When do kids learn to ride a bike?

When do kids normally learn to ride a bike? what age did your kid know how to ride a bike? we are wanting to gift my 4 year old a bike for his birthday but is he too young?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. When do kids learn to ride a bike?

My son was 3 and my daughter was about 6

My youngest got a bike for his 2nd Christmas. We started with an indoor balance bike at a little over a year. Both my boys riding with training wheels since two.

Start with a balance bike

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My oldest 2 learned when they were 6 but my youngest has been riding without training wheels since he was 3.

My daughter started out on a trike and for her
birthday soon we’re getting her a big girl bike with training wheels so that she can learn to use that and then hopefully by 5 we can start teaching her how to use the bike without the training wheels

My 4 yr old is terrified of her bike… but on her balance bike is wild. The other 2 were able to ride with training wheels at 4 no problem.

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get his bike with training wheels. He may learn on his birthday, his balance or coordination may be off til he’s 6. He may be delayed and be 7 or 8 before he gets his sense of balance. work with him at his level, and his time frame.

My girl is 3 and has a tricycle.

Depends on the child and the bike. Get one with training wheels that can be taken off when he feels comfortable. Do not push to make the kid give up the training wheels too soon or force him to grow up, that will just slow him down and make him not want to ride at all.

We bought my daughter’s at 3 and by 4 almost 5 she was riding without training wheels

Both my kiddos had a bike at 3. Around 5-6 they rode without training wheels. They are 8&10 now and ride with their friends and ride down this little hill we have at our apartment complex with no hands​:sweat_smile::woman_facepalming:

He’s a little young yet. My son learned when he was 8 or so. He taught his sister when she was 7.

Our 3 yr old rides a bike w/o training wheels. Just depends on the kid. If you think he’ll like it, and you have the time to teach him, then he’s old enough.

My 3 year old has a tricycle. He learned how to peddle pretty quick

Here is my 4 year old riding her push bike.

Training wheels. But not without them yet. I have grandkids that learned early and some that never wanted to learn.

Every child is different! My son was riding with training wheels at 2-3 without by 4. My daughter however is 4.5 and still doesn’t know how to even with training wheels, she had a bike for two years and never used it just didn’t care for it :person_shrugging::joy: maybe we will try again next year.

My kids have had bikes since around 2 years old. We did a balance bike for my youngest and it’s great. You can get balance bikes for that age that transition to pedal bikes. No matter which type you decide to go with 4 is a good age to get him a bike, most kids are very enthusiastic about bikes around age 4-5 so it’s a good time to start learning.

My 3 year old has been on a bike without training wheels for 3 months now. He had training wheels for a month

5 without training wheels but depends on the child. My baby brother was 3… he had no fear :weary:

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I taught my three kids to ride a bike at age 4-5. You can start with a balance bike, they’re great.

My 3 year old can ride a motorcycle. My other son couldn’t ride a bike until he was 6. The difference was I started my younger son on a balance bike at about 18 months.

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We started off with a balance bike at 3. Then when he was 4 he learned to ride with pedals. Didn’t even have to teach him, dang balance bike took my parenting away :laughing:

If I remember correctly my daughters were around Kindergarten ago so 5-6 with training wheels or course

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Training wheels. A 4 year old can definitely start learning

My 4 year old rides with no training wheels but he’s been riding since he was 2. Just have to get him one and get him use to it.

The sooner the better. No age …


He’s not! My 4 year old learned to ride a bike without training wheels on his 4tg birthday!

My grandsons taught themselves how to ride a bike at 3 and 3and a half

4 is fine to ride a bike with training wheels. They all learn at their own pace. Anywhere from 2-3 to 9-10. It doesn’t matter. Never hurts to try.

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Mine was riding at 2 almost 3

2 1/2…with training wheels.

He learned to ride a tricycle around 3-3.5yr but he was also tiny so at this age he was just big enough to reach the pedals…as for no training wheels he was 7…

My girls had bikes with training wheels at about 2 -3 years old. But eventually with out was about 5 and 6 years old. My youngest daughter wouldn’t and didn’t want anything to do with a bike till she was older though like about maybe 6 or 7 I think was. But also to a point her sister didn’t help there and before that didn’t want anything to do with a tricycle.

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My son started right before age 2! It’s never too late. Training wheels and helmet :slightly_smiling_face:

No that’s about the right age

My kids were 5, 9, 7 when the training wheels came off. But the younger 2 really didn’t get bikes until the year prior. The middle had a tramatic expirence with a bike at 6 so she wanted nothing to do with them until little brother learned.

Training wheels or a strider (no pedals) would be great to start. Every child is different. I had one riding with out training wheels at 4 and the other was 5. Get the kid one and he will learn to ride it. Don’t forget the helmet. They have all kinds of character ones that would be a great incentive.

4 without training wheels

5 no training wheels. Balance him, say, ready, set, go! …Give him a push on grass, and tell him to pedal!:grin:

My grandsons were both riding bikes at 4 and 6 and they looked like they were born on them. 2 of my great grands are riding bikes at 5 and 6 w/o training wheels. I got a bike for my 1st grand when she was 4 and she did great riding it w/o training wheels.

My son was 3yrs old my daughter was 7

I got my daughter a pink radio flyer trike for her 2nd birthday… She’s almost 3 now and still can’t reach the pedals :joy::joy: but she loves it

Training wheels can be removed and a helmet

First kid (now 7) started riding with training wheels at 2 (as soon as her legs were long enough) and with no training wheels last summer at 6

Second kid (now 5) started at 2 just like sister and he just learned how to ride with no training wheels this summer

Third kid (now 2) we got him a balance bike and he zooms on that thing :joy: we’ll get him one with training wheels next summer (he’s short like mom so his legs aren’t long enough yet lol)

Pics of all kids on their current bikes in my reply :blush: