times. I also say everything out loud so he can hear the words but I’m not sure it’s helping. He babbles like crazy but he isn’t hardly talking at all. I do have a checkup with his dr next month for his yearly but I’m just curious if this was normal for all of you. Thanks.


My son started talking a bit later too. Just keep trying to make him say things, like if he brings you his cup, ask him if he wants, water or juice and make him try to say it, things like that helped alot. Good luck!

My boy is just starting to say more. He turned 2 may10. My son is very independent and always on the go too. I wouldn’t worry.

My son is 2 and will be 3 in november. He did not talk much until here recently. Just keep repeating words clearly and reading books as much as you can.

This is normal. I wouldn’t be worried. My son says more then I think he knows when he wants to on his terms. It’s hard to make them sit and read a book with you especially at this age. But your doing the right thing by talking out loud so he will pick up on words. He will speak when you least expect it and when he’s ready. Good luck.

They thought my step son was gonna be slow at first till he turned 3-4 an wouldn’t shut up. Lol :joy: everyone learns at their own pace an he will speak when he’s ready too. Jus continue talking to him as u would anyone else an he will adventually talk more.

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My son will be 2 in September and he just starting picking up a ton of words. Just in the last week he’s learned probably 5 or 6 random words. He comprehends what I’m saying usually though, so I’m not too worried. His pediatrician said she isn’t concerned unless it’s all just babble

I’m in the exact same boat. He turned 2 in April.

My son was the same way, he will be 2 next month and I want to say at 21 months he all of a sudden just started saying more words and putting 2 or 3 words together… he still talks gibberish though! Every child is different. My first was talking full sentences by 2. Just hang in there… once they start they never stop lol!

My son always had his own language. He talked all the time. They just weren’t real words. By the time he was 3 and still not saying real words he started speech therapy. He’s 4. Still in speech therapy. After a year of speech therapy he says A LOT more than he used to but he’s still got a long way to go. He knows everything. It’s nothing with not understanding or not wanting to talk. He just can’t properly… I wish I would have put him into therapy sooner… Now he’s going into Pre-K and the other kids speak full sentences and my son still only does 3 word combinations and gets a bit left out by other kids because he’s not on their level.

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My nephew turned 3 yesterday…one year ago, he barely said any words and then in late October-Early November, he just started talking away in full sentences. Mymomsaid my brother (his dad) was the same way

I would bring that up to the doctor. Just so they can evaluate him and see if he needs speech therapy the earlier you start the better. I waited I thought oh he’ll just grow out of it or he’s a joy they’re lazier. He’s about to turn three next month and still nothing but thank god he’s staring his therapy next week :pray:t2:

My youngest 2 kids have required speech therapy. My daughter rated very low for both speech as well as comprehension…meaning she couldn’t even understand what we were saying. She had so many ear infections and now at 7 there are still some pronunciation things she struggles with. My son has a huge vocabulary, but his it’s his pronouncing that we have had to work on. If you are concerned, bring it up with the pediatrician at the next check up. Because it could be just fine, but it’s always good to check when in doubt.

Mine used sign language until he was almost 2 and a half… Then he woke up one day and hasn’t shut up since. :expressionless::blush:


No worries. He will talk when he is ready. If you are really concerned
Take him to a speech therapist.

Boys talk later than girls. I wouldn’t stress it.

As a special education teacher and Mom, I can tell you his speech is delayed. That doesn’t necessarily mean that he needs early intervention or speech - YET. He should be using 10-15 words spontaneously throughout the day (and that’s just a milestone guideline). I would definitely discuss it with your pediatrician, especially if you are concerned and do not see an increase in vocalizations.

For now, at home, constantly talk and label things. Point to pictures in books or on TV and label them as well. While out grocery shopping, label. That’s the only way they will learn.

I do agree with many parents that he may talk when he is ready, and from what you are saying his receptive language is stronger than his expressive language. You need to work more on his expressive language and praise, praise, praise when he does use a word! He will start to learn “oh wait, I make this noise with my mouth, and she freaks out! I like that!” All of a sudden you will see an increase in his vocalizations.

I’ve been teaching children with special needs (diagnosed AND undiagnosed) for over 12 years. Before anyone tries to attack me for what I have said, please know I’m not talking out of my butt or trying to alarm anyone. I’m just being honest and trying to help.

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My great-granddaughter does the thing. She’s slowing saying more words now.

My grandson was the same and diagnosed on the Autism spectrum. After a speech therapist got involved, he was talking not stop. Worth a test !!!

My son had the same problem. Saw a speech therapist for a short amount of time after he turned two. I listened to the advise and since our schedules were off he stopped seeing her. I was convinced on helping him myself. Try talking to him with two and three word sentences. His understanding is probably good but in order for him to say it it has to be in shorter terms (examples: cup please, truck dig, nap time, no run, bath time) if he’s getting the words of things are add a little ( red truck, bike fast,) all day when you can. My son will be three next month and talking 4 word sentences.

i’d bring it up, but boys are notoriously late talkers. i brought it up at every appt, and we’d make a follow up for 6 months and by then he’d have improved. he understood SO MUCH, he just didn’t talk. we did that till he was 4 - when he finally started chatting and having conversations. then kindergarten started and WOW. he’s almost 12 and he has an impressive vocabulary and talks nonstop.

Please get his hearing checked by a professional [pediatric ]. Your Dr. Will have some insight as what to do next. Maybe speech eval.Good luck, he’s probably fine.

Ask his pediatrician for a referral for a speech therapist. I’m in the same boat. Our ST has made so much improvement

Get his hearing checked!

Granddaughter was like that. now you can’t shut her up!

Hes only 2. All kids talk when they want too. He will when he is ready. I babysat a child who said less then that up until he was almost 4…then all.of a sudden he wouldn’t stop talking. He started talking perfectly too…not baby jabber. He will be fine. Just keep talking and doing numbers and letters. Read books. Ask him “what’s this” or play I Spy with him.


Have you asked your doctor about having him tested.My son wasn’t speaking and at 2 he was tested. He had 40% hearing loss in one ear and had a terrible dairy allergy. With treatment and a strict diet he is a perfect boy

Just keep talking. The fact that he understands your direction is fantastic. He’s a listener right now. Just keep talking to him all day long. He will transition to more words. It’s not a race! Just support his pace.

When he has something to say he will say, my fourth child didn’t really start talking till he was almost 4 and even now with my fifth one he can talk some but it’s enough to get out what he wants but everyday it’s more and more and he’s 3. Child #4 is 20 now and no issues with us speech ever

It sounds like hes a year behind maybe that he needs a speech therapist