When do babies start teething?

is two months too early for a baby to start teething?


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My first had a full set by the time he was one and could barely tell he was teething…my girls had all the symptoms and took longer but started teething at different times they can come out with teeth I’ve heard but yes they can have symptoms of teething early on

Nope , my daughter started teething just after 2 months and had her first tooth around 3 months

Nope , my son started teething just before 3 months n is going on 7 months n only now his bottom teeth are starting to come threw. Poor baabies :disappointed_relieved:

My son started teething at 1 month & got his bottom teeth at 2 1/2 months

mine started early, it is possible… yes…

My sons started about 10wks. Lol. By 8.5 months, they were all in. :confused:
Just remember, start “brushing” when they came in. It’s easier it that are than at 3. :black_heart:

My MIL told me my husband started teething at 2.5 months and now our 2 month old is starting to

I would say no , it’s not. Some babies are born with teeth already.