When do babies start walking?

My 13 month old is still not walking ? At her 12 month check up they said it wasn’t to much of a concern since she’s baring weight on her legs when you hold her hands out to the side but she legit will not pull her self up. She can’t even pull her self up out of tummy time when she’s laying flat on her belly. She will take steps if you hold her hands out beside her but she will only lift her self to her knees. She doesn’t pull her self on to her feet.

She also has no balance, also she never crawled she’s very good a scooting/cruising around though & pulls her self up to her knees
Can anyone offer some advice !


Usually 1st born takes longer.

All kids r different.

Some take 19months#

My first didn’t walk until she was 18 months. I worried so bad, I tried so much to get her to walk. Just keep trying as much as you can. When she’s ready, she will do it.

My daughter sees a physical therapist every few weeks. She is 18 months old and still not walking but PT gives us different tricks and tips to keep her on track. Some kids just take longer. I don’t think there is any reason to worry

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Some babies don’t want to walk crawl scoot
They are all different
I’d be concerned if they weren’t doing anything
She is cruising furniture and scooting

My son didn’t walk on his own until 15months prior to that crawling and furniture cruising

Once they work out walking is way faster they’ll be off

My 13 month old son is walking, but my 13 month old daughter really isn’t. I’ve seen her take a couple of steps here and there, and she will walk assisted, but not fully walking. My 6yo walked pretty much right at 12 months, and she kinda just decided that she’s gonna walk now one day. Every baby is different. Keep practicing with her, she will get it soon enough!

My niece didn’t start walking until well after 1.5… come to find she was just lazy lol now we call her sassy pants because she stomps around with purpose hahahaha dont worry honey, your little one will be rummaging around and destroying your house in no time :two_hearts:

Our neurologist explained it to us that they like to work on 1 skill at a time for my son it was his verbal skills. He didn’t walk till 15 months and the doctor said it’s not really concern till 18 months. Some kids just take their time and in terms of crawling it’s not even a milestone because many kids actually skip it

I know a little boy who walked on his knees until he was almost 2! He’s 2.5 now and runs and walks on his feet nonstop. :blush:

If the pediatrician had concerns, I’d be concerned… but since your pediatrician is fine with it, just take a deep breath and be thankful for the extra time where she’s not tall enough to grab stuff off your coffee table. Lol.

A lot of babies aren’t ready to walk at a year old and there’s more than a handful that skipped crawling entirely.

She’s figuring it all out. Just keep calm.

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Only two out of my 5 kids crawled. My oldest didn’t even try to walk until 14 mos while my 4th was trying to walk at 3 1/2 mos. They’re all different…it’s okay Momma.

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My daughter start walking on her own was 14months.