When do babies start walking?

What age did you children start walking? My son just turned a year and I am worried because he is not crawling or walking.


11 months-walking
My friends daughter just started walking at 16 months

Mine just started at almost 16 months

My oldest was 10 months, but my youngest was almost 15 months

6 1/2-7 months crawling, officially started walking at close to 10 months

At his 12 month appointment just bring it up. My oldest walked at 14 months and never crawled just scooted around. And my other 3 where walking at 10 months all babies are different

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14 months fully walking… discuss the not crawling w his doctor but I wouldn’t be tooo concerned w the walking yet

It’s different for every child. Mine started at 14 months and 11 months.

Earliest was my last child. She started around 9 month. The latest was my almost 6 yr old twins. they were probably 14-15 month.

Both of my kids started walking around 11 months

My older 2 were both walking between 11 and 13 months but my youngest would walk in his Walker and crawl but had no need actually walk apparently lol he was closer to 1 1/2 -2

My middle child walked at about 18 months. Other 2 were around a year old. They’re all different.

Every kid has different. That’s not abnormal necessarily and he may just bypass crawling altogether, I’ve seen it before. Talk to your dr before you get yourself all worked up thinking he’s behind.

13 months both of them just let go and ran

My oldest was crawling by 6 months, walking at 11 months. My youngest was crawling by 8 months and walking by 13 months.

My two youngest did not walk into 18 months don’t worry everyone does it at their own pace

My son started crawling at 10 months and walking at 18-19 months every baby is different

My daughter walked at a year and half :woman_shrugging:t2:

My daughter was 13 months

My first son was 7 1/2 months & my second son was closer to 8 1 /2 months.

9 months walking 5 months crawling. He is now 20 months. Is your child even showing interest or seeming to want to at least initiate crawling or walking? If the child is not at least scooting like attempting to crawl then I would be concerned at this age. If the child is scooting and attempting to stand by holding onto things etc… I would say give the child a bit more time.

9 months, 6 months, 10 months, 6 months. All late talkers though.

My little a little over a year before she started walking. Our doctor said be wasn’t concerned because every child learns at their own pace. But to put your mind at ease, ask the doctor next time you go :heart:

1st was 9 months girl
2nd was 10 months girl
3rd was just after 1 boy

My older 2 both around 15 months my youngest 13 months

put that baby down more…he will crawl and he will walk but you have to put him down so he can…! my sister just had her first at 38 and I have to tell her this all the time…!!!

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My son was crawling at around 7 months and started walking at 16 months. I think he started walking later because we used a walker too much instead of us just helping him. Now we know!!

My first was walking at 9 months my second is 11 months and just taking 4-5 steps and falling thinking she will be actually walking by her birthday.

I wouldnt worry, they all learn at their own pace, and i believe up to 18 months is considered “normal” after that doc may wonder why.

Mine was 17 to 18 months

not all babies crawl.
my sons ped said 13 months is average for a baby to start walking. now, my son is 14m and he can only walk using a push walker.

Mine was walking at 9 months but was 10lbs when he was born. He kinda had a head start maybe.

My oldest daughter 11 months my son 10 months my fraternal girls one started at 10 months the other 16 months

18 months for my kid. Kids learn at their own pace. Give incentive

My son is 8m old and trying to stand on his own. He has only army crawled for about a month now. No actual crawling. I think he is going to skip crawling and go straight to walking.

My son was walking at 8 months

My daughter is a year old and JUST started crawling. Kids learn at their own pace.

My 2nd child (daughter) didn’t walk until she was 14 months. She wanted no help from nobody…my other 2 kids were walking at 11 months…I didn’t walk until I was 15 months…every one is different

My daughter took her first steps the day before she turned 9 months. My son just started crawling at about 5 1/2 - 6 months. Trying to stand now at 7 months. Just keep practicing with her and she will walk when she is ready!

Best bet is to talk to a pediatrician especially if you notice anything abnormal every child is different and develops at different rates both of my children crawled at 6 months and walked at 9 months but I have nieces and nephews who took till 13 14 16 months if you are second guessing your pediatrician ask for a referral to physical therapist they can better direct you on how to help your child

14.5 months.They love to be carried.

My first son started walking at 14 mos old so two months after he turned 1 and my second son started walking at 10 mos old. Your boy will walk when he’s ready don’t sweat the small stuff. He will shine when it’s his time! :sparkles:

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Mine is almost 14 months and just started walking a couple days ago. She still crawls a lot of the time though.

Walking before 9 months.

I was told not to worry until if they are 18 months and still not walking. Mine babies were 13 months and 15 months

My daughter didn’t start walking till 13 months

Not every child is the same. They develop at there own pace

A week after 1st bday

Daughter 15 months and son at a year

First - 13 months
Second - 10 1/2 months
Third - 11 months
Fourth - 11 months

My daughter started around 13-14 months (she’s the oldest of me and my sister’s kiddos) my son was 9 months when he started cruising. He realized if he didn’t keep up with his sister and 2 older cousins he was getting left behind lol my sister has 2.5yo twins now they walked about a year old or so but they run their mouths like my 16yo daughter lol every kiddo is different in developmental stages of life. Best advice I have is talk to your pediatrician if they aren’t too concerned yet, you should be either

My oldest was 11 months and My youngest was 14 months

My 1st started at 10 months, 2nd child at 13 months and just under 13 months for our third, I was worried with my second cause our first started so early, I was told enjoy it while it lasts :joy::joy::joy:

Mine did at 13 months, 8 months, 10 months, and 11 months. I wouldn’t worry until 18 months per peds

My daughter took her first steps not even a week after her first birthday actually on her birthday party. But really should be kind of Crawling by now

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All my boys were under a year. My only daughter was 14 months.

My son walked at 13months but after a week he was running lol kids do develop at there own pace it wouldn’t be a concern until a child is just over 2 years old… my son is alot steady on his feet than his sister who walked at 10months lol

My youngest daughter started walking 2 months ago, she just turned 1 in November.

My kids all started walking at different ages. One walked b4 she crawled if u believe that.lol… All kids are different no one child is the same as another. Children will walk when theyre ready. Be patient nd give incentive. It will happen nd once it does b ready cause he/she will b all over nd in everything…lol

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My son was 15 months when he started crawling and 17 months when he started walking

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My youngest was 14m.o. I was worried because my first was walking by 12m.o. But all kids develop at their own pace :slight_smile:

My son was 14 months when he started walking. Didnt really start crawling until he was almost a year old

First 8 months
Second 14 months

9.5 months…bArely crawled at all

My daughter was 8 months when she started walking she never crawled

Every child is different my daughter barely started walking and she’s 17 months but that’s cause she has a heart condition

This one didn’t walk until she was 15 1/2 months. I think she turned out ok. Don’t worry, Mama!


My little man was 11 1/2 months, he basically went right to walking. :heart: but every child is different, it will be okay mama. :blush:

When they’re ready don’t worry kids will do things in their own time

14 months for my youngest and eldest a week before turning 1

One day He might just get up & Walk before crawling.

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My daughter crawled at 10 months and was walking before her 1st birthday. My son on the other hand is 7 months and shows no sign of crawling anytime soon. Every child is different

Don’t worry it’s normal

9 months for both my children.

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My son and daughter were both 13 months old

My oldest 8 months my middle 24 months my youngest 15 months

Bpth of mind was walking before they was 1 yrs old

All babies learn at their own pace and not walking at a year is very normal. However if he is not crawling either I would personally be a bit concerned and porbably get him checked out just to be certain all was well. Some babies do skip crawling all together to it could be totally normal but most babies will crawl by about 10 months i think…

My daughter is 15 months and hates walking. She can and has done it but prefers to crawl

16 months :flushed: He was just a late bloomer

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1st… 13 months… 2nd 14/15 months

My first was a year and 16 days. My youngest was 8 months. I wouldn’t worry until like 18month. If its really concerning you bring it up with your dr

Just to let you know, there is a wide range of normal and a child at age 2 can still be learning to walk.

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1st crawled at 6 mos, walked at 15 mos
2nd crawled at 6 mos, walked at 13 mos
3rd crawled at 6 mos and is currently 9 mos and walks with her toy walker

My oldest son started walking at 8-9 months old
My 2nd son started at 11 months

My son was 9 months and my daughter started 3 days before her first birthday.

9 months for my daughter. Crawling at 7

My 11 year old never crawled and started walking at 15 months my 9month old has been crawling since 7 months and now cruising the furniture every baby is different

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Some kids don’t crawl at all don’t worry! My son didn’t walk until 15 months

When they are ready, each child is different, dont stress

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14 and 16 months. They started crawling around 10 months.

14 months. Mine never crawled he but scooted

My daughter never crawled, she scooted around 8/9 months and didn’t fully walk until she was 14 months.

My son still isn’t walking and he’s 15 months. Dr isn’t concerned and I even had a physical therapist and an occupational therapist tel me not to worry, 15 months is JUST the average age. Take a deep breath momma! Little ones time will come

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my 1st was walking at 8 months
my 2nd was walking at
6 1/2 months

11 months for my first, a little after 12 for my second. my niece didn’t start until around 18 months.

1st crawled at 8 months walked at 13 months. 2nd crawled at 9 months currently 10 months and loves to walk with assistance, but who knows if he’ll walk any earlier than brother. I don’t think you have to worry yet.

Mine didnt start walking till 16 months she was a late Walker

after 14 mnths…relax he will

All four of mine were days away from turning 14 months!

My mom said I was 15 months when I finally started walking…